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Hamnet-DB 4.6 Content is covered by CC BY-NC-SA license
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64515 OE1 oe1kbc Wien 64512-64519 428d oe2lsp
AS64520 OE2 oe2lsp,oe2wao Salzburg 64520-64529 1507d oe2lsp
AS64521 oe2xap oe2lsp,oe2wao 606d oe2lsp
AS64522 OE2 Neighbours oe2lsp,oe2wao Benachbarte Station(en) in OE5 779d oe3dzw
AS64523 oe2xwr oe2fkm,oe2lsp,oe2wao Kitzsteinhorn 1489d oe2lsp
AS64524 oe2xhr oe2lsp,dl8mbt,oe2wao Hochknig 606d oe2lsp
AS64525 oe2xsr oe7ddi,oe2lsp Sonnblick 1486d oe2lsp
AS64526 oe2xgr oe2wio,oe2wao,oe2lsp Gernkogel 1486d oe2lsp
AS64527 oe2xal oe2lsp,oe2wao Clubheim OE2 1486d oe2lsp
AS64528 oe5stm - Virtual OE2 1486d oe2lsp
AS64529 OE2 - Mobile AS oe2lsp,oe2wao Mobile AS fr Hamradio & co 779d oe3dzw
AS64530 OE3 oe1kbc Niedersterreich 64530-64539 1142d oe1kbc
AS64534 OE3-SUED-AS oe3cts,oe3rpu,oe3kmb 2303d oe3cts
AS64535 OE3-NORD-AS oe3dzw,oe1kbc Niedersterreich Waldviertel 777d oe3dzw
AS64536 OE3-MITTE-AS oe3cts,oe3mzc,oe1kbc Niedersterreich St.Plten, Umgebung, Alpenvorland 1450d oe1kbc
AS64537 OE3-FHWN-AS oe3dus Niedersterreich sdliches Wiener Becken 1450d oe1kbc
AS64540 OE4 oe1kbc,oe6rke Burgenland 64540-64549 3164d oe6rke
AS64550 OE5 oe5rnl Obersterreich 64550-64559 3169d dl8mbt
AS64560 OE6 oe6rke,oe6pwe Steiermark 64560-64569 2763d oe6rke
AS64570 OE7 oe7fmi,oe7ost,oe7b.. Tirol 64570-64579 - 64571: Tirol Tunnel-Transferabschluss, Auslandsrouting 1998d oe7fmi
AS64572 OE7 - Region Innsbruck oe7ost,oe7mbt Tirol - Region Innsbruck 1399d oe7ost
AS64575 OE7 - Region Osttirol 1300d oe2lsp
AS64580 OE8 oe8wur,oe6rke,oe8b.. Krnten AS4223280000-AS4223280080 976d oe6rke
AS64590 OE9 oe9rsv,oe9frv,oe9f.. Vorarlberg 64590-64599 517d oe9frv
AS64600 SUEDTIROL/TRENTINO in3amq,iw3bwh,in3fqq Sdtirol, Trentino - Homepage: 28d iw3bwh
AS64601 FRIULI-VENEZIA-GIULIA oe6rke AS 4222260101 IR3UDA 1598d oe6rke
AS64620 DL-IPKOORD-620-AS dd9qp,dg8ngn,dl9sau not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64621 SALZWEDEL-621-AS dg3td 108d dg8ngn
AS64622 MANNHEIM-622-AS dg8ngn 819d dd9qp
AS64623 ROSENHEIM-623-AS dl6fz 818d dg8ngn
AS64624 LANDSHUT-624-AS dg8ngn 819d dd9qp
AS64625 MUENCHEN-625-AS dg8ngn 532d dg8ngn
AS64626 COBURG-626-AS dl1nux 817d dg8ngn
AS64627 KLEVE-627-AS dd9qp Niederrhein - Kreis Kleve, Teile Kreis Wesel 818d dd9qp
AS64628 SACHSEN-628-AS dl9sau,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64629 BERLIN-629-AS dl7uaz 818d dg8ngn
AS64630 REGENSBURG-630-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64631 ULM-631-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64632 DUESSELDORF-632-AS dk2crn 818d dg8ngn
AS64633 DORTMUND-633-AS df4dr,dd9qp Bochum, Dortmund, Schwerte, Hamm, Unna, Kamen, Bergisches Land, Sauerland, Sie.. 97d dd9qp
AS64634 KOELN-634-AS dj5kp 634d dj5kp
AS64635 OSNABRUECK-635-AS do6np,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64636 HANNOVER-636-AS do4bz,dl1ne Niedersachsen-West - Internet: - HAMNET: http://do4bz.ampr.. 97d do4bz
AS64637 KARLSRUHE-637-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64638 KOBLENZ-638-AS dl5di,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64639 OLDENBURG-639-AS dh6bb,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64640 HEILBRONN-640-AS dl8scu 818d dd9qp
AS64641 HAMBURG-641-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64642 MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN-642-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64643 BRAUNSCHWEIG-643-AS dh8ghh Peine, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Salzgitter, Gifhorn, Wolfenbttel 791d dh8ghh
AS64644 STUTTGART-644-AS dl8scu 818d dg8ngn
AS64645 WUERZBURG-645-AS dl4aas,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64646 KREFELD-WESEL-646-AS dl1mh,dl1ue,dl1caf Krefeld (Hochschule-Niederrhein), Moers, Rheinberg, Wesel - Datenraten: - http.. 449d dl1ue
AS64647 AUGSBURG-647-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64648 BIELEFELD-648-AS dg8ygz,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64649 THUERINGEN-649-AS db5sb 818d dg8ngn
AS64650 TRIER-650-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64651 GOETTINGEN-651-AS dh8ghh,dg8ngn 474d dg8ngn
AS64652 AMBERG-652-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64653 KASSEL-653-AS dg8ngn 818d dd9qp
AS64654 DUISBURG-ESSEN-654-AS dd9qp Ruhrgebiet-West - Duisburg, Essen, Mlheim, Oberhausen, Bottrop, Velbert 819d dd9qp
AS64655 BREMEN-655-AS db1hdn,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64656 SACHSEN-ANHALT-656-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64657 RAVENSBURG-657-AS dl8scu,dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64658 BRANDENBURG-SUED-658-AS dm6mh 818d dg8ngn
AS64659 BRANDENBURG-NORD-659-AS dl9sau 818d dg8ngn
AS64660 FRANKFURT-660-AS dg8las,dh9fax 818d dd9qp
AS64661 AACHEN-661-AS dh3wr 818d dd9qp
AS64662 KIEL-622-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64663 MUENSTERLAND-663-AS dd9qp AH, BOH, BOR, COE, MS - 32-bit-AS-Numbers (for new networks): - 4226266301 DB0.. 807d dd9qp
AS64664 NUERNBERG-664-AS dg8ngn 818d dd9qp
AS64665 FREIBURG-665-AS dg8ngn 818d dg8ngn
AS64666 WESTFALEN-666-AS dd9qp GLA, GE, RE, HAM, HER, WAL 1920d dd9qp
AS64667 DARMSTADT-667-AS dg8las,dg3fbl,dg8ngn 815d dg8ngn
AS64668 DL-IP-KOORD-668-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64669 DL-IP-KOORD-669-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64670 DL-IP-KOORD-670-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64671 DL-IP-KOORD-671-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64672 DL-IP-KOORD-672-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64673 DL-IP-KOORD-673-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64674 DL-IP-KOORD-674-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64675 DL-IP-KOORD-675-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp not yet allocated 818d dd9qp
AS64676 HAMNET-EVENT1-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp for special events only (temporarily assigned by DL-IP-Coordination) 3212d dd9qp
AS64677 HAMNET-EVENT2-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp for special events only (temporarily assigned by DL-IP-Coordination) 3212d dd9qp
AS64678 HAMNET-EVENT3-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp for special events only (temporarily assigned by DL-IP-Coordination) 3212d dd9qp
AS64679 DLTEST-AS-16BIT dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp For further Test the following 32-bit-ASNs may be used: - 4226267900 - 4226267.. 1837d dd9qp
AS64680 HAMCLOUD-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp HamCloud - resolves to * 1431d dg8ngn
AS64681 HAMCLOUD-AS1 dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp HamCloud Datacenter1 1431d dg8ngn
AS64682 HAMCLOUD-AS2 dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp HamCloud Datacenter2 1431d dg8ngn
AS64683 HAMCLOUD-AS3 dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp HamCloud Datacenter3 1431d dg8ngn
AS64684 Luxemburg1 lx1tb,lx1ju Luxemburg 1892d lx1tb
AS64685 Luxemburg2 lx1tb,lx1duc Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union - 75d lx1duc
AS64705 Hungary ha2non 64705 - 64707 1909d ha2non
AS64708 EA2 ea4gpz,ea2cq Spain, EA2 district 16bits Old ASs , Estas direcciones IPs deben ser cambiadas.. 1255d eb5jeq
AS64709 EA1 ea4gpz Spain, EA1 district, 16 bits Old ASs 1255d eb5jeq
AS64711 EA5 ea4gpz,eb5jeq Spain, EA5 district 1372d eb5jeq
AS64712 EA3 ea4gpz Spain, EA3 district 2232d ea4gpz
AS64713 EA6 ea4gpz Spain, EA6 district 2232d ea4gpz
AS64714 EA7 ea4gpz Spain, EA7 district 2232d ea4gpz
AS64715 EA8 ea4gpz Spain, EA8 district, Estas direcciones IPs estn siendo cambiadas al segmento.. 1255d eb5jeq
AS64716 EA9 ea4gpz Spain, EA9 district 2232d ea4gpz
AS64717 Spain, test 1 ea4gpz 2232d ea4gpz
AS64718 Spain, test 2 ea4gpz 2232d ea4gpz
AS64719 Spain, test 3 ea4gpz 16bits Old ASs 1372d eb5jeq
AS64720 Basel hb9dio Region Basel hb9ebs 3257d hb9ctb
AS64721 HB9AM hb9xar IGC HB9AM - Bereich Chestenberg & Lgern 1985d hb9xar
AS64722 Zentralschweiz HB9ZG/HB9LU/HB9CF hb9wad,hb9tlx 417d hb9wad
AS64723 Zuerich, Uetliberg hb9ctb hb9zrh 2618d hb9pae
AS64724 HB9DR Digital Radio Club hb9sdb hb9dr 1394d hb9sdb
AS64725 HB9BA hb9sdb,hb9mfm Grossraum Solothurn 1394d hb9sdb
AS64726 HB9AK Hoernli ZH hb9ctb,hb9pae Standort Hoernli, HB9AK-1 984d hb9pae
AS64727 HB9ZRH-2 Zuerich Oerlikon hb9ctb,hb9pae Standort Zuerich Oerlikon HB9ZRH-2 387d hb9pae
AS64728 HB9SG Hohe Buche hb9ctb,hb9pae Hohe Buche, HB9SG 2618d hb9pae
AS64729 HB9AK-14, Titlis hb9tb,hb9pae Standorte HB9AK-14, Titlis und HB9T, Niederhorn 2618d hb9pae
AS64730 HB9AM-Infrastruktur hb9xar IGC HB9AM - Bereich RZ LUPIN 1985d hb9xar
AS64731 HB9NA hb9na HAMNET Notfunk-Netzwerk Aargau 2461d hb9ctb
AS64742 F6KFT dep57 f1ulq,f1ngp 1558d f1tzv
AS64743 FRANCE Alsace f1tzv,f4avi Strasbourg Area 348d f4avi
AS64745 France-IDF f6cnb Paris area. - 1361d f6cnb
AS64746 France (Internet BGP) f6cnb,f1tzv Main AS for new subnet which is announced on Internet 102d f6cnb
AS64747 Department 06, France f5sfu,f6cnb Alpes Maritimes, France 27d f6cnb
AS64748 France, Le Havre f1ulq,f4fwh 2886d f1ulq
AS64749 France, Hamnet Loire f4hof,f4eed,f4ass 1995d f4hof
AS64750 France, Dept 83, La Seyne-sur-Mer f1smv 993d f1tzv
AS64751 France, Nancy area, 2816d f6cnb
AS64752 France, Ile de la Reunion f6cnb,fr5fc 993d f1tzv
AS64753 France, Dept 25 , Doubs f1tzv,f8ghe,f4avi 100d f4avi
AS64754 Bretagne f6cnb,f8fkd Finistere, le bout du monde 1530d f6cnb
AS64755 France, Dept 86, Poitiers f5oeo 993d f1tzv
AS64757 France, Vaucluse et environ f6cnb,f4gkn 2103d f6cnb
AS64758 France, Cherbourg area f6cnb 2189d f6cnb
AS64759 France, Dept 56, St Pierre Quiberon f1tzv,f1src 993d f1tzv
AS64760 France, Dept 01, Pont d'Ain f1tzv,f1pqk 993d f1tzv
AS64761 France, F4HOF-AS f4hof 1991d f4hof
AS64762 France, Dept 71, LA CHAPELLE DE GUINCHAY f1tzv,f4uan 993d f1tzv
AS64763 France, Jura, Dole f6cnb 1740d f6cnb
AS64764 France - Hautes Alpes f6cnb Gap, Briancon, Serre Chevalier 1516d f6cnb
AS64765 France - Charentes Maritimes 17 f6cnb,f6foh 1174d f6cnb
AS64766 France-Limousin - 87-19-23 f4bqn,f1igy 1491d f4bqn
AS64767 France Gironde, 33 f6cnb LIbourne 33 area + part of 17,24 1472d f6cnb
AS64768 Corsica f6cnb 929d f6cnb
AS64769 Cote d'or, Burgundy f6cnb 1424d f6cnb
AS64770 Loir et Cher, France f6cnb 41 Loir et Cher. F8BMB 1412d f6cnb
AS64771 France, Dept 53, Le Genest Saint-Isle f1tzv,f1evm 993d f1tzv
AS64774 France, Dept 74, Annemasse f1tzv,f5djl 993d f1tzv
AS64775 64, Biarritz f6cnb,f5odp Biarritz Area Xavier F5ODP 1196d f6cnb
AS64776 France - Hamnet Seine et Marne f4eir,f4hof 1188d f4hof
AS64777 69 - Lyon f5odp,f4hof 1188d f4hof
AS64778 ON on4sax 2878d dg8ngn
AS64800 SP1 sp2ong Zachodniopomorskie: 64800 - 64803 1414d sp2ong
AS64804 SP2 sp2ong Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Pomorskie: 64804 - 64807 1414d sp2ong
AS64808 SP3 sp2ong Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie: 64808 - 64811 1414d sp2ong
AS64812 SP4 sp2ong Warmi?sko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie: 64812 - 64815 1414d sp2ong
AS64816 SP5 sp2ong Mazowieckie: 64816 - 64819 1414d sp2ong
AS64820 SP6 sp2ong Dolno?l?skie, Opolskie: 64820 - 64823 1414d sp2ong
AS64824 SP7 sp2ong ?dzkie, ?wi?tokrzyskie: 64824 - 64827 1414d sp2ong
AS64828 SP8 sp2ong Lubelskie, Podkarpackie: 64828 - 64831 1414d sp2ong
AS64832 SP9 sp2ong Ma?opolskie, ?l?skie: 64832 - 64835 1414d sp2ong
AS64836 SPTEST1-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 1414d sp2ong
AS64837 SPTEST2-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 1414d sp2ong
AS64838 SPTEST3-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 1414d sp2ong
AS64839 SPTEST4-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 1414d sp2ong
AS64850 CT - Norte North part of Portugal 242d ct1drb
AS64851 CT - Centro Center part of Portugal 242d ct1drb
AS64852 CT - Sul South part of Portugal 242d ct1drb
AS64853 CT - Azores Azores 242d ct1drb
AS64854 CT - Madeira Madeira 242d ct1drb
AS64855 S5 Slovenia 00 s53zo,oe6rke S5 Core Net 2242d dg8ngn
AS64856 S5 Slovenia 01 s53zo,oe6rke Area Murska Sobota - Pomurje 2242d dg8ngn
AS64857 S5 Slovenia 02 s53zo,oe6rke Area Maribor - Pohorje 2242d dg8ngn
AS64858 S5 Slovenia 03 s53zo,oe6rke Area Ljubljana 2242d dg8ngn
AS64859 S5 Slovenia 04 s53zo,oe6rke Area Dolenjska 2242d dg8ngn
AS64860 S5 Slovenia 05 s53zo,oe6rke Area Adria - Obala 2242d dg8ngn
AS64861 S5 Slovenia 06 s53zo,oe6rke Area Julijske Alpe 2242d dg8ngn
AS64862 S5 Slovenia 07 s53zo,oe6rke Area Carnila 2242d dg8ngn
AS64863 S5 Slovenia 08 s53zo,oe6rke Area Savinjska 2242d dg8ngn
AS64864 S5 Slovenia 09 s53zo,oe6rke Area Zasavje 2242d dg8ngn
AS64865 Croatia 9a4gl,9a6nvi 64865-64873 2160d dg8ngn
AS4220400000 PA_ZH1net pe1chl PA_ZH1net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E... 2240d pe1chl
AS4220400105 PA8F pe1chl Home network PA8F 504d pe1chl
AS4220400107 PA3HEA pe1chl Home network PA3HEA 1508d pe1chl
AS4220400108 PE1MHF pe1chl Home network PE1MHF 504d pe1chl
AS4220400114 PD3T pe1chl Home network PD3T 188d pe1chl
AS4220400400 PA_LBnet pe1chl PA_LBnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220400702 PE2KMV pe1chl Home network PE2KMV 504d pe1chl
AS4220400704 PI3ZLB pe1chl PI3ZLB repeater site 504d pe1chl
AS4220400705 PI3ZLB2 pe1chl PI3ZLB repeater site 2 504d pe1chl
AS4220400706 PD4MM pe1chl Home network PD4MM / PI1KRD 2d pe1chl
AS4220400800 PA_NBWnet pe1chl PA_NBWnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220401104 PA0VTM pe1chl Home network PA0VTM 188d pe1chl
AS4220401109 PD2EBH pe1chl Home network PD2EBH 504d pe1chl
AS4220401200 PA_GRnet pe1chl PA_GRnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.21.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220401600 PA_NH1net pe1chl PA_NH1net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220401705 PD1MGN pe1chl Home network PD1MGN 504d pe1chl
AS4220402000 PA_FLnet pe1chl PA_FLnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.21.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220402300 PD5Z pe1chl Home network PD5Z 504d pe1chl
AS4220402301 PA2SQ pe1chl Home network PA2SQ 504d pe1chl
AS4220402400 PA_NBOnet pe1chl PA_NBOnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220402607 PI1EHN pe1chl PI1EHN repeater site 504d pe1chl
AS4220402800 PA_ZLnet pe1chl PA_ZLnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.21.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220403102 PD2NLX pe1chl Home network PD2NLX 504d pe1chl
AS4220403103 PA5NT pe1chl Home network PA5NT 504d pe1chl
AS4220403104 PD9Q pe1chl Home network PD9Q 188d pe1chl
AS4220403106 PE1PLM pe1chl Home network PE1PLM 1508d pe1chl
AS4220403107 PI2VLI pe1chl PI2VLI repeater site 1508d pe1chl
AS4220403108 PI2VLI RPCZ pe1chl PI2VLI Repeater RX site 504d pe1chl
AS4220403200 PA_ZH2net pe1chl PA_ZH2net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220403304 PD1AEM pe1chl Home network PD1AEM 504d pe1chl
AS4220403306 PI1DFT pe1chl PI1DFT repeater site 1508d pe1chl
AS4220403309 PD1DBL pe1chl Home network PD1DBL 1417d pe1chl
AS4220403310 PI1VBG pe1chl PI1VBG repeater site 1323d pe1chl
AS4220403311 PD1DBL2 pe1chl PD1DBL Rijswijk 1323d pe1chl
AS4220403312 PA1ER pe1chl Home network PA1ER 1323d pe1chl
AS4220403315 PD2JKC pe1chl Home network PD2JKC 504d pe1chl
AS4220403501 PD7DM pe1chl Home network PD7DM 188d pe1chl
AS4220403502 PD7DM-2 pe1chl Second network PD7DM 188d pe1chl
AS4220403600 PA_NH2net pe1chl PA_NH2net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220403700 Hilversum Kerkelanden pe1chl Router PI6TEN 2124d pe1chl
AS4220403702 Amsterdam West pe1chl Router PI1AMS 1824d pe1chl
AS4220403707 Amsterdam WFC pe1chl Router PI4ASD 1824d pe1chl
AS4220403713 PA1OKZ pe1chl Home network PA1OKZ 1508d pe1chl
AS4220403914 PH4T pe1chl Home network PH4T 188d pe1chl
AS4220404000 PA_UTnet pe1chl PA_UTnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.21.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220404102 PA3EDN pe1chl Home network PA3EDN 1508d pe1chl
AS4220404108 PA3HCM pe1chl Home network PA3HCM 504d pe1chl
AS4220404206 PH4X ph4x Home network PH4X 1508d pe1chl
AS4220404400 PA_GL1net pe1chl PA_GL1net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220404500 PA_GL2net pe1chl PA_GL2net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220404600 PA_GL3net pe1chl PA_GL3net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220404703 PA1PAS pe1chl Home network PA1PAS 1417d pe1chl
AS4220404706 PI4ANH pe1chl PI4ANH clubstation 1867d pe1chl
AS4220404800 PA_OV1net pe1chl PA_OV1net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220404900 PA_OV2net pe1chl PA_OV2net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220405000 PA_OV3net pe1chl PA_OV3net AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.2.. 1881d pe1chl
AS4220405101 PA3GJX pe1chl Home network PA3GJX 1508d pe1chl
AS4220405200 PA_DRnet pe1chl PA_DRnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.21.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220405600 PA_FRnet pe1chl PA_FRnet AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.21.. 2240d pe1chl
AS4220406000 GW-44-137 pe1chl HAMnet in the Netherlands at gw-44-137 2240d pe1chl
AS4220406100 GW-44-137_gre pe1chl GRE tunnels at gw-44-137 2240d pe1chl
AS4220406101 GW-44-137_gre1 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PE1CHL 2240d pe1chl
AS4220406102 GW-44-137_gre2 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PE1RDP 2240d pe1chl
AS4220406103 GW-44-137_gre3 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PD0ZRY 2240d pe1chl
AS4220406104 GW-44-137_gre4 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PE1RJV 2124d pe1chl
AS4220406115 GW-44-137_gre15 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PI1NYM 1881d pe1chl
AS4220406116 GW-44-137_gre16 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PE1RJV2 504d pe1chl
AS4220406123 GW-44-137_gre23 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PA3DFR 1838d pe1chl
AS4220406800 PI2NON Steenwijk pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406801 PI2NON Heerenveen pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406802 PI2NON Emmen pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406803 PI2NON Bedum pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406804 PI2NON Ameland pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406805 PI2NON Delfzijl pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406806 PI2NON Harlingen pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406807 PI2NON Groningen pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406808 PI2NON Assen pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406809 PI2NON Hoogkerk pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406810 PI2NON Mobiele set pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406811 PI2NON Veenwouden pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406812 PI2NON Vlagtwedde pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406813 PI2NON Kampen pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406814 PI2NON Apeldoorn pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406815 PI2NON Den Ham pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406900 PI2NON Kerkenveld pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406901 PI2NON De Lichtmis pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406902 PI2NON Dwingeloo pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406903 PI2NON Enschede pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406904 PI2NON Eibergen pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406905 PI2NON Bolsward pa4den 492d pe1chl
AS4220406906 PI2NON Montferland pa4den PI2NON repeater site - assigned 2016-12-31 yb PE1CHL 1838d dd9qp
AS4220406907 PI2NON Vollenhove pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406908 PI2NON Delden pa4den 1508d pe1chl
AS4220406909 PI2NON Leeuwarden de Kei pa4den 504d pe1chl
AS4220406910 PI2NON Drachten pa4den 504d pe1chl
AS4220406911 PI2NON Koperen Hoogte pa4den 504d pe1chl
AS4220406912 PI2NON De Lichtmis WRLP pa4den 504d pe1chl
AS4220406913 PI2NON Lochem pa4den 504d pe1chl
AS4220406914 PI2NON Leeuwarden de Dulf pa4den 504d pe1chl
AS4220406915 PI2NON Franeker pa4den 504d pe1chl
AS4220407000 PI1ANH pe1chl PI1ANH repeater site 2069d pe1chl
AS4220407001 PI2ANH pe1chl PI2ANH repeater site 2069d pe1chl
AS4220407002 STTA pe1chl PI1ANH/PI2ANH server site 2069d pe1chl
AS4220407003 PI4AMF pe1chl PI4AMF clubstation 1881d pe1chl
AS4220407005 Subnet PI2SWK pe1chl PI2SWK 1508d pe1chl
AS4220407007 PI2ANH-2 pe1chl Repeater site PI2ANH 1323d pe1chl
AS4220407008 PI9DG pe1chl Dares Nijmegen PI9DG 188d pe1chl
AS4220407600 Subnet PI4HLM pe1chl Haarlem 1742d pe1chl
AS4220408000 Subnet PI1SHB pe1chl den Bosch 2124d pe1chl
AS4220408100 Subnet PI2SHB pe1chl den Bosch 504d pe1chl
AS4220408300 PA3GYK pe1chl Home network PA3GYK 1508d pe1chl
AS4220408302 PE1PQF pe1chl Home network PE1PQF 504d pe1chl
AS4220408304 PD9ENP pe1chl Home network PD9ENP 188d pe1chl
AS4220408400 Subnet PI1DRA pe1chl Drachten 2093d pe1chl
AS4220409200 Subnet PI1LWD pe1chl Leeuwarden 1508d pe1chl
AS4220409500 PA1HS 688d pa4den
AS4220409600 PI4TTC pe1chl Delft TU 188d pe1chl
AS4220409900 PB0AHX pe1chl Home network PB0AHX 188d pe1chl
AS4220409902 PI4RS Home network PI4RS 2d pe1chl
AS4220409904 PI6WL pe1chl PI6WL Honselersdijk 188d pe1chl
AS4220410301 PA2MD pe1chl Home network PA2MD 504d pe1chl
AS4220800001 France, Hauts de France, Saint Amand les Eaux , 59 f6cnb France-Hauts De France 1181d f6cnb
AS4220800002 France-31 Lherm f6cnb 1176d f6cnb
AS4220800003 France-09 La tour du Crieu f6cnb 1176d f6cnb
AS4220800004 f1grh f1grh Nice Area South East of France 28d f1tzv
AS4220800005 France - 53 Mayenne f6cnb,f4gzr 1015d f6cnb
AS4220800006 Sainte Maxime, 83 , F6GWE f6cnb 445d f6cnb
AS4220800009 44 Nantes f6cnb 929d f6cnb
AS4220800011 f4fqn 66 france f6cnb,f1tzv 748d f6cnb
AS4220800014 29 Concarneau F5RVX f6cnb 293d f6cnb
AS4220800019 F4ISE AREA f6cnb 298d f6cnb
AS4220825001 f5kmy f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 100d f4avi
AS4220825002 f1zif f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 100d f4avi
AS4220825003 f1zsz f1tzv,f4avi Morteau (25) 100d f4avi
AS4220825004 f1zqb f1tzv,f4avi Montbliard (25) 100d f4avi
AS4220867000 HamCloud Fr Alsace f1tzv,f4avi VPN BGP Router (Alsace) 260d f4avi
AS4220867001 f1zkt f1tzv,f4avi Entzheim (67) 480d f4avi
AS4220867002 f1zdd f1tzv,f4avi Mutzig (67) 996d f4avi
AS4220867003 f5zav f1tzv,f4avi Bischenberg (67) 480d f4avi
AS4220867004 f5zsm f1tzv,f4avi Strasbourg (67) 996d f4avi
AS4220867005 f4avi f1tzv,f4avi Epfig (67) 514d f4avi
AS4220867006 f6grh f1tzv,f4avi Barr (67) 283d f4avi
AS4220867007 f4avip f1tzv,f4avi Achenheim (67) 251d f4avi
AS4220868001 f5jya f1tzv,f4avi Dannemarie (68) 341d f4avi
AS4220899001 fr5gs f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Benot (974) 295d f4avi
AS4220899002 fr5cu f1tzv,f4avi Trois-Bassins (974) 285d f4avi
AS4220899003 fr4li f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Pierre (974) 285d f4avi
AS4220899004 fr1di f1tzv,f4avi Bois d'olives (974) 251d f4avi
AS4220899005 fr4fe f1tzv,f4avi Trois mares (974) 100d f4avi
AS4220899006 fr9xxy f1tzv,f4avi Le Tampon Notre Dame de la Paix (974) 100d f4avi
AS4220899007 fr9xxz f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Denis (974) 100d f4avi
AS4221401010 Vitoria-Gasteiz eb5jeq,ea2cq 1411d ea4gpz
AS4221402006 Albacete ea5ijj Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha Spain EA5 Disctrict 1411d ea4gpz
AS4221403293 Elche eb5jeq Spain, EA5 District 901d eb5jeq
AS4221403503 Benidorm eb5jeq,pe1ago,eb5tt Spain, EA5 District, Benidorm Alicante 1411d ea4gpz
AS4221403690 San Vicente, Alicante ea5fsj eb5jeq 1373d eb5jeq
AS4221407008 Can Capes, Palma, Mallorca Is. ec6pg Spain, EA6 district, Mallorca Is, Palma, Can Capes 683d ec6pg
AS4221407141 Marratx Mallorca ec6pg,eb5jeq Spain, EA6 district, Es Pont d'Inca Nou / Marratx, Mallorca / Illes Balears 901d eb5jeq
AS4221408739 Subirats ea3hsp 1411d ea4gpz
AS4221408980 Barcelona-Collserola ea3hvf Spain, EA3 District 1118d eb5jeq
AS4221411592 Puerto Real eb5jeq,ea7jrs Spain,EA7 District, Puerto Real, Cadiz 1224d ea7jrs
AS4221415509 Fene ea1iof 1411d ea4gpz
AS4221428760 Tres Cantos ea4gpz 1636d ea4gpz
AS4221430008 Murcia - EA5IOP ea5iop,ea5idn 1167d ea5idn
AS4221430820 Alcantarilla ea5idn 1411d ea4gpz
AS4221430880 ea5ayb Aguilas Murcia ea5ayb 664d eb5jeq
AS4221435220 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria eb5jeq 1411d ea4gpz
AS4221446020 Valencia eb5jdy 1263d eb5jeq
AS4221450009 Zaragoza capital 1 ea2bb,eb5jeq 1096d eb5jeq
AS4221459000 EACLOUD eb5jeq,ea7jrs AS, test for VPS server, EA7JRS 1247d eb5jeq
AS4221459999 Spain DNS exportation ea5idn,eb5jeq Dummy AS for DNS exportation of Spain 1575d ea5idn
AS4221480848 ED8ZAB eb5jeq Spain, EA8 district , DMR ID 1411d ea4gpz
AS4222260001 IR3UIA - Clublokal Bruneck 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260002 IR3DQ - Clublokal Meran 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260003 IR3UHF - Ritten 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260004 IR2DV - Kronplatz 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260005 IR3UAP - Plose 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260006 IR3UAO - Plose CAI Htte 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260007 IR3BC - Vigljoch 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260008 IR3UGM - Gantkofel 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260009 IR3UFM - Schneben 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260010 IR3UGD - Jaufen 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260011 IR3EB - Chavalatsch 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260012 IR3UBE - Schludernser Berg 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260013 IR3UFL - Grauner Berg 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260014 IR3AO - Marmolada 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260015 IR3UAN - Helm 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260016 IR3UHI - Gitschberg 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260017 IR3UAQ - Hhnerspiel 27d iw3bwh
AS4222260018 IR3UHW - Marlinger Berg 27d iw3bwh
AS4222600000 YO_Confederation yo2loj 32bit ASN according to 42-<e212>-<region>-xxxx convention 2226d yo2loj
AS4222620000 YO2_Confederation yo2loj 32bit ASN according to 42-<e212>-<region>-xxxx convention 2226d yo2loj
AS4222620001 YO2LOJ_Gateway yo2loj 32bit ASN according to 42-<e212>-<region>-xxxx convention 2226d yo2loj
AS4222660001 YO6PVO yo2loj 32bit ASN according to 42-<e212>-<region>-xxxx convention 1035d yo2loj
AS4222800001 HB9AK hb9pae,hb9flo Owner SWISS-ARTG 453d hb9pae
AS4222800002 HB9ZG Hnenberg hb9wad,hb9tlx,hb9bmc 417d hb9wad
AS4222800003 HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg hb9wad,hb9tlx,hb9bmc 417d hb9wad
AS4222800004 HB9CF Haggenegg/Fnenschwand hb9wad,hb3ycd,hb9jay 1406d hb9wad
AS4222800005 HB9CF Seelisberg hb9wad,hb3ycd,hb9jay 1406d hb9wad
AS4222800006 HB9LU Sonnenberg hb9tlx,hb9wad 1406d hb9wad
AS4222800007 HB9LU HB9O VHS Verkehrshaus der Schweiz Luzern hb9tlx,hb9pae,hb9wad 1406d hb9wad
AS4222800008 HB9LU Lehn hb9tlx,hb9wad 1406d hb9wad
AS4222800009 HB9LU Rothenburg hb9wad,hb9tlx 1406d hb9wad
AS4222800010 HB9IAP, IAPC hb9dva,hb9vab International Amateur Packet Club: HB9IAP - HB9IAC - HB9AR; 387d hb9pae
AS4222800020 hb9nf.sternenberg hb9pae Standort Sterneberg 1220d hb9pae
AS4222800021 hb9nf.warten hb9pae Standort Warten 1220d hb9pae
AS4222800024 hb9nf.zoer hb9flo,hb9pae Standort Zrich Oerlikon (HB9NF) 801d hb9flo
AS4222800025 HB9BS-1 Airport Hotel Basel hb9pae,hb9gva Grossraum Basel 453d hb9pae
AS4222800026 HB9BS-2 Wasserturm Schnenbuch Basel hb9pae,hb9gva Grossraum Basel 453d hb9pae
AS4222800027 HB9BS-3 Gempenturm Basel hb9pae,hbgva Grossraum Basel 453d hb9pae
AS4222800028 HB9AK-0 Landstuhl SWISS-ARTG hb9pae,hb9ctb 92d hb9pae
AS4222800029 HB9BB 65d hb9pae
AS4223200000 OE oe7bkh Austria 4223200000-4223299999 - reserved 4223200000-4223209999 - OE1 .. 2200d oe2lsp
AS4223200001 OE event oe2lsp,oe1kbc OE event AS for (Hamradio, YOTA,...) 1408d oe1kbc
AS4223200053 AT Anycast DNS oe1kbc,oe3dzw 767d oe2lsp
AS4223210100 OE1-OE1XFW-Laaerberg oe1kbc 1167d oe1kbc
AS4223210105 OE1-OESV Dachverband RZ oe1kbc;oe5pon Die Services des VSV-RZ ist mit einer Gigabit Lichwellenleiter Strecke direkt.. 487d oe1kbc
AS4223210117 OE1-OE1XUR-Laaerberg Volksschule oe1tkw,oe1sgw,oe1kbc 1013d oe1kbc
AS4223210120 OE1-OE1XDT-Donauturm oe1cmw;oe1kbc 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223210130 OE1-SUED oe1kbc OE1 OE1XBA-Laaerberg 94d oe1kbc
AS4223210140 OE1-OE3XIA-Exelberg oe1vqs,oe1kbc 1158d oe1kbc
AS4223210141 OE3-OE3XBR-Troppberg oe1kbc 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223210149 OE1-OE1XBR-Simmering-Nord oe1kbc 429d oe1kbc
AS4223210150 OE1-OE1XBR-Simmering-Sued oe1kbc 429d oe1kbc
AS4223210160 OE1-OE1XAR-Bisamberg oe1kbc OE1 Bisamberg - OE1XAR 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223210200 OE1-OE1XDS-AKH oe1sgw OE1 AKH + Links 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223210300 OE1-OE1XTW-ARSENAL oe1xaw OE1 ARSENAL + Links - 4223210301 EP EXELBERG 2 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223210305 OE3-OE3XVV-Buchberg/Laa oe3rtb,oe1kbc,oe1v.. 1142d oe1kbc
AS4223210310 OE1-OE1XAT-Hermannskogel oe1kbc OE1 OE1XAT Hermannskogel 872d oe1kbc
AS4223210350 OE1-OE1XDU-TUWIEN oe1rsa OE1 OE1XDU - Technische Universitt Wien 94d oe1rsa
AS4223210400 OE1-NORD oe1dac OE1 NORD+ Links 94d oe1kbc
AS4223210500 OE1-OE1XUU-Kahlenberg oe3gmw OE1 Wien Kahlenberg - OE1XUU 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223210501 OE1-OE1XOR-Kueniglberg oe3gmw OE1 Wien Kueniglberg - OE1XOR 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223210502 OE1-OE1XRW-Test oe3gmw OE1 OE1XRW Test/Evaluation - currently not operative. 94d oe1kbc
AS4223210601 OE1-OE1XRS-Wien17 oe1rsa,oe3gmw OE1 Wien Lobenhauerngasse - OE1XRS 94d oe1rsa
AS4223210605 OE1-OE1XMH-Wien15 oe1agf/df3ei OE1 Wien Goldschlagstrae - OE1AGF 320d df3ei
AS4223210701 OE1-OE1XLR-Wien6 oe1sgw OE1 Wien LV1 - OE1XLR 1023d oe1kbc
AS4223230000 OE3-FHWN-OE3XVJ oe3dus 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223230001 OE3-FHWN-OE3XNK oe3dus 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223230002 OE3-FHWN-OE3XWU oe3dus 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223230003 OE3-FHWN-LG oe3dus For Looking Glass Configurations 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223230004 OE3-FHWN-OE4XCR oe3dus 107d oe1kbc
AS4223230005 OE3-OE3XWW oe3rpu,oe3dus 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223230006 OE3-OE3XWJ-1-Jauerling oe1kbc Standort AS 405d oe1kbc
AS4223230007 OE3-OE3XPA-Kaiserkogel oe3cts,oe3cjb Kaiserkogel 318d oe1kbc
AS4223230008 OE3-HTLSTP oe3cts 1317d oe3cts
AS4223230009 OE3-OE3XFR oe3cts,oe3cjb 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223230010 OE3-OE3XSA-Sandl oe3cts,oe3muc Sandl 318d oe1kbc
AS4223230011 OE3-OE3XNR-Nebelstein oe3dzw,oe1kbc OE3XNR Nebelstein 775d oe3dzw
AS4223230012 OE3-OE3XOC-Buchbergwarte oe3mzc,oe1kbc 1450d oe1kbc
AS4223230013 OE3-OE3XKH-Matzen oe3ukw,oe1kbc 1114d oe1kbc
AS4223230014 OE3-OE3XKV-Hochkar oe3cts,oe3muc Hochkar 318d oe1kbc
AS4223230015 OE3-OE3XYR-St.Poelten oe3cts,oe3muc DMR St. Plten 318d oe1kbc
AS4223230016 OE3-OE3XKQ Krems - Egelsee oe3muc,oe3hwu,oe3cts 1202d oe3muc
AS4223230017 OE3-OE3XEC-Amstetten oe3nrs,oe1kbc 1142d oe1kbc
AS4223230018 OE3-OE3XAS Clubstation ADL305 oe3muc 1156d oe3muc
AS4223230020 OE3-OE3XSA Zentral Routing oe3muc,oe3hwu,oe3cts 1238d oe3muc
AS4223230021 OE3-OE3XAM-Amstetten oe3dna,oe1kbc Linkstrecke HKB -> Sonntagberg 318d oe1kbc
AS4223230022 OE3-OE3XTC-Hollabrunn oe3gas,oe3gmw Standort AS (ehemals OE3XHU) 341d oe3gmw
AS4223230023 OE3-OE3XHR-Heidenreichstein oe3dzw,oe1kbc OE3XHR Heidenreichstein 655d oe3dzw
AS4223230024 OE3-OE3XZR-Zwettl oe3dzw;oe1kbc OE3XZR Zwettl (planed) 793d oe3dzw
AS4223230025 OE3-OE3XER-Frauenstaffl oe3dzw;oe1kbc 75d oe3dzw
AS4223230026 OE3-NORD-Anycast oe3dzw Anycast-AS, prototype for DNS test 777d oe3dzw
AS4223230027 OE3-OE3XSR-Sternberg oe3gwu,oe3dzw,oe1kbc 745d oe3dzw
AS4223230028 OE3-OE3XFP-Heidenreichstein oe3fpa,oe3dzw,oe3gwu Notfunk Heidenreichstein - Sysop OE3FPA 318d oe1kbc
AS4223230029 OE3-OE3UKW-Marchfeld oe3ukw,oe1kbc Groenzersdorf Link/Userzugang 466d oe1kbc
AS4223230030 OE3-OE3XKL-Kollmitzberg oe3dna,oe1kbc Linkstrecke Sonntagberg -> Kollmitzberg 318d oe1kbc
AS4223230031 OE3-OE3XEG-Marchfeld oe3egh,oe1kbc 466d oe1kbc
AS4223230032 OE3-OE3XKD-Tulln Landeswarnzentrale oe1kbc 430d oe1kbc
AS4223230033 OE3-OE3XWJ-Jauerling oe1kbc 405d oe1kbc
AS4223230034 OE3-OE3XTV-Traisnerhtte oe3rec,oe1kbc 17d oe1kbc
AS4223240040 OE4-OE4XCR oe4rlc,oe3dus,oe6rke main site 107d oe1kbc
AS4223240041 OE4-OE4XCR-Schckl oe4rlc,oe3dus,oe6rke Border As To Schckl oe6 107d oe1kbc
AS4223240120 OE3-OE3XCR-Hutwisch oe1kbc Hutwisch Bindeglied OE3-OE4-OE6 1109d oe1kbc
AS4223250001 OE5-OE5XLL oe5rnl Linz Lichtenberg 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250002 OE5-OE5XBR oe5rnl Froschberg 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250003 OE5-OE5XUL oe5rnl Ried Geiersberg 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250004 OE5-OE5XDO oe5rnl Pfarrkirchen 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250005 OE5-OE5XOL oe5rnl Breitenstein 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250006 OE5-OE5XIM oe5rnl Sternstein 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250007 OE5-OE5XHO oe5rnl Steyr 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250008 OE5-OE5XPM oe5rnl Ried Senftenbach 822d oe5rnl
AS4223250009 OE5-OE5XYZ oe5rnl /dev/radio 201d oe5rnl
AS4223250010 OE5-OE5XKO oe5rnl HTL Leonding 201d oe5rnl
AS4223260010 OE6-OE6XKR-Weinebene oe6rke 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260011 OE6-OE6XKR1-Weinebene oe6rke Link to s55yms 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260020 OE6-OE6XFE-Wolfgangi oe6rke 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260030 OE6-OE6XBG-Rennfeld oe6mkd,oe6rke 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260040 OE6-OE6XRR-Plabutsch oe6pwe,oe6rke 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260050 OE6-OE6XAR-Murau oe6pod 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260080 OE6-OE6XPD-Dobl oe6thh,oe6rke 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260110 OE6-OE6XLR-Mugl oe6vhf,oe6mkd,oe6rke 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223260120 OE6-OE6XER-Entschendorf oe6wsf,oe6rke 24d oe6rke
AS4223260130 OE6-OE6XLE-Seggauberg oe6wsf,oe6rke 24d oe6rke
AS4223271001 OE7-OE7XGR oe7ost,oe7bkh Gefrorene Wand OE7XGR 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223271002 OE7-OE7XZR oe7ost Zugspitze OE7XZR 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223271003 OE7-OE7XXR oe7ost Rofan OE7XXR 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223271004 OE7-OE7XWI oe7ost Zillertal OE7XWI 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223271005 OE7-OE7XWT oe7ost Weinberghaus OE7XWT 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223271006 OE7-OE7XFJ oe7ost Harschbichl St. Johann 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223271007 OE7-OE7XTT oe7ost,oe7bkh Finkenberg OE7XTT 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223272001 OE7-OE7XCJ oe7ost Innsbruck - Klubstation OE7XCI / OE7XCJ 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223272002 OE7-OE7XLR oe7ost Innsbruck - Seegrube OE7XLR 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223272003 OE7-OE7XIH oe7mbt,oe7ost Innsbruck - Hoadl OE7XIH / OE7XHR 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223272004 OE7-OE7XBI oe7gut Rangger Kpfl OE7XBI 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223272005 OE7-OE7XKH oe7ost Krahberg OE7XKH 1218d oe2lsp
AS4223275001 OE7-OE7XLI oe7ngi,oe7jtk Hochstein Lienz 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223275002 OE7-OE7XJH oe7jtk,oe7ngi Hollbruck 1300d oe2lsp
AS4223280010 OE8-OE8XDR oe8wur FIRAC Standort Dobratsch 1443d oe8wur
AS4223280020 OE8-OE8XGR oe8wur Standort der ADL802 Ortsstelle Villach - 1443d oe8wur
AS4223280030 OE8-OE8XVR oe8wur Notfunk Standort am LKH-Villach 1443d oe8wur
AS4223280070 OE8-OE8XHR oe6rke Hohenwart 1443d oe8wur
AS4223280080 OE8-OE8XER oe6rke Koralpe 1443d oe8wur
AS4223290001 OE9-OE9XKV-Karren oe9rsv,oe9frv,oe9f.. Vorarlberg Standort KARREN 435d oe9frv
AS4226262111 db0lwl 107d dg8ngn
AS4226262112 db0dan 107d dg8ngn
AS4226262113 db0euf 107d dg8ngn
AS4226262211 db0alu 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262212 db0ftc 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262213 db0fth 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262221 db0aai 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262231 db0cpu 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262232 db0whm 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262233 db0ukw 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262234 db0iuk 811d dg8ngn
AS4226262311 db0pm 816d dg8ngn
AS4226262312 db0pme 816d dl6fz
AS4226262321 db0hob 816d dg8ngn
AS4226262322 db0qp 816d dl6fz
AS4226262323 db0fz 816d dl6fz
AS4226262331 db0mbg 816d dl6fz
AS4226262332 db0aat 816d dl6fz
AS4226262333 db0ebe 816d dl6fz
AS4226262334 db0inn 816d dl6fz
AS4226262341 dm0wkb 816d dg8ngn
AS4226262351 dm0bgh 816d dg8ngn
AS4226262361 db0mmr 816d dg8ngn
AS4226262371 dm0ulr 486d dg8ngn
AS4226262401 db0ffl 743d dg8ngn
AS4226262402 dm0ffl 743d dg8ngn
AS4226262403 dl4ste 743d dg8ngn
AS4226262404 dl8rdl 743d dg8ngn
AS4226262405 dl4ste-1 743d dg8ngn
AS4226262411 db0ez 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262412 db0on 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262413 db0ed 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262414 db0th 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262415 db0dn 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262416 db0tc 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262417 db0rx 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262421 dl3ncu-1 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262422 dl3ncu-2 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262423 dl3ncu-3 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262424 dl3ncu-4 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262425 dl3ncu-5 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262426 dl3ncu-6 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262427 dl3ncu-7 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262428 dl3ncu-8 543d dg8ngn
AS4226262501 db0wai 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262502 db0tvm 821d dg8ngn
AS4226262503 db0zm 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262504 db0puc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262505 db0dba 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262506 db0zdg 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262507 db0muc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262508 dm0vk 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262509 db0dah 516d dg8ngn
AS4226262510 db0osh 361d dg8ngn
AS4226262511 db0rus 212d dg8ngn
AS4226262515 db0hzs 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262516 db0ona 519d dg8ngn
AS4226262522 db0aat-old 816d dl6fz
AS4226262611 db0nes-old 498d dg8ngn
AS4226262612 db0mw-old 498d dg8ngn
AS4226262613 db0tan-old 498d dg8ngn
AS4226262614 db0taw-old 498d dg8ngn
AS4226262615 db0nu 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262616 db0zb-old 764d dg8ngn
AS4226262617 db0kat-old 498d dg8ngn
AS4226262620 db0mak-old 764d dg8ngn
AS4226262621 db0uc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262622 dh1nfj 397d dg8ngn
AS4226262623 db0ktn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262624 db0mio 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262625 db0krt 397d dg8ngn
AS4226262626 dl1nux 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262627 db0fhc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262628 db0son 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262630 db0drh 809d dl1nux
AS4226262631 db0yq-old 764d dg8ngn
AS4226262632 db0ren 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262700 db0res dd9qp DMR+Digipeater Rees 818d dd9qp
AS4226262701 db0eeo dd4jy,dd9qp Digipeater Emmerich 818d dd9qp
AS4226262702 db0ee dl1ebv,dd9qp SvxLink Emmerich Eltenberg 818d dd9qp
AS4226262703 db0tva dj5ox,dd9qp ATV Emmerich 818d dd9qp
AS4226262704 db0kv dl2ecy,dd9qp Kleve 818d dd9qp
AS4226262705 db0kle db1an,dd9qp Uedem (APRS,C4FM) 818d dd9qp
AS4226262706 db0kev dl7bcu,dd9qp DMR Kevelaer 818d dd9qp
AS4226262707 db0xix dl1eei,dd9qp FM Repeater Kevelaer 818d dd9qp
AS4226262708 db0qf df3ey,dd9qp Multimode Rheinberg 818d dd9qp
AS4226262799 db1ae db1ae,dd9qp VPN-Backup (RES-EEO) 818d dd9qp
AS4226262811 db0fbg 383d dg8ngn
AS4226262816 db0chz 142d dg8ngn
AS4226262905 db0kk 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262907 db0bc df3ei,oe1agf HAMNET Gateway Berlin-Charlottenburg 483d df3ei
AS4226262911 db0tu 818d dg8ngn
AS4226262915 db0rud 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263001 dm0fox 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263002 dm0rdt 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263004 db0itv 269d dg8ngn
AS4226263012 db0hbz 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263014 db0bul 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263015 db0mhb 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263016 db0hsr 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263017 db0kn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263031 db0hup 750d dg8ngn
AS4226263032 db0pas 750d dg8ngn
AS4226263033 db0tvp 750d dg8ngn
AS4226263041 db0sl 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263092 db0wgs 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263093 db0hup-db0pas-db0tvp 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263101 db0don 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263102 db0dlg 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263103 db0gzl 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263104 db0gzo 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263105 dm0ulm 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263111 db0faa 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263112 db0fha 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263113 db0saa 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263121 db0hbg 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263122 db0mpq 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263123 db0ab 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263125 db0noe 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263126 db0ebz 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263127 dh1nhs 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263221 db1epo db1epo 76d dk2crn
AS4226263222 db0vor dg2ebn 132d dk2crn
AS4226263223 db0vie 308d dk2crn
AS4226263224 db0otv 385d dk2crn
AS4226263225 db0cfm 814d dk2crn
AS4226263226 db0dmo 814d dk2crn
AS4226263227 db0rkd 814d dk2crn
AS4226263228 db0sys 814d dk2crn
AS4226263230 db0ovn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263231 db0dsp 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263232 db0ukd 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263233 db0dus 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263234 db0dux 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263301 db0iuz dd9qp,dk2crn,df4dr Sternwarte Bochum 819d dd9qp
AS4226263302 db0wal do5fs,df4dr,dd9qp,.. Funkturm Zeche Waltrop 819d dd9qp
AS4226263303 db0hat df4dr,dd9qp,dj8tm Hamm 819d dd9qp
AS4226263332 db0nx df4dr Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde 816d dd9qp
AS4226263351 db0end df4dr,dd9qp,dg8dch Ennepetal 819d dd9qp
AS4226263352 db0wet df4dr Wetter an der Ruhr 819d dd9qp
AS4226263353 dl0xr df4dr Uni Wuppertal 819d dd9qp
AS4226263354 db0eir df4dr,dg1eir Sprockhvel, Hasslinghausen 819d dd9qp
AS4226263361 db0ca dl1esk,df4dr FMT Wuppertal 356d df4dr
AS4226263362 db0tt 80d dd9qp
AS4226263404 db0nis 815d dj5kp
AS4226263405 db0gie 815d dj5kp
AS4226263406 db0jw 815d dj5kp
AS4226263407 db0uhc 815d dj5kp
AS4226263408 db0eu 815d dj5kp
AS4226263412 db0xo 710d dj5kp
AS4226263421 db0nor 815d dj5kp
AS4226263422 db0ghh 815d dj5kp
AS4226263423 db0rhb 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263424 db0sb 815d dj5kp
AS4226263425 db0vvs 815d dj5kp
AS4226263426 db0dbn 154d dj5kp
AS4226263440 db0tuv 815d dj5kp
AS4226263441 db0kpg 815d dj5kp
AS4226263442 db0koe 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263444 db0ko 815d dj5kp
AS4226263445 db0sle 815d dj5kp
AS4226263461 db0kna 815d dj5kp
AS4226263497 db0ko via dg3khs teilweises Backup, falls DB0KO ausfllt! 122d dj5kp
AS4226263498 db0ko via dj5kp teilweises Backup, falls DB0KO ausfllt! 362d dj5kp
AS4226263499 dl1afu 352d dj5kp
AS4226263502 db0teu 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263503 db0dam 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263506 db0els-old 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263508 db0vl 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263510 dm0dos 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263532 dg5yim-old 747d dg8ngn
AS4226263541 db0rtv 752d dg8ngn
AS4226263542 db0dy 752d dg8ngn
AS4226263543 db0vq 752d dg8ngn
AS4226263544 db0wms 752d dg8ngn
AS4226263591 db0osn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263601 db0rod do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263603 db0luh do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263605 db0uhi do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263606 db0seh do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263607 db0gno do4bz,dl1ne 246d do4bz
AS4226263608 do4bz do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263609 db0alg do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263610 db0ner do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263611 db0cel do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263612 db0tvh do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263613 db0pak do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263614 db0ats do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263615 db0ahi do4bz,dl1ne 817d do4bz
AS4226263616 dk0sm do4bz,dl1ne 92d do4bz
AS4226263617 db0csh do4bz,dl1ne 23d do4bz
AS4226263701 db0dj 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263702 db0tfm 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263703 db0uw 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263704 db0uz 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263705 db0ux 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263706 db0uy 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263707 do0dap 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263711 db0ort 748d dg8ngn
AS4226263712 db0bh 748d dg8ngn
AS4226263720 db0hm 748d dg8ngn
AS4226263721 db0up 748d dg8ngn
AS4226263722 db0sel 748d dg8ngn
AS4226263723 dl1drk 748d dg8ngn
AS4226263801 db0fbh-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263802 db0ut-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263803 db0dtr-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263804 db0eif 814d dg8ngn
AS4226263806 db0sag-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263808 db0aas 814d dg8ngn
AS4226263812 db0ns 814d dg8ngn
AS4226263821 db0lj 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263822 db0myk 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263823 db0rpl 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263824 db0mr 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263826 db0dt 155d dj5kp
AS4226263831 db0drb 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263842 db0ukw-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263843 db0iuk-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263845 db0ftc-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263846 db0slb-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263861 db0aai-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263862 db0cpu-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263863 db0alu-old 811d dg8ngn
AS4226263901 db0wo 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263902 db0ems 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263903 db0sm 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263904 db0ler 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263905 db0sw 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263906 db0xw 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263907 db0ox 818d dg8ngn
AS4226263908 db0whv 501d dg8ngn
AS4226263909 db0opr 207d dg8ngn
AS4226263911 db0ol 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263912 db0pdf 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263921 db0wsm 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263922 db0ov 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263923 db0els 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263932 dg5yim 747d dg8ngn
AS4226263941 db0rtv-old 801d dg8ngn
AS4226263943 db0vq-old 801d dg8ngn
AS4226264001 db0lx 516d dl8scu
AS4226264002 db0yy 516d dl8scu
AS4226264003 db0sbw 513d dl8scu
AS4226264004 db0uhf 516d dl8scu
AS4226264011 db0lbx 513d dl8scu
AS4226264012 db0wab 550d dl8scu
AS4226264014 db0wus 513d dl8scu
AS4226264015 db0cra 550d dl8scu
AS4226264016 db0lby 513d dl8scu
AS4226264017 db0ode 513d dl8scu
AS4226264021 db0bp 513d dl8scu
AS4226264022 db0lb 513d dl8scu
AS4226264026 db0gk 513d dl8scu
AS4226264027 db0bac 550d dl8scu
AS4226264031 db0wtl 550d dl8scu
AS4226264032 db0stb-2 550d dl8scu
AS4226264033 db0stb-4 550d dl8scu
AS4226264037 db0sdx 513d dl8scu
AS4226264111 db0agm 400d dg8ngn
AS4226264112 db0agi 400d dg8ngn
AS4226264113 db0fs 400d dg8ngn
AS4226264114 db0ze 399d dg8ngn
AS4226264120 dg3td-2 218d dg3td
AS4226264121 db0chh 400d dg8ngn
AS4226264122 db0xh 479d dg8ngn
AS4226264123 df0hhh 479d dg8ngn
AS4226264124 db0hhh 479d dg8ngn
AS4226264125 db0ost 479d dg8ngn
AS4226264126 dg3td-1 370d dg8ngn
AS4226264127 db0hb 218d dg3td
AS4226264128 db0wl 195d dg3td
AS4226264129 dm0ram 195d dg3td
AS4226264130 db0buc 142d dg3td
AS4226264211 db0ovp 768d dg0kf
AS4226264212 db0hgw 768d dg0kf
AS4226264213 db0gwd 768d dg0kf
AS4226264214 dm0rug 768d dg0kf
AS4226264215 db0fhs 768d dg0kf
AS4226264216 do0rm 765d dg0kf
AS4226264217 dl0hgw 339d dg0kf
AS4226264218 db0mvp 126d dg3td
AS4226264241 do0rdg 123d dg8ngn
AS4226264291 dg0tm-1 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264301 db0ptb 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264302 db0hvf 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264303 db0fc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264304 db0bwl 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264305 db0abz 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264306 db0gsh dh8ghh 499d dh8ghh
AS4226264314 db0dvr 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264315 dm0sz 792d dh8ghh
AS4226264316 dl0rl dh8ghh 626d dh8ghh
AS4226264317 db0ant 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264324 db0rg 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264330 dk0mav dh8ghh 786d dh8ghh
AS4226264400 db0her 516d dl8scu
AS4226264401 db0www 516d dl8scu
AS4226264402 db0arh 516d dl8scu
AS4226264403 db0zrb 516d dl8scu
AS4226264404 db0rbs 516d dl8scu
AS4226264406 db0rbr 513d dl8scu
AS4226264411 db0lbg 516d dl8scu
AS4226264421 db0skf 518d dl8scu
AS4226264423 db0st 518d dl8scu
AS4226264424 db0gg 517d dl8scu
AS4226264430 db0ws 591d dl8scu
AS4226264431 db0lel 605d dg8ngn
AS4226264432 db0ofi 591d dl8scu
AS4226264433 db0sau 591d dl8scu
AS4226264434 db0tst 382d dl8scu
AS4226264435 df0hte 173d dl8scu
AS4226264509 db0wth 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264541 dk0wue 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264542 db0wz 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264543 db0aja 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264590 dm0wit 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264591 db0mgh 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264592 db0ttm 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264593 db0sc 493d dg8ngn
AS4226264600 db0wes dl1mh,dl1ue,dl1caf Bereich FMT-Wesel 656d dl1ue
AS4226264625 rheinberg dl1mh,dl1ue,dl1caf Reserviert Bereich Rheinberg 654d dl1ue
AS4226264650 db0mo dl1mh,dl1ue,dl1caf Bereich FMT-Moers 656d dl1ue
AS4226264675 db0hsn dl1mh,dl1ue,dl1caf Bereich Hoschule Niederrhein 656d dl1ue
AS4226264701 db0zka 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264702 db0fox 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264703 df0hsa 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264704 db0fdb 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264705 db0dah-old 516d dg8ngn
AS4226264721 db0ttb 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264722 db0oal 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264723 dm0ww 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264726 db0gap 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264727 dm0gap 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264741 dm0ess 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264742 db0lc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264743 db0ess 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264744 db0zd 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264745 db0ks 252d dg8ngn
AS4226264813 db0hol 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264814 db0ktb 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264815 db0shg 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264816 db0hmk 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264817 db0rin 717d dg8ygz
AS4226264822 dk0re 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264823 db0hx 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264824 db0war 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264825 db0ax 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264826 db0nlh 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264827 dm0max 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264828 db0dri 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264830 db0hfd 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264831 db0bi 753d dg8ngn
AS4226264901 db0ins 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264905 db0eml 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264910 db0sbn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264915 dm0ea 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264916 db0ea 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264917 df0ea 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264925 db0gth 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264926 db0sbl 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264930 db0ase 818d dg8ngn
AS4226264951 db0mgn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265011 db0sab 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265012 db0sag 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265013 db0dtr 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265021 db0wil 501d dg8ngn
AS4226265022 db0ut 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265023 db0vv 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265031 db0slb 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265032 db0fbh 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265033 db0zt 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265034 db0vp 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265035 db0blk 811d dg8ngn
AS4226265036 db0nrp 623d dg8ngn
AS4226265037 dl3zw-1 623d dg8ngn
AS4226265101 db0oha 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265102 db0yz 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265103 db0abb 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265106 db0eb 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265107 db0eig 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265108 db0hw 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265109 db0xy 734d db1ofh
AS4226265110 db0rvb 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265111 db0bio 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265112 db0nhm 761d db1ofh
AS4226265113 db0mac 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265114 db0sn 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265115 db0rbg 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265116 db0wiz 452d dg8ngn
AS4226265201 db0hhb 1288d dg8ngn
AS4226265202 db0bay 1288d dg8ngn
AS4226265203 db0cha 753d dg8ngn
AS4226265211 dl1flo-1 1255d dg8ngn
AS4226265212 db0jgk 1288d dg8ngn
AS4226265213 dg7rz-1 1281d dg8ngn
AS4226265214 db0cj 1255d dg8ngn
AS4226265215 dl0ao 1255d dg8ngn
AS4226265216 df0as 1255d dg8ngn
AS4226265217 db0zw 1255d dg8ngn
AS4226265221 db0zb 764d dg8ngn
AS4226265222 db0bt 764d dg8ngn
AS4226265223 db0hof 764d dg8ngn
AS4226265224 db0mak 764d dg8ngn
AS4226265225 db0yq 764d dg8ngn
AS4226265226 db0ajd 472d dg8ngn
AS4226265301 db0hrr dh9fax,dk9fec 366d dh9fax
AS4226265305 db0eam 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265311 db0nes 498d dg8ngn
AS4226265312 db0mw 498d dg8ngn
AS4226265313 db0tan 498d dg8ngn
AS4226265314 db0taw 498d dg8ngn
AS4226265317 db0kat 498d dg8ngn
AS4226265321 db0mdx 245d dg8ngn
AS4226265351 db0hq 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265352 db0kvk 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265353 db0hnk 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265354 db0khh 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265361 db0pet 755d dg8ngn
AS4226265401 db0gw dd9qp HFT Universitt Duisburg-Essen 1507d dd9qp
AS4226265404 db0hbo dd9qp Essen Mitte 449d dd9qp
AS4226265415 db0mue dd9qp Max-Planck-Institute Mlheim 1507d dd9qp
AS4226265416 db0dde dd9qp Essen-Nord (Hauptfeuerwache) 1507d dd9qp
AS4226265417 db0vel dd9qp Wasserturm Velbert 1507d dd9qp
AS4226265418 db0fw dd9qp Feuerwehr Velbert 21d dd9qp
AS4226265420 df0mhr dd9qp Mlheim Hafen 1507d dd9qp
AS4226265501 db0hft 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265502 db0row 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265503 db0rtn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265504 db0rng 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265505 db0sfa 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265506 db0ohb 511d dg8ngn
AS4226265507 db0ver 230d db1hdn
AS4226265508 db0oz 219d db1hdn
AS4226265511 db0bhn 643d dg8ngn
AS4226265512 db0wot 643d dg8ngn
AS4226265521 db0rh 499d dg8ngn
AS4226265601 db0hex 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265602 dm0wr 35d dg8ngn
AS4226265603 db0hbs 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265604 db0slk 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265611 db0hal 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265612 db0hrc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265701 db0reu 597d dl8scu
AS4226265702 db0aca 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265703 db0rv 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265704 db0gkm 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265705 db0xhi 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265706 db0rob 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265707 db0rab 605d dg8ngn
AS4226265708 db0tek 603d dl8scu
AS4226265709 db0rz 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265710 db0rt 597d dl8scu
AS4226265711 db0bib 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265731 db0wv 719d dg8ngn
AS4226265801 db0spn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265802 db0cal 747d dg8ngn
AS4226265804 db0los 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265805 db0dab 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265806 db0bf 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265807 db0glz 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265808 db0zs df3ei/oe1agf 327d df3ei
AS4226265809 db0bar 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265810 db0lds 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265811 da0tv testing only df3ei 416d df3ei
AS4226265901 db0wol 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265902 db0per 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265903 db0blo 818d dg8ngn
AS4226265904 db0ta 567d dl9sau
AS4226266001 db0hrf 812d dg8ngn
AS4226266002 db0hr 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266003 db0htv 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266004 db0ndf 812d dg8las
AS4226266005 db0zav 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266008 db0px 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266021 db0ve 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266032 db0kt 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266033 db0cgw 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266034 db0ldh 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266051 db0mot 709d dg8ngn
AS4226266052 db0va 236d dh9fax
AS4226266061 dl1tg Designierter Standort mit Services 470d dg8las
AS4226266100 db0pq Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 816d dh3wr
AS4226266102 db0wa Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 815d dh3wr
AS4226266104 db0avr Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 815d dh3wr
AS4226266105 db0ach Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 815d dh3wr
AS4226266108 db0pra Migrated completely 815d dh3wr
AS4226266112 db0kwe Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 816d dh3wr
AS4226266116 db0ii Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 816d dh3wr
AS4226266120 db0kx 439d dh3wr
AS4226266122 db0rkn Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 814d dh3wr
AS4226266132 db0sda 816d dh3wr
AS4226266161 db0ku Done: Subnets, Open: Hosts, Umstellung U/S, Umstellung Links 815d dh3wr
AS4226266201 db0hei 1163d dg8ngn
AS4226266202 db0hus 1163d dg8ngn
AS4226266203 dm0sl 1163d dg8ngn
AS4226266204 db0xn 1163d dg8ngn
AS4226266205 dm0fl 1163d dg8ngn
AS4226266207 db0afu 1122d dg8ngn
AS4226266208 db0za 1002d dg8ngn
AS4226266209 db0il 816d dg8ngn
AS4226266211 db0sh 747d dg8ngn
AS4226266212 dm0kil 382d dg8ngn
AS4226266213 dm0izh 70d dg8ngn
AS4226266231 db0diz 816d dg8ngn
AS4226266232 dg7ly 816d dg8ngn
AS4226266301 db0mu dd9qp Mnster Baumberg 815d dd9qp
AS4226266304 db0zfm dl1udm,dd9qp Mnster Stadt 543d dd9qp
AS4226266311 db0atv dd9qp Richtfunkturm Stadtlohn 1507d dd9qp
AS4226266319 db0lt dd9qp,dl6mb DMR-Repeater N53 Stadtlohn 1507d dd9qp
AS4226266401 db0fhn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266402 db0vox 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266403 db0ann 558d dg8ngn
AS4226266404 db0fue 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266405 db0for 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266406 db0abc 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266407 db0bbg 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266408 db0adb 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266409 db0gj 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266410 db0mee 392d dg8ngn
AS4226266431 db0bam 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266432 dm0et 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266499 kc7gdy 138d dg8ngn
AS4226266501 db0xr 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266502 db0tod 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266503 db0frg 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266504 db0frb 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266505 db0nks 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266506 db0lhr 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266507 db0wbd 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266508 db0tit 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266509 db0hrh 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266510 dm0zog 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266511 db0ort-old 748d dg8ngn
AS4226266512 db0db 404d dg8ngn
AS4226266513 db0tn 818d dg8ngn
AS4226266514 dk4kay 158d dg8ngn
AS4226266520 db0hm-old 748d dg8ngn
AS4226266522 db0sel-old 748d dg8ngn
AS4226266531 db0wv-old 719d dg8ngn
AS4226266601 db0ohl dd9qp,db9if Halde Gelsenkirchen-Scholven 1507d dd9qp
AS4226266602 db0wml dd9qp,dl6mb Baken-/Fielddayplatz N40 Reken 1507d dd9qp
AS4226266603 db0sre db6ye,dd9qp Turm Recklinghausen A43 1507d dd9qp
AS4226266604 db0rec dd9qp APRS-/Pocsac-Standort Recklinghausen 1016d dd9qp
AS4226266605 db0he df2et,dd9qp Herten 818d dd9qp
AS4226266606 db0bor dd9qp Borken 818d dd9qp
AS4226266607 db0cd dd9qp ATV-Relais Gelsenkirchen 818d dd9qp
AS4226266608 df0ia dd9qp,db9if Dorsten 818d dd9qp
AS4226266609 dl0cre df2et Oer-Erkenschwick 818d dd9qp
AS4226266710 db0flx 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266712 db0fks 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266720 dm0gg 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266721 do0gg 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266741 db0ais 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266742 dm0hrm 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266743 dm0mtk 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266744 dm0mk 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266781 db0bos 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266782 db0bmi 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266783 db0hrw 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266791 db0mi 711d dg8ngn
AS4226266798 df0hrb 711d dg8ngn
AS4226800000 CT Dummy AS CT Dummy AS | DNS export 1548d ct1hmn
AS4226810490 AS from CQ0PAX 242d ct1drb
AS4226817000 AS from CT2GPI ct2gpi 242d ct1drb
AS4226826002 AS from CT2GPI-1 1195d ct1drb
AS4226828045 AS from CS5DFG 242d ct1drb
AS4226828100 AS from CS5NRA New 32 bit's AS from CS5NRA - South part of Portugal 242d ct1drb
AS4226828102 AS from CT2HIV 1176d ct1drb
AS4226828202 AS from CS5CC 242d ct1drb
AS4227000001 Luxembourg LARU Diekirch Home lx1duc,lx2sg LX0DUC - LX0APD - LX1DUC 75d lx1duc
AS4227000002 Luxembourg LARU Differdange Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx3x LX3X 75d lx1duc
AS4227000003 Luxembourg LARU Ettelbrck lx1duc,lx2sg LX0NSR 75d lx1duc
AS4227000004 Luxembourg LARU Luxembourg-Kirchberg lx1duc,lx2sg LX0DMR 75d lx1duc
AS4227000005 Luxembourg LARU Senningerberg Home lx1duc,lx2sg LX2SG 75d lx1duc
AS4227000006 Luxembourg LARU Reimberg lx1duc,lx2sg LX0FSK - LX0RIC 75d lx1duc
AS4227000007 Luxembourg LARU Nocher lx1duc,lx2sg LX0BER - LX0POC 75d lx1duc
AS4227000008 Luxembourg LARU Lorentzweiler lx1duc,lx2sg LX0LWL 75d lx1duc
AS4227000009 Luxembourg LARU Differdange lx1duc,lx2sg LX0DMX 75d lx1duc
AS4227000010 Luxembourg LARU Soleuvre lx1duc,lx2sg LX0SAG 75d lx1duc
AS4227000011 Luxembourg LARU Baschleiden Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx1sp LX1SP 75d lx1duc
AS4227000012 Luxembourg LARU Remich lx1duc,lx2sg LX0HYT - LX0BIT 73d lx1duc
AS4227000013 Luxembourg LARU Mompach lx1duc,lx2sg LX0OST - LX0EMC 75d lx1duc
AS4227000014 Luxembourg LARU Esch-sur-Alzette lx1duc,lx2sg,lx3x LX9LGK 75d lx1duc
AS4227000015 Luxembourg LARU Esch-sur-Alzette Lallange Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx1ge LX1GE 75d lx1duc
AS4227000016 Luxembourg LARU Larochette lx1duc,lx2sg,lx2cs LX0LARO 75d lx1duc
AS4227000017 Luxembourg LARU Heffingen Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx2cs LX2CS 75d lx1duc
AS4227000018 Luxembourg LARU Helmsange Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx1bv LX1BV 75d lx1duc
AS4227000019 Luxembourg LARU Luxembourg Rang lx1duc,lx2sg LX4CG 54d lx1duc
AS4227000111 Luxembourg LARU Emergency Communication 111 lx1duc,lx2sg LX0E 75d lx1duc
AS4227000112 Luxembourg LARU Emergency Communication 112 lx1duc,lx2sg LX0E 75d lx1duc
AS4227000113 Luxembourg LARU Emergency Communication 113 lx1duc,lx2sg LX0E 75d lx1duc
AS4227000998 LARU LX0BGP IPIP Gateway lx1duc,lx2sg LX0BGP 75d lx1duc
AS4227000999 LARU LX0BGP lx1duc,lx2sg LX0BGP 75d lx1duc
AS4227001000 Luxembourg Rumelange lx1tb,lx1ck LX0PAR Luxembourg, Rumelange 1886d lx1tb
AS4227002001 Luxembourg Rodange lx1tb,lx1ju LX0NET Luxembourg, Rodange 1891d lx1tb
AS4227002002 Luxembourg Bourscheid lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PAC Luxembourg, Bourscheid 1891d lx1tb
AS4227002003 Luxembourg Dippach lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRD Luxembourg, Dippach 1891d lx1tb
AS4227002004 Luxembourg Vianden lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRV Luxembourg, Vianden 1891d lx1tb
AS4227002005 Luxembourg Junglinster lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRJ Luxembourg, Junglinster 1748d lx1tb
AS4227002006 Luxembourg Blaschette2 lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRB Luxembourg, Blaaschend2 920d lx1tb
AS4227002007 Luxembourg Mechtem lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRM Luxembourg, Mechtem 1603d lx1tb
AS4227002008 Luxembourg Nocher lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRN Luxembourg, Nocher 1545d lx1tb
AS4227002009 Luxembourg Kirchberg lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRK Luxembourg, Kirchberg 1181d lx1tb
AS4227002010 Luxembourg Blaschette lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRU Luxembourg, Blaschette 920d lx1tb
AS4227002011 Luxembourg Eisenborn lx1tb,lx1ju LX0RL Luxembourg, Eisenborn 602d lx1tb
AS4227002012 Luxembourg Betzdorf lx1tb,lx1ju LX9SES Luxembourg, Betzdorf 512d lx1tb
AS4236210001 Curacao pj2br,dg8ngn,pe1chl Mobile Country Code is used for 32-bit ASN - 362 former Netherlands Antilles -.. 2053d dg8ngn
AS4290119200 gateway.eb1ajp eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - Gateway VPN - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42e.. 1281d eb1ajp
AS4290119201 CS5RAT - ARAT eb1ajp,ct1dqv,ct1ept Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1966d ea4gpz
AS4290119202 CQ0UAT eb1ajp,ct1dqv,ct1ept Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1966d eb1ajp
AS4290119203 CQ0DPD ct1dqv,ct1ept,eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1966d eb1ajp
AS4290119204 ED1ZAJ eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1966d eb1ajp
AS4290119205 CQ0VMI ct1dqv,ct1ept,eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1304d eb1ajp
AS4290119206 CQ0DCH ct1dqv,ct1ept,eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1304d eb1ajp
AS4290119207 EB1AJP-Verin eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1290d dl8mbt
AS4290119208 EA1RKP eb1ajp,eb1eey Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1507d eb1ajp
AS4290119209 EA1RKP-N eb1ajp,eb1eey Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1507d eb1ajp
AS4290119210 EA1RKP-G eb1ajp,eb1eey Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 1507d eb1ajp
AS4290119211 EB1HBK eb1hbk,eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 169d eb1ajp
AS4290119215 EB1AJP-1 eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assigned with algorithm: - 42eeexxx00 where .. 986d eb1ajp
AS4294967295 df4dr df4dr Dortmund Ost (VPN-Standort) 819d dd9qp
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