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The last 200 changes of all objects in this database:
Edited Name / IP Object Comment
 5h df3ei Backbone-Network - 5785MHz + 5795MHz
 5h df3ei Backbone-Network
 5h df3ei radiobox.db0kk - Service - RadioBox linked to FM-Funknetz TG 750
 5h df3ei ap6.db0rud - Service - AP Bridge,5695MHz @ 10MHz Omni
 5h df3ei db0fuz:db0rudEdge Radio
 5h df3ei db0rud:db0fuzEdge Radio
 5h df3ei trx-db0fuz.db0rud - Service - Link DB0FUZ-DB0RUD (testing)
 5h df3ei trx-db0rud.db0fuz - Service
 6h df3ei trx-db0rav.db0rud - Service
 6h df3ei bb-db0rav.db0rud - Routing-Radio - DB0RUD router interface
 6h df3ei trx-db0rud.db0rav - Service
 6h df3ei bb-db0rud.db0rav - Routing-Radio - DB0RAV router interface
 6h df3ei Backbone-Network
 9h f4avi ites.f5zks - Service - Equipement ITES F5ZKS
 9h f4avi ites.f4jsg - Service - Equipement ITES F4JSG
 9h f4avi aprs.f4jsg - Service - APRS F4JSG
 19h df3ei Service-Network
 19h df3ei geoportal.db0kk - Service - Geographic information system (GIS) portal for Ber..
 19h df3ei gis.db0kk - Service - GIS server
 21h df3ei gw.db0kk - Service - Gateway to services 2 and user network segments
 21h df3ei Service-Network
 21h df3ei Service-Network
 21h df3ei User-Network
 26h dl6fz bcm.db0fz - Service
 27h dg8ngn switch.db0wv - Service
 27h dg8ngn npr-modem.db0wv - Service
 27h dg8ngn bb-user2.db0wv - Routing-Radio
 27h dg8ngn ap.db0wv - Service - 5695MHz V OMNI 10MHz
 27h dg8ngn trx-user.db0wv - Service - AP Bridge (NStreme),5695MHz V OMNI 10MHz SSID:..
 27h dg8ngn bb-user.db0wv - Routing-Radio - ether2 rb2011.db0wv
 27h dg8ngn db0wv - Service - Webserver, AXUDP, WebSDR
 27h dg8ngn raspi.db0wv - Service
 27h dg8ngn hamserver.db0wv - Service - VOIP, asterisk_dundi
 27h dg8ngn rb2011.db0wv - Service
 27h dg8ngn rb450.db0wv - Service
 27h dg8ngn feinstaub.db0wv - Service
 27h dg8ngn tasmota.db0wv - Service
 27h dg8ngn ism-ap.db0wv - Service
 28h dg8ngn do2gm - Service
 28h dg8ngn pi-star.db0wv - Service
 30h dg8ngn User-Network
 30h dg8ngn User-Network
 30h dg8ngn Service-Network
 30h dg8ngn ism-gw.db0wv - Service
 30h dg8ngn User-Network
 30h dg8ngn User-Network
 30h dg8ngn npr-gw.db0wv - Service
 30h dg8ngn User-Network
 30h dg8ngn gw.db0wv - Service
 30h dg8ngn router.db0wv - Service
 30h dg8ngn Site-Network
 37h dj6wf db0lwlSite ToriTower - 70cm DMR-Relais DB0LWL - TX:439.475 MHz - RX: 431,875 MHz
 40h dl7ta voip.db0emc - Service - asterisk_dundi
 43h oe3muc web1.oe3xvr - Service - oe3xvr WEB Service
 2d dg6te sdr.db0emc - Service
 2d dg6te prxmx.db0emc - Service
 2d dg8ngn trx-db0tvm.db0muc - Service
 2d dg8ngn trx-db0muc.db0tvm - Service
 2d dg8ngn bb-db0muc.db0tvm - Routing-ISM
 2d dg8ngn bb-dl3ncu-2.db0tvm - Routing-ISM
 2d dg8ngn trx-dl3ncu-2.db0tvm - Service
 2d dg8ngn trx-db0tvm.dl3ncu-2 - Service
 2d dg8ngn bb-db0tvm.dl3ncu-2 - Routing-ISM
 3d dl7ta db0kibSite Kirchberg
 3d dl7ta db0slzSite Schlaatz
 3d dl7ta db0lshSite Luftschiffhafen Potsdam
 3d dl7ta AS4226265815As db0emc
 3d dl7ta wl2k.db0emc - Service
 3d dl7ta airtak.db0emc - Service
 3d dl7ta sip.db0emc - Service
 3d dl7ta router.db0emc - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta Service-Network
 3d dl7ta dm0bio:db0emcEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta bb-dm0bio.db0emc - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta trx-dm0bio.db0emc - Service
 3d dl7ta ap-west.dm0bio - Service
 3d dl7ta User-Network
 3d dl7ta trx-db0emc.dm0bio - Service
 3d dl7ta bb-db0emc.dm0bio - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta Backbone-Network
 3d dl7ta router2.dm0bio - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta Backbone-Network
 3d dl7ta db0fes:dl0pdmEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta bb-db0fes.dl0pdm - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta trx-db0fes.dl0pdm - Service
 3d dl7ta bb-dl0pdm.db0fes - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta trx-dl0pdm.db0fes - Service
 3d dl7ta trx-dm0bio.db0fes - Service
 3d dl7ta trx-db0fes.dm0bio - Service
 3d dl7ta bb-db0fes.dm0bio - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta db0fes:dm0bioEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta bb-dm0bio.db0fes - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta Backbone-Network
 3d dl7ta db0slz:dm0bioEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta router.db0kib - Service
 3d dl7ta db0kib:db0tuxEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta router.db0lsh - Service
 3d dl7ta db0lsh:db0fesEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta db0lsh:dm0rbbEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta router.db0slz - Service
 3d dl7ta bb-dm0rbb.db0rav - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta bb-db0fes.db0rav - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta db0rav:db0slzEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta db0kib:db0ravEdge Radio
 3d dl7ta db0rav:db0rudEdge Radio
 3d oe9frv bb-oe9xfa.oe9xfr - Routing-Radio - Verbindungsnetz OE9XFA <-> OE9XFR
 3d oe9frv ax25.oe9xfr - Service - (obsolete) PacketRadio, AXUDP-Server (Tinycore) XNET U..
 3d dl7ta router.dm0bio - Routing-Radio
 3d dl7ta router.dl0pdm - Service
 3d dl7ta Site-Network
 3d dl7ta ap-west.db0fes - Service - 5685 MHz
 3d dl7ta ap-ost.db0fes - Service - 5675 MHz
 3d dl7ta router.db0fes - Service
 4d df3ei db0kkSite Berlin-Lichtenberg ATV-/DMR-Repeater/HAMNET-Node - Local AS: 4226262905 - Oper..
 5d dh1nfj Backbone-Network
 5d dl1com db0hobSite Hochries / Rosenheim - Site configuration:
 5d dg8ngn gw.do0mvl - Service
 5d dg8ngn router.do0mvl - Service
 5d dg8ngn Service-Network
 5d dg8ngn User-Network
 5d dg8ngn Site-Network
 5d dg8ngn AS4226264249As do0mvl
 5d dg8ngn Backbone-Network
 5d dg8ngn bb-db0kvk.db0khh - Routing-Radio
 5d dg8ngn trx-db0kvk.db0khh - Service
 5d dg8ngn trx-db0khh.db0kvk - Service
 5d dg8ngn bb-db0khh.db0kvk - Routing-Radio
 5d dl7ta sdr.db0wol - Service - Kiwi-SDR für Kurzwelle
 5d dl7ta dmr.db0wol - Service - DMR Repeater 439,550 MHZ Shift -7,6 MHz
 5d dl7ta fm.db0wol - Service - FM Repeater 439,150 MHz, Shift -7,6 MHz im Nordlink..
 5d dl7ta lora.db0ta - Service - LoRa-APRS-iGate 433,775 MHz
 5d dl7ta fm.db0ta - Service - FM - Repeater 439,125 MHz Echolink 930349 FM-Funknetz TG 24
 5d dl7ta dmr.db0ta - Service - DMR - Repeater 439,125 MHz
 5d dl7ta c4fm.db0ta - Service - C4FM - Repeater 438,700 MHz
 5d dl7ta dstar.db0ta - Service - DStar - Repeater 438,350 MHz
 5d oe5rnl speedtest.oe5xoo - Service
 6d df3ei db0rudSite Berlin-Rudow - Local AS: 4226262915 - AP for Rudow South.
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0rkb.db0drh - Routing-Radio
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0rkb.db0drh - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0drh.db0rkb - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0drh.db0rkb - Routing-Radio
 6d dg8ngn dl1flo-1Site Feuerwehr
 6d dg8ngn AS4226265211As dl1flo-1
 6d dg8ngn Site-Network
 6d dg8ngn Service-Network
 6d dg8ngn User-Network
 6d dg8ngn network.dl1flo-1 - Service
 6d dg8ngn router.dl1flo-1 - Service
 6d dg8ngn gw.dl1flo-1 - Service
 6d dg8ngn Backbone-Network
 6d dg8ngn bb-dl1flo-1.dg7rz-1 - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn trx-dl1flo-1.dg7rz-1 - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-dg7rz-1.dl1flo-1 - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-dg7rz-1.dl1flo-1 - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn bb-dg7rz-1.db0cj - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn trx-dg7rz-1.db0cj - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0cj.dg7rz-1 - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0cj.dg7rz-1 - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0cj.db0am - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0cj.db0am - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0am.db0cj - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0am.db0cj - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn db0tvmSite München Olympiaturm - Sanierung bis Mitte 2026 - Site configuration: https://..
 6d dg8ngn dm3ts-5Site NEW-Test
 6d dg8ngn db0amSite Clubstation Amberg - Clubstation U01 Amberg
 6d dg8ngn Backbone-Network
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0jgk.df0as - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0jgk.df0as - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-df0as.db0jgk - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-df0as.db0jgk - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0zb.df0as - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-df0as.db0zb - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-df0as.db0zb - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0zb.df0as - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn Backbone-Network
 6d dg8ngn db0zb:df0asEdge Radio - 5805MHz,10MHz,H/V
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0zb.db0ren - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0ren.db0zb - Service
 6d dg8ngn Backbone-Network
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0zw.db0jgk - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0zw.db0jgk - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0jgk.db0zw - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0jgk.db0zw - Routing-ISM
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0ren.db0zb - Routing-Radio
 6d dg8ngn db0zb:db0fibEdge Radio - 5715,10MHz,H/V
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0zb.db0ren - Routing-Radio
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0zb.db0ts - Routing-Radio
 6d dg8ngn User-Network
 6d dg8ngn Service-Network
 6d dg8ngn gw.db0ts - Service
 6d dg8ngn router.db0ts - Service
 6d dg8ngn Site-Network
 6d dg8ngn AS4226265204As db0ts
 6d dg8ngn Backbone-Network
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0jgk.db0zb - Routing-Radio
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0jgk.db0zb - Service
 6d dg8ngn trx-db0zb.db0jgk - Service
 6d dg8ngn bb-db0zb.db0jgk - Service
 6d dg8ngn net-user.db0zb - Service
 6d dg8ngn net-ismuser.db0zb - Service
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