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Hamnet-DB 4.6 Content is covered by CC BY-NC-SA license
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited bgpgateway-ext.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb-7 BGP internet gateway main address 783d f6cnb vpngate.lte1.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo VPN to internet gateway (main) 783d f6cnb vpngate.lte2.f4klo Routing-Tunnel f4klo VPN to internet gateway (backup) 783d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f4edr Routing-Tunnel f4edr pptp to BGP internet gate 774d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f1shs Routing-Tunnel f1shs Link to hamnet-internet gate 752d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f6kgl Routing-Tunnel f6kgl vpn to BGP gateway 680d f6cnb vpn-to-gate.f4kkx Routing-Tunnel f4kkx VPN to internet gateway 382d f6cnb ipip1-gate.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb IPIP to bgpgate (main) 780d f6cnb hamnet.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 779d f6cnb gateway.f6cnb Routing-Ethernet f6cnb IPIP gateway running on Mikrotik CCR1009 779d f6cnb hotspot.f6cnb Service f6cnb Wires-X Hotspot 779d f6cnb weather.f6cnb Service f6cnb Local weather and radioactivity monitor running on a raspberry pi2 - http://w.. 779d f6cnb www.f6cnb Service f6cnb web server 778d f6cnb aprs.f6cnb Service f6cnb APRS node using DIXPRS on a Raspberry pi - 778d f6cnb pwr-ctl2.f6cnb Service f6cnb Power plugs remote control 2 778d f6cnb nas.f6cnb Service f6cnb F6CNB NAS 778d f6cnb munin.f6cnb Service f6cnb Munin server - or 778d f6cnb hamsrvpi.f6cnb Service f6cnb Raspberry pi running hamsrvpi. 778d f6cnb rsyslog.f6cnb Service f6cnb remote syslog server 778d f6cnb adsb.f6cnb Service f6cnb Ads-b receiver. Fligthware 778d f6cnb sdr.f6cnb Service f6cnb WebSDR under testing 777d f6cnb ntp.f6cnb Service f6cnb GPS based NTP server 777d f6cnb pa-qo100.f6cnb Service f6cnb Arduino on PA for QO100 412d f6cnb qo100.f6cnb Service f6cnb QO100 Station 777d f6cnb shake.f6cnb Service f6cnb DEtecteur de tremblement de terre 777d f6cnb rotctl.f6cnb Service f6cnb ROTOR controller 777d f6cnb ctrlbox.f6cnb Service f6cnb Control power supply Internet 777d f6cnb sipphone.f6cnb Service f6cnb sip phone 523d f6cnb ftp.f6cnb Service f6cnb ftp server running on DLINK NAS 777d f6cnb satnogs.f6cnb Service f6cnb satnogs receiver 777d f6cnb dxc.f6cnb Service f6cnb dx spider and Netrom/Fpac node 02080191530 - was 777d f6cnb orage.f6cnb Service f6cnb Orage detecteur.. 776d f6cnb radmon.f6cnb Service f6cnb Radiation Monitor 776d f6cnb webcam2.f6cnb Service f6cnb Webcam2 (user HAMNET pwd HAMNET91) pointing North 520d f6cnb echolink.f6cnb Service f6cnb Echolink 776d f6cnb switchgateway.f6cnb Service f6cnb Switch gateway ipip 719d f6cnb f5ziw.f6cnb Service f6cnb REpeteur C4FM 480d f6cnb wifi.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,WiFi for local use SSID F6CNB-WiFi 777d f6cnb ap5.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,5785MHz BW=5MHz - UbiquitiRocket M5 with 10dbi MIMO omni antenna. S.. 777d f6cnb ap2.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb AP Bridge,2362/5MHz - Nano-BeamM2 toward Palaiseau SSID HAMNET-2 777d f6cnb router1.f6kbs Routing-Ethernet f6kbs Router for BGP routes to Internet 777d f6cnb f5zla.f6kbs Service f6kbs WiresX repeater 724d f6cnb router.f4edr Routing-Tunnel f4edr router Mikrotik Hap lite tower 774d f6cnb www.f4edr Service f4edr F4EDR Servers - 774d f6cnb webcam.f4edr Service f4edr Webcam 774d f6cnb p25core.f1shs Routing-Ethernet f1shs Router mikrotik P25Core 656d f1shs router1.f6kgl Routing-Ethernet f6kgl 680d f6cnb mail2.f6kgl Service f6kgl Serveur email with fo and from internet acces 680d f6cnb router1.f4kkx Routing-Ethernet f4kkx router accessible from internet 382d f6cnb srv1.f4kkx Service f4kkx serveur1 382d f6cnb srv2.f4kkx Service f4kkx serveur2 382d f6cnb router.f4klo Routing-Ethernet f4klo Main mikrotik router F4KLO, Parc de la villette 781d f6cnb nas.f4klo Service f4klo NAS et 781d f6cnb ntp.f4klo Service f4klo Serveur NTP asservi par GPS 781d f6cnb eme.f4klo Service f4klo PC windows 10 for EME 781d f6cnb orage.f4klo Service f4klo Thunderstorm / lightning detector 781d f6cnb temp-algeco.f4klo Service f4klo Temperature sensors algeco 781d f6cnb qo100.f4klo Service f4klo QO100 PC 781d f6cnb gpredict.f4klo Service f4klo PC FPAC 571d f6cnb nas2.f4klo Service f4klo 2 TB Raid NAS 781d f6cnb temp-platform.f4klo Service f4klo Temperature local radio platform 781d f6cnb coder.f4klo Service f4klo Dec and AH measurement 781d f6cnb energie.f4klo Service f4klo Mesure triphasee. Courants et tensions 781d f6cnb adsb.f4klo Service f4klo ADSB RX(Algeco) 142d f6cnb ctrldish.f4klo Service f4klo controleur parabole dans l'armoire de commande sur la plateforme 781d f6cnb cameraalgeco.f4klo Service f4klo IP camera inside algeco 781d f6cnb sdr5.f4klo Service f4klo High-speed PC with Adalm-Pluto SDR and Soapy SDR. 1420MHz cavity 781d f6cnb ctrlpwr.f4klo Service f4klo Raspberry remote power control 781d f6cnb simulator2.f4klo Service f4klo Test simulator 391d f6cnb acq.f4klo Service f4klo High speed PC for remote acquisition via a web interface. 427d f6cnb sdr2.f4klo Service f4klo Test SDR 781d f6cnb www1.f4klo Service f4klo HAMNET Website F4KLO Et simulatoeur 781d f6cnb cameran4.f4klo Service f4klo IP camera in La Folie N4. View on the radiotelescope 781d f6cnb weather.f4klo Service f4klo Weather station in Algeco 781d f6cnb apalgeco.f4klo Service f4klo AP Bridge - AP in algeco 781d f6cnb f6bvp-6.f4klo Service f4klo Bernard AX25 raspberry 771d f6cnb pwrplatform.f4klo Service f4klo Control PS rack and coder 593d f6cnb radmon.f4klo Service f4klo Radiation Monitor - 50cpm = 0.33 uSv/h 448d f6cnb portsdown.f4klo Service f4klo DATV on raspberry 434d f6cnb ctrlpwr2.f4klo Service f4klo Power control for QO100,gpredict and QO100 power amplifier 414d f6cnb pyindi.f4klo Service f4klo RPI4 pour nouveau simulateur 401d f6cnb ctrlpwr3.f4klo Service f4klo controle power NEW 358d f6cnb openwebrx.f4klo Service f4klo websdr based on openwebrx 257d f6cnb coder2.f4klo Service f4klo Info codeur via ctrldish 209d f6cnb cameratoit.f4klo Service f4klo Camera toit algeco 140d f6cnb led.f4klo Service f4klo Control LED strip on radiotelescope 126d f6cnb air.f4klo Service f4klo PurpleAir sensor F4KLO-DP 781d f6cnb pmg.lx4cg Service lx4cg 115d lx1duc dns.lx4cg Service lx4cg 115d lx1duc mkt.cs5rat Service cs5rat Mikrotik Router 283d eb1ajp mkt.cq0uat Service cq0uat Mikrotik router 283d eb1ajp mkt.cq0dpd Service cq0dpd Mikrotik router 283d eb1ajp mkt.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj Mikrotik router 283d eb1ajp mkt.cq0dch Service cq0dch Mikrotik router 283d eb1ajp mkt.verin.eb1ajp Service eb1ajp Mikrotik router 283d eb1ajp mkt.ea1rkp Service ea1rkp Router 283d eb1ajp mkt.ea1rkp1 Service ea1rkp-1 router link 283d eb1ajp mkt.eb1eey Service eb1eey router 283d eb1ajp router.eb1hbk Service eb1hbk 283d eb1ajp mkt.eb1ajp1 Service eb1ajp-1 router 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 283d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.eb1ajp Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp.eb1eey Routing-Tunnel eb1eey 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.eb1ajp Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp-1 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp1.eb1ajpverin Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajpverin.eb1ajp1 Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajpverin.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 283d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.eb1ajpverin Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.eb1ajp1 Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp1.eb1eey Routing-Tunnel eb1eey 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 283d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.eb1eey Routing-Tunnel eb1eey 283d eb1ajp gateway.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj Gateway.router 283d eb1ajp dstar.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj D-Star ED1ZAJ, APRS Igate 283d eb1ajp gateway.cs5rat Service cs5rat 283d eb1ajp webcam.cs5rat Service cs5rat WebCam 283d eb1ajp gateway.cq0dch Service cq0dch Mikrotik router 283d eb1ajp gateway.ea1rkp Service ea1rkp 283d eb1ajp dstar.ed1zbd Service ea1rkp 283d eb1ajp bb-cq0uat.cs5rat Routing-Radio cs5rat 283d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.cq0uat Routing-Radio cq0uat 283d eb1ajp bb-ed1zaj.cq0uat Routing-Radio cq0uat 283d eb1ajp bb-cq0uat.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp1.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 283d eb1ajp bb-ed1zaj.eb1ajp1 Routing-Radio eb1ajp 283d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp1.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 283d eb1ajp bb-ed1zaj.ea1rkp1 Routing-Radio ea1rkp-1 283d eb1ajp bb-cq0dpd.cs5rat Routing-Radio cs5rat 283d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.cq0dpd Routing-Radio cq0dpd 283d eb1ajp bb-cq0dch.cq0dpd Routing-Radio cq0dpd 283d eb1ajp bb-cq0dpd.cq0dch Routing-Radio cq0dch 283d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp1.eb1eey Routing-Radio eb1eey 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.ea1rkp1 Routing-Radio ea1rkp-1 283d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp.ea1rkp1 Routing-Radio ea1rkp-1 283d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp1.ea1rkp Routing-Radio ea1rkp 283d eb1ajp bb.ed1zaj.eb1hbk Routing-Radio eb1hbk 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1hbk.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 283d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp.eb1hbk Routing-Radio eb1hbk 283d eb1ajp bb-eb1hbk.ea1rkp Routing-Radio ea1rkp 283d eb1ajp gw.eb1hbk Service eb1hbk 283d eb1ajp dstar.eb1hbk Service eb1hbk 283d eb1ajp users.gateway.cq0uat Service cq0uat 283d eb1ajp eb1ajp.cq0uat Service cq0uat 283d eb1ajp ea1axy.cq0uat Service cq0uat 283d eb1ajp ct1dqv.cq0uat Service cq0uat 283d eb1ajp ct1ept.cq0uat Service cq0uat 283d eb1ajp ct1enu.cq0uat Service cq0uat 283d eb1ajp ct1ffe.cq0uat Service cq0uat 283d eb1ajp users.gateway.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj 283d eb1ajp eb1ajp.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj 283d eb1ajp users.gateway.cs5rat Service cs5rat 283d eb1ajp eb1hbk.cs5rat Service cs5rat 283d eb1ajp ea1ay.cs5rat Service cs5rat 283d eb1ajp eb1ajp.cs5rat Service cs5rat 283d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 775d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 775d f6cnb cq0pax.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 285d ct2ixq bb-cs5rat.cq0pax Routing-Tunnel cq0pax 281d ct2ixq router.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb Mikrotik rh951 router in Frelsburg, Texas 2487d f6cnb www.n5cnb Service n5cnb Web server at N5CNB - 2446d f6cnb webcam.n5cnb Service n5cnb Webcam pointing north 2446d f6cnb webcam2.n5cnb Service n5cnb Webcam pointing east 2147d f6cnb sipphone.n5cnb Service n5cnb SIP phone 2487d f6cnb pc.n5cnb Service n5cnb 2396d f6cnb webcam3.n5cnb Service n5cnb New webcam User HAMNET pwd HAMNETtx 2147d f6cnb ns2.n5cnb Service n5cnb nanostation m2 to webcam 1855d f6cnb router1.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb secondary router in HAMSHACK 2276d f6cnb wspr20.n5cnb Service n5cnb wspr raspberry station 20m 1632d f6cnb pwrctl1.n5cnb Service n5cnb Power plug controller in HAMSHACK 2276d f6cnb pc2.n5cnb Service n5cnb PC in ham shack 2272d f6cnb ntp.n5cnb Service n5cnb GPS driven NTP server 2272d f6cnb shake.n5cnb Service n5cnb raspberry shake. Earthquake sensor 2148d f6cnb ap2.n5cnb Service n5cnb AP Bridge,SSID=N5CNB-1 2148d f6cnb sat.n5cnb Service n5cnb sat station 2069d f6cnb adsb.n5cnb Service n5cnb ads-b reporting receiver 2069d f6cnb satnogs-uhf.n5cnb Service n5cnb SATNOGS UHF receiver with eggbeater antenna and preamplifier 2069d f6cnb satnogs-vhf.n5cnb Service n5cnb SATNOGS VHF receiver with eggbeater antenna and low noise preamplifier 2069d f6cnb router3.n5cnb Routing-Ethernet n5cnb Router3 hamshack ( 1679d f6cnb webcam4.n5cnb Service n5cnb Webcam on the UHF antennas user HAMNET pwd HAMNETtx 1679d f6cnb sat-w10.n5cnb Service n5cnb 1662d f6cnb sat-linux.n5cnb Service n5cnb 1662d f6cnb ic9700.n5cnb Service n5cnb 1662d f6cnb adsb978.n5cnb Service n5cnb ADSB 978MHz receiver 1629d f6cnb uhfantenna.n5cnb Service n5cnb 2 CP. UHF yagi antennas controller 504d f6cnb ra.n5cnb Service n5cnb radio astronomy RX 504d f6cnb sat-linux2.n5cnb Service n5cnb Satellite receiver 504d f6cnb bb-cq0pax.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 1864d ct1drb router.dd9qp Service dd9qp Mikrotik Ltap multi-SIM 1558d dd9qp switch.dd9qp Service dd9qp Mikrotik Switch 1558d dd9qp car.dd9qp Service dd9qp Server - misc services (e.g. www, asterisk, aprs ...) 1556d dd9qp pc1.dd9qp Service dd9qp Ubuntu/Win10 workstation/laptop with misc services 1558d dd9qp pc2.dd9qp Service dd9qp Ubuntu/Win10 workstation/laptop with misc services 1558d dd9qp tablet.dd9qp Service dd9qp tablet computer 1558d dd9qp smart1.dd9qp Service dd9qp smartphone 1 1558d dd9qp smart2.dd9qp Service dd9qp smartphone 2 1558d dd9qp pi-star.dd9qp Service dd9qp DMR Hotspot 1558d dd9qp device10.dd9qp Service dd9qp IOT-gate 1558d dd9qp voip.dd9qp Service dd9qp sip-phone 1557d dd9qp cam.dd9qp Service dd9qp webcam 1557d dd9qp cam2.dd9qp Service dd9qp webcam 1557d dd9qp device14.dd9qp Service dd9qp misc device 1557d dd9qp gw.dd9qp Service dd9qp AP Bridge - Accesspoint outdoorantenna 2.4/5.6GHz 1557d dd9qp xnet.db0eeo Service db0eeo XNet AX.25 Router 1315d dd9qp pr-svr.db0eeo Service db0eeo PR-Server 1315d dd9qp xnet-res.db0kv Service db0kv XNet AX.25 Router reserviert 1477d dd9qp pr-gw.db0res Service db0res HAMNET<->Packet-Radio Gateway 854d dd9qp pr-svr.db0res Service db0res DB0RES Server 1313d dd9qp xnet.db0res Service db0res DB0RES-0 XNet AX.25 Router 854d dd9qp pr10-gw.db0res Service db0res HAMNET<->Packet-Radio Worldgate 854d dd9qp xnet-10.db0res Service db0res DB0RES-10 XNet AX.25 Router 854d dd9qp hn-pr.db0gw Service db0gw Gateway HAMNET<->Packet 662d dd9qp xnet.db0gw Service db0gw XNet-Router 662d dd9qp dg8jt Service db0ovn 2833d dk2crn dd9ey Service db0ovn 2833d dk2crn dk7ek Service db0ovn 2833d dk2crn dk6jd Service db0ovn 2833d dk2crn dk0rc Service db0ovn 2833d dk2crn dl3ebn Service db0ovn 2833d dk2crn dg8ekg Service db0ovn 2833d dk2crn dm2dth Service 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(AirMax) - link to PI3GOE Goes 663d pd2nlx pi1zld Service pi1zld PI1ZLD DMR repeater Brandmeister Network 2538d pd2nlx apoost.pi3goe Routing-Radio pi3goe AP Bridge,NanoStation 5AC - AP East 663d pd2nlx pi3goe.pe9ghz Routing-Radio pe9ghz Station (AirMax) - link to PI3GOE 2538d pd2nlx apnoord.pi3goe Routing-Radio pi3goe AP Bridge,NanoStation 5AC - AP North 663d pd2nlx link.pi4z Routing-Radio pi4z Station,PowerBeam 5AC - link to TV Tower (PI3GOE) 663d pd2nlx pi4z Service pi4z PI4Z radio club: 663d pd2nlx remoterx.pi4z Service pi4z Diversity SVXLINK receivers: PI3GOE & PI3UTR 663d pd2nlx pa3eiv Service pa3eiv André PA3EIV 2500d pd2nlx link.pa3eiv Routing-Radio pa3eiv Station (AirMax) - link to PI3GOE 2465d pd2nlx pi3zvl Service pi3zvl 2074d pd2nlx router.pd2nlx Service pd2nlx Mikrotik RB951 (5 ports router) 2538d pd2nlx pa5zl Service pa5nt PA5ZL Joost Brouwershaven 239d pa5nt router.pa5zl Service pa5nt Mikrotik RB2011iL-RM PA5ZL Brouwershaven 239d pa5nt gw.pd2lt Service pd2lt 2538d pd2nlx pd2lt Service pd2lt Niels PD2LT 2543d pd2nlx jnos.pd2lt Service pd2lt 2503d pd2nlx pi1lap.pd2lt Service pd2lt Packet radio Node/BBS PI1LAP 2543d pd2nlx router.pe1plm Service pe1plm 2263d pd2nlx pi1vli Service pi1vli PI1VLI Dstar repeater Vlissingen 438.1500 MHz 2278d pd2nlx pi2vli Service pi2vli DMR Repeater Vlissingen: 670d pd2nlx pi2vli.pi1vli Service pi1vli Mikrotik RB SXT 5HnD to PI2VLI 2278d pd2nlx omnitik.pi2vli Service pi2vli AP Bridge - Mikrotik Omnitik 2259d pd2nlx pi4zwn Service pi4zwn Club 1337d pd2nlx vli.pi3goe Service pi2vli2 Remotetrx SVXLINK receiver for repeaters: PI2NOS, PI3GOE & PI3UTR 1337d pd2nlx router.rpcz.pi2vli Routing-Ethernet pi2vli2 Mikrotik RB750 1337d pd2nlx hamnetgw.pi3goe Routing-Ethernet pi3goe default GW for (MikroTik RB3011UiAS-RM) 2538d pd2nlx hamnetgw.pi4dec Routing-Ethernet pi4dec 1986d pa3l sys1.pd1aem Service pd1aem Webserver (with ping / trace / speedtest tools) 764d pd1aem ap1.pd1aem Routing-Radio pd1aem Station - Mikrotik RBLHG-5nD Accesspoint Uplink to PI4DEC Sector Antenna North.. 764d pd1aem netaccess.pd1aem Service pd1aem IP used for outgoing connections to HamNet 764d pd1aem gw.pd1aem Routing-Radio pd1aem Station - Mikrotik Router 705d dg8ngn gw.pa3l Routing-Ethernet pa3l 2523d pa3l pi1dft Service pi1dft UHF FM Repeater 2014d pd1dbl gw.pi1dft Routing-Ethernet pi1dft 1868d pd1dbl pb0ner Service pb0ner 981d pd3t gw.pb0ner Service pb0ner 981d pd3t gw.pd1dbl Service pd1dbl-1 435d pd1dbl esx.pi1vbg Service pi1vbg Hypervisor 642d pd1dbl gv.pi1dft Service pi1vbg Diversity receiver PI1DFT 1798d pd1dbl websdr.pi1vbg Service pi1vbg WebSDR 2036d pd1dbl gw.pi1vbg Routing-Ethernet pi1vbg 1868d pd1dbl pa1er Service pa1er Webserver, UNMS 1460d pa1er pi1dor.pa1er Service pa1er DMR Repeater, webpage with info 1988d pa1er gw.pa1er Service pa1er 2004d pa1er gw.pi4dec Service pi4dec 1986d pa3l rtd.pi1dft Service pd2jkc RemoteRX PI1DFT-FM 674d pd1dbl gw.pd2jkc Service pd2jkc 1809d pd1dbl pa0ago Service pa0ago1 356d pa3l sys3.pa0ago Service pa0ago Station - NanoBridge M5 541d pa3l npr1.pa1er Service pa1er AP Bridge,NPR70 1453d pa1er wifi.pa1okz Routing-Radio pa1okz Station,Linked to Access1.pi2nos 439d pa1okz pi2nos.pd0raf Routing-Radio pd0raf Station,MikroTik Routerboard LHG 5 2436d pd0raf access1.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos AP Bridge,SSID:HAMNET_PI2NOS_W 439d pa1okz access2.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos AP Bridge,SSID:HAMNET_PI2NOS_N 2705d ph4x access3.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos AP Bridge,SSID:HAMNET_PI2NOS_E 2705d ph4x access4.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos AP Bridge,SSID:HAMNET_PI2NOS_S 2705d ph4x poe.pi2nos Service pi2nos Ubiquiti 5-port toughswitch 2705d ph4x hamnetgw.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos Default gateway for the subnet 2835d pe1chl gw.pi6hvs Routing-Ethernet pi6hvs Router 2805d pe1chl link1.pi4rcg Routing-Radio pi6hvs 3179d ph4x link2.pi4rcg Routing-Radio pi4rcg AP Bridge 3179d ph4x pi2nos.pa2jf Routing-Radio pa2jf 2436d pd0raf remco.pa3fym Routing-Radio pa3fym 430d pa1okz rpi01.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t rpi02.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t rpi03.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t rpi04.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t dhcp01.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t dhcp02.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t dhcp03.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t dhcp04.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t gw.ph4t Service ph4t 512d ph4t voip.pa3edn Service pi1utr VoIP server (asterisk_dundi) 1441d pe1chl sys10.pe1rjv Service pe1rjv 2508d pe1rjv gw.pe1rjv Service pe1rjv 2508d pe1rjv brandmeister.pd0zry Service pd0zry 2528d pd0zry hamnetgw.pi1utr Routing-Radio pi1utr Default GW 2559d pe1chl gw.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz-2 MikroTik CHR router for HAMNET 636d pe1chl subnet.ph4x Service ph4x 2169d ph4x sw01.ph4x Service ph4x Mikrotik RB750GL 702d dg8ngn pi6nos.ph4x Service ph4x Diversity receiver PI6NOS 23cm repeater 1154d dj3mu rpi4.ph4x Service ph4x 934d ph4x access1.ph4x Routing-ISM ph4x Station 934d ph4x broadcast.ph4x Service ph4x 2169d ph4x hamnetgw.pi6anh Routing-Radio pi6anh Default gateway for 2898d pe1chl pd0ghf.pd0ghf Service pd0ghf Station 2540d pa1pas sys2.pa1pas Service pa1pas 2563d pa1pas sys3.pa1pas Service pa1pas 2563d pa1pas sys4.pa1pas Service pa1pas 2563d pa1pas gw2.pa1pas Routing-Ethernet pa1pas 2558d pa1pas gw.pa1pas Routing-Ethernet pa1pas 2563d pa1pas gw.pi4anh Service pi4anh 2549d pa1pas access.pa2e Service pa2e 162d pa4den router.pi2kmp Service pi2kmp 1418d pa4den access.pi2non Routing-Radio pi2non AP Bridge,Accesspoint user Vollenhove 1295d pa4den jnos.pa3gjx Service pa3gjx 2416d pd0sdo xnet.pa3gjx Service pa3gjx 2416d pd0sdo 5ghz.pa3gjx Routing-Radio pa3gjx 2398d pd0sdo airgrid.pi4dr Routing-Radio pi4dr Station (AirMax) 2756d pd0sdo pb8w.pb8w Service pb8w 2460d pd0sdo wifi.pb8w Routing-Radio pb8w 2460d pd0sdo acces.pi2asn Routing-Radio pi2asn AP Bridge 1418d pa4den router.pi1lms Service pi1lms router user 706d dg8ngn ap.pi2hvn Routing-Radio pi2hvn AP Bridge,accesspoint user Heerenveen 335d pa4den access1.pi2non-2 Routing-Radio pi2non-2 AP Bridge,Accesspoint user Bolsward 1172d pa4den router.pi2hvn Service pi2hvn 335d pa4den pa2snk.pi1snk Service pi1snk 1689d pa3bic pi1snk.pi1snk Service pi1snk 1689d pa3bic pi8snk.pi1snk Service pi1snk 1689d pa3bic dstar.pi1snk Service pi1snk 1689d pa3bic gw-core.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz-2 2398d pe1chl gw2.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz-2 2398d pe1chl pi9noz.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz-2 989d pd3t router.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz NL HAMNET core router 989d pd3t pi3goe.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz 989d pd3t pi9noz.pi3goe Routing-Ethernet pi3goe 989d pd3t pi6anh.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz 989d pd3t pi9noz.pi6anh Routing-Ethernet pi6anh 989d pd3t pi2nos.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz 989d pd3t pi9noz.pi2nos Routing-Ethernet pi2nos 989d pd3t pi4amf.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos Station,MikroTik Routerboard LHG 5 2436d pd0raf pi2nos.pi4amf Routing-Radio pi4amf 2495d pe1chl pi1utr.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz 2398d pe1chl pi9noz.pi1utr Routing-Ethernet pi1utr 2398d pe1chl pd0zry.pi4amf Routing-Tunnel pi1spa 989d pd3t pi4amf.pd0zry Routing-Tunnel pd0zry 989d pd3t pa3gyk.pi1shb Routing-Radio pi1shb AP Bridge 2495d pe1chl pi4tta.pa1pas Routing-Tunnel pa1pas 710d dg8ngn pa1pas.pi4tta Routing-Tunnel pi4tta 710d dg8ngn pi2anh.pi6anh Routing-Radio pi6anh AP Bridge - Link pi6anh to pi2anh 989d pd3t pi6anh.pi2anh Service pi2anh Station - Link pi2anh to pi6anh 335d dg8ngn pe1rjv.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos 989d pd3t pi2nos.pe1rjv Routing-Radio pe1rjv Station 989d pd3t pa1okz.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos 2398d pe1chl pi2nos.pa1okz Routing-Radio pa1okz 439d pa1okz pe2kmv2.pe2kmv Service pe2kmv 1568d pe1rdp pe2kmv.pe2kmv2 Service pe2kmv 1568d pe1rdp wifi.pe1plm Service pe1plm Station (AirMax) - dish to PI3GOE 644d pd2nlx lp1.pi4ttc.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz-2 173d pd3t lp1.pi9noz.pi4ttc Routing-Ethernet pi4ttc 173d pd3t lp2.pi4ttc.pi9noz Routing-Ethernet pi9noz-2 174d pd3t lp2.pi9noz.pi4ttc Routing-Ethernet pi4ttc 174d pd3t pe1chl.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pe1rdp.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pe1rdp Routing-Tunnel pe1rdp 2960d pe1chl pd0zry.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pd0zry Routing-Tunnel pd0zry 2528d pd0zry pe1rjv.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pe1rjv Routing-Tunnel pe1rjv 2508d pe1rjv pi2non.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pi2non Routing-Tunnel pa4den 1688d pa4den pd9fer.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pd9fer Routing-Tunnel pd9fer 2774d pe1chl pi4tta.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pi4tta Routing-Tunnel pi4tta 2558d pa1pas pi1kmp.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pi2kmp Routing-Tunnel pi2kmp 1688d pa4den pi1nym.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi4amf.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pi4amf Routing-Tunnel pi1spa 2528d pd0zry pi2non2.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pi2non-5 Routing-Tunnel pi2non-5 332d pa4den pa3gyk.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 2495d pe1chl pi9noz.pi3twe Routing-Tunnel pi3twe 1688d pa4den ph4t.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 512d ph4t pi9noz.ph4t Routing-Tunnel ph4t 512d ph4t gw.pi4rs Service pi4rs 435d pd1dbl pd1dbl.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 1868d pd1dbl pi1dft.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 1868d pd1dbl l2tp-gw.pi9noz Routing-Tunnel pi9noz-2 L2TP gateway 2091d pe1chl ams.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos Router 2774d pe1chl pi1ams.pi2nos Service pi2nos AP Bridge (AirMax) 990d pd3t shb.pi1ehv Routing-Radio pi2ehv 989d pd3t ehv.pi1shb Routing-Radio pi1shb 989d pd3t pi1shb.pi2ehv Service pi2ehv AP Bridge 989d pd3t pi2ehv.pi1shb Service pi1shb 989d pd3t rdp.pi2ehv Routing-Radio pi2ehv 989d pd3t ehv.pe1rdp Routing-Radio pe1rdp 989d pd3t pe1rdp.pi2ehv Service pi2ehv AP Bridge (AirMax) 989d pd3t wifi.pe1rdp Service pe1rdp Station (AirMax),PME-M5-400 989d pd3t jkc.pi1dft Routing-Radio pi1dft 990d pd3t pd2jkc.pi1dft Service pi1dft AP Bridge (AirMax) 990d pd3t pi1dft.pd2jkc Service pd2jkc Station 990d pd3t dft.pd2jkc Routing-Radio pd2jkc Routerboard 990d pd3t bb-pi1dra.pi2hvn Routing-Radio pi2hvn router link Heerenveen > Drachten 335d pa4den trx-pi1dra.pi2hvn Service pi2hvn AP Bridge (AirMax),Link Heerenveen > Drachten 179d pa4den trx-pi2non.pi1dra-2 Service pi1dra-2 Station (AirMax),link drachten > heerenveen 179d pa4den bb-pi2hvn.pi1dra-2 Routing-Radio pi1dra-2 router link drachten > heerenveen 190d pa4den 1anh.pi6anh Routing-Radio pi6anh 2558d pa1pas pi1anh.pi6anh Service pi6anh 989d pd3t bb-pi1kmp.pi2non Routing-Radio pi2non router link Vollenhove > Kampen 335d pa4den trx-pi1kmp.pi2non Service pi2non Station (AirMax),link Vollenhove > Kampen 335d pa4den trx-pi2non.pi2kmp Service pi2kmp AP Bridge (AirMax),link Vollenhove > Kampen 332d pa4den bb-pi2non.pi2kmp Routing-Radio pi2kmp router link Kampen > Vollenhove 332d pa4den bb-pi1lms.pi2non Routing-Radio pi2non router link Vollenhove > Lichtmis-KPH 290d pa4den trx-pi1lms.pi2non Service pi2non AP Bridge (AirMax),link Vollenhove > Lichtmis-KPH 290d pa4den trx-pi2non.pi1lms Service pi1lms Station (AirMax),link Lichtmis-KPH > Vollenhove 290d pa4den bb-pi2non.pi1lms Routing-Radio pi1lms router link Lichtmis-KPH > Vollenhove 332d pa4den bb-pi2non-5.pi1kph Routing-Radio pi1kph router link Lichtmis-KPH > Den Ham 1686d pa4den trx-pi2non-5.pi1kph Service pi1kph AP Bridge (AirMax),link Lichtmis-KPH > Den Ham 331d pa4den trx-pi1kph.pi2non-5 Service pi2non-5 AP Bridge (AirMax),link Den Ham > Lichtmis-KPH 331d pa4den bb-pi1kph.pi2non-5 Routing-Radio pi2non-5 router link Den Ham > Lichtmis-KPH 331d pa4den pas.pi2anh Routing-Radio pi2anh router pi2anh 989d pd3t anh.pa1pas Routing-Radio pa1pas router pa1pas 989d pd3t pa1pas.pi2anh Service pi2anh AP Bridge - link pi2anh to pa1pas 989d pd3t pi2anh.pa1pas Service pa1pas AP Bridge - link pa1pas to pi2anh 989d pd3t utr.pe1chl Routing-Radio pe1chl 989d pd3t pi1utr.pe1chl Service pe1chl AP Bridge (AirMax) 989d pd3t pe1chl.pi1utr Service pi1utr Station (AirMax) 989d pd3t chl.pi1utr Routing-Radio pi1utr 989d pd3t utr.pi2swk Routing-Radio pi2swk 439d pa1okz pi1utr.pi2swk Service pi2swk 990d pd3t pi2swk.pi1utr Service pi1utr 990d pd3t swk.pi1utr Routing-Radio pi1utr 439d pa1okz 4anh.pi6anh Routing-Radio pi6anh 2549d pa1pas pi4anh.pi6anh Service pi6anh 989d pd3t pi6anh.pi4anh Service pi4anh Station 989d pd3t 6anh.pi4anh Routing-Radio pi4anh 989d pd3t bb-pi2non-1.pi2non Routing-Radio pi2non router link Vollenhove > Heerenveen 335d pa4den trx-pi2non-1.pi2non Service pi2non Station (AirMax),link Vollenhove > Heerenveen 335d pa4den trx-pi2non.pi2hvn Service pi2hvn AP Bridge (AirMax),link Heerenveen > Vollenhove 332d pa4den bb-pi2non.pi2hvn Routing-Radio pi2hvn router link Heerenveen > Vollenhove 332d pa4den bb-pi3twe.pi2non-9 Routing-Radio pi2non-9 router link Montferland > Eibergen 335d pa4den trx-pi3twe.pi2non-9 Service pi2non-9 AP Bridge,link Montferland > Eibergen 336d pa4den trx-pi2non-9.pi3twe Service pi3twe Station,link Montferland > Eibergen 328d pa4den bb-pi2non-9.pi3twe Routing-Radio pi3twe router link Eibergen > Montferland 328d pa4den bb-db0tva.pi2non-9 Routing-ISM pi2non-9 eBGP to DB0TVA 793d dd9qp trx-db0tva.pi2non-9 Service pi2non-9 Station WDS (NStreme) - Link to DB0TVA/Germany 1382d dd9qp trx-pi2non-9.db0tva Service db0tva AP Bridge (NStreme) - Link to PI2NON/Montferland 328d pa4den bb-pi2non-9.db0tva Routing-ISM db0tva eBGP to PI2NON/NL - RB2011UiAS-RM 328d pa4den bb-pi2non-1.pi3twe Routing-Radio pi3twe router link Eibergen > Delden 332d pa4den trx-pi3twe.pi2non-1 Service pi2non-1 AP Bridge,link Delden > Eibergen 335d pa4den bb-pi3twe.pi2non-1 Routing-Radio pi2non-1 router link Delden > Eibergen 335d pa4den bb-pi2non-1.pi2non-5 Routing-Radio pi2non-5 router link Den Ham > Delden 332d pa4den trx-pi2non-1.pi2non-5 Service pi2non-5 link Den Ham > Delden 332d pa4den trx-pi2non-5.pi2non-1 Service pi2non-1 Station (AirMax),link Delden > Den Ham 335d pa4den bb-pi2non-5.pi2non-1 Routing-Radio pi2non-1 router link Delden > Den Ham 335d pa4den nos.pi1utr Routing-Radio pi1utr Station (AirMax) 439d pa1okz pi2nos.pi1utr Service pi1utr AP Bridge (AirMax) 990d pd3t pi1utr.pi2nos Service pi2nos Station (AirMax) 990d pd3t utr.pi2nos Routing-Radio pi2nos Station (AirMax) 439d pa1okz bb-db0atv.pi3twe Routing-Radio pi3twe router pi3twe 335d pa4den trx-db0atv.pi3twe Service pi3twe Station WDS (NStreme) - link van pi3twe naar db0atv 335d pa4den trx-pi3twe.db0atv Service db0atv AP Bridge (NStreme) - Linkeinheit zu PI3TWE Wasserturm Eibergen/NL 1489d dd9qp bb-pi3twe.db0atv Routing-Radio db0atv BGP zu PI3TWE 1489d dd9qp dft.pi2swk Routing-Radio pi2swk 990d pd3t pi1dft.pi2swk Service pi2swk AP Bridge (AirMax),UBNT 990d pd3t pi1utr.ph4x Routing-Radio ph4x Station - Mikrotik Basebox 5 with 60cm dish 702d dg8ngn brd.pi1utr Routing-Radio pi1utr 990d pd3t pi2brd.pi1utr Service pi1utr AP Bridge (NStreme),S2S pi1utr-pi2brd 990d pd3t pi1utr.pi2brd Service pi2brd 990d pd3t utr.pi2brd Routing-Radio pi2brd Station,MikroTik Routerboard router 990d pd3t bb-pi2anh.pi1anh Routing-Radio pi1anh 335d dg8ngn trx-pi2anh.pi1anh Service pi1anh 335d dg8ngn trx-pi1anh.pi2anh Service pi2anh 335d dg8ngn bb-pi1anh.pi2anh Routing-Radio pi2anh 335d dg8ngn vbg.pi1dft Routing-Radio pi1dft 990d pd3t pi1vbg.pi1dft Service pi1dft AP Bridge (AirMax) 990d pd3t pi1dft.pi1vbg Service pi1vbg Station (AirMax) 990d pd3t dft.pi1vbg Routing-Radio pi1vbg PI1VBG Routerboard 990d pd3t bb-pa2e.pi2non-1 Routing-Radio pi2non-1 router link Delden > Enschede 335d pa4den trx-pa2e.pi2non-1 Service pi2non-1 Station (AirMax),link Delden > Enschede 335d pa4den trx-pi2non-1.pa2e Service pa2e AP Bridge (AirMax),link Enschede > Delden 332d pa4den bb-pi2non-1.pa2e Routing-Radio pa2e router link Enschede > Delden 332d pa4den bb-pi1lwd.pi1dra-2 Routing-Radio pi1dra-2 router link drachten > leeuwarden 190d pa4den trx-pi1lwd.pi1dra-2 Service pi1dra-2 AP Bridge (AirMax),link drachten > leeuwarden 190d pa4den trx-pi1dra.pi1lwd Service pi1lwd Station (AirMax),link leeuwarden > drachten 335d pa4den bb-pi1dra.pi1lwd Routing-Radio pi1lwd 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user access. - Hamnet PPPoE roaming enabled 942d pd3t gw.pa0cab Routing-Ethernet pa0cab 972d pd3t gw.pi6wl Service pi6wl AP Bridge (NStreme) 755d pd3t rt.pi1dft Routing-Radio pi1dft 990d pd3t access1.pi1dft Service pi1dft AP Bridge (AirMax) - Omni Accesspoint 990d pd3t pa0cab Routing-Radio pa0cab 832d pd3t wifi.pf1r Routing-Radio pf1r MikroTik LHG5 1755d pd1dbl router-pw.db0blo Routing-Ethernet db0blo 322d dl9sau borlange.sk4bw Routing-Radio sk4bw 1938d sm4fbd Routing-Ethernet hb9ar-9 local lan BAR barillette 1723d hb9vab vlan460.bir-rtr-1.hb9ar-11 Routing-Ethernet hb9ar-11 local lan BIR biere 1723d hb9vab vlan472.fro-rtr-1.hb9ar-15 Routing-Ethernet hb9ar-15 local lab FRO froideville 1723d hb9vab vlan488.prg-rtr-1.hb9ar-10 Routing-Ethernet hb9ar-10 local lan PRG prangins 1723d hb9vab vlan484.vlt-rtr-1.hb9ar-25 Routing-Ethernet hb9ar-25 local lan VLT villars le terroire 1723d hb9vab vlan468.bul-rtr-1.hb9ar-19 Routing-Ethernet hb9ar-19 local lan BUL bullet 1723d hb9vab r-cer1-lan1.hb9g-1 Service hb9g-1 555d hb9vbe r-ptl2-lan2.hb9g-0 Service hb9g-0 555d hb9vbe r-ptl1-link1.hb9g-0 Service hb9g-0 490d hb9vbe r-ptl2-link1.hb9g-0 Service hb9g-0 490d hb9vbe r-glu1-lan3.hb9g-2 Service hb9g-2 555d hb9vbe eth0.hb9t Service hb9t 3720d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9ak-0 531d hb9pae eth5.user.hb9lu-20 Routing-Radio hb9lu-20 Userzugang und Link zu HB9LU-VH Verkehrshaus 812d hb9fom ubnt.user.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 812d hb9fom ubnt.hb9lu-20.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 814d hb9fom eth1.hb9lu-20.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 Link zu HB9LU-20 Sonnenberg im Userzugang 814d hb9fom eth5.user.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 814d hb9fom ubnt.user.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 814d hb9fom eth2-3.user.hb9lu-40 Routing-Radio hb9lu-40 Userzugang HB9LU Lehn 513d hb9fom ubnt.user.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 403d hb9fom eth4-10.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 LAN HB9LU Lehn 513d hb9fom aprs.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 356d hb9fom aircam.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 rtsp:// 403d hb9fom aircam-rack.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 356d hb9fom logo.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 SIEMENS LOGO! 356d hb9fom eth6-10.lan.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 LAN 814d hb9fom eth6-9.lan.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 LAN 812d hb9fom aprs.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 143d hb9fom dstar.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 812d hb9fom dmr.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 812d hb9fom lora.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 143d hb9fom eth1.hb9zg-20.hb9lu-20 Routing-Radio hb9lu-20 Link zu HB9ZG-HU Hünenberg 812d hb9fom ubnt.hb9zg-20.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 812d hb9fom lnk-hb9lu-20.hb9zg-20 Service hb9zg-20 1668d dg8ngn bb-hb9lu-20.hb9zg-20 Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9LU Sonnenberg 1668d dg8ngn eth2.hb9lu-40.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 Link zu HB9LU-40 Lehn 814d hb9fom ubnt.hb9lu-40.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 814d hb9fom ubnt.hb9lu-30.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 513d hb9fom eth1.hb9lu-30.hb9lu-40 Routing-Radio hb9lu-40 Link zu HB9LU Verkehrshaus 513d hb9fom Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Userzugang HB9ZG Hünenberg 1097d hb9bmc eth1.rtr01.ri.hb9zg Service hb9zg-30 Userzugang HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg 1097d hb9bmc eth0.rtr01.ri.hb9zg Service hb9zg-30 LAN 1098d hb9wad webcam1.ri.hb9zg Service hb9zg-30 Ubiquiti Aircam 1, Zugersee User:public PW:view 515d hb9bmc dstar.hb9zg Service hb9zg-30 DSTAR Repeater 1098d hb9wad Service hb9zg-20 LAN - Bridge 1 Port 8, 9 und 10 2122d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9ZG-30 Rigi-Scheidegg 505d hb9bmc lnk-hb9zg-30.hb9zg-20 Service hb9zg-20 AP Bridge - Link zu HB9ZG-30 Rigi-Scheidegg 505d hb9bmc lnk-hb9zg-20.hb9zg-30 Service hb9zg-30 AP Bridge - Link zu HB9ZG-20 Hünenberg 505d hb9bmc eth2.rtr01.ri.hb9zg Routing-Radio hb9zg-30 Link zu HB9ZG-20 Hünenberg 435d dg8ngn eth2.rtr01.he.hb9cf Service hb9cf-20 Router für Userzugang 97d hb9frr Service hb9cf-20 Userzugang (Steinen/Lauerz) SZ Fönenschwand 97d hb9frr Service hb9cf-20 Userzugang (Schwyz) SZ Fönenschwand 97d hb9frr eth2.rtr01.ha.hb9cf Service hb9cf-41 Router für Userzugang 42d hb9frr eth1.user01.ha.hb9cf-41 Service hb9cf-41 Userzugang Flüelen 42d hb9frr eth1.usr02.ha.hb9cf-41 Service hb9cf-41 Userzugang Erstfeld 42d hb9frr Service hb9cf-40 Router für Userzugang 42d hb9frr usr1.hb9cf-40 Service hb9cf-40 Userzugang Uri 42d hb9frr usr2.hb9cf-40 Service hb9cf-40 Userzugang Brunnen 42d hb9frr Service hb9cf-21 Router für Userzugang 97d hb9frr Service hb9cf-21 Userzugang Brunnen 42d hb9frr lan.rtr01.ha.hb9cf-41 Service hb9cf-41 Router für LAN 42d hb9frr Service hb9cf-20 Router für LAN 42d hb9frr Service hb9cf-21 Router für LAN 42d hb9frr Service hb9cf-40 Router für LAN 42d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-41.hb9cf-40 Routing-Radio hb9cf-40 Router HB9CF-SE 42d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-41.hb9cf-40 Service hb9cf-40 Link HB9CF-SE <-> HB9CF-HA 42d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-40.hb9cf-41 Service hb9cf-41 Link HB9CF-HA <-> HB9CF-SE 42d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-40.hb9cf-41 Routing-Radio hb9cf-41 Router HB9CF-HA 42d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-21.hb9cf-20 Routing-Radio hb9cf-20 Router HB9CF-FO 42d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-21.hb9cf-20 Service hb9cf-20 Link HB9CF-FO <-> HB9CF-MO 42d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-21 Service hb9cf-21 Link HB9CF-MO <-> HB9CF-FO 42d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-21 Routing-Radio hb9cf-21 Router HB9CF-FO 42d hb9frr eth0-2.rtr01.ri.hb9zg Routing-Radio hb9zg-30 Router Rigi Scheidegg 42d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-20.hb9zg-30 Service hb9zg-30 Link Rigi Scheidegg <-> HB9CF-FO 15d hb9frr lnk-hb9zg-30.hb9cf-20 Service hb9cf-20 Link HB9CF-FO <-> Rigi Scheidegg 15d hb9frr bb-hb9zg-30.hb9cf-20 Routing-Radio hb9cf-20 Router HB9CF-FO 42d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-40.hb9cf-20 Routing-Radio hb9cf-20 Router HB9CF-FO 42d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-40.hb9cf-20 Service hb9cf-20 Link HB9CF-FO <-> HB9CF-SE 42d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-40 Service hb9cf-40 Link HB9CF-SE <-> HB9CF-FO 42d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-40 Routing-Radio hb9cf-40 Router HB9CF-SE 42d hb9frr br1.wstein.hb9ba Service hb9ba Lokaler Port HB9BA, DHCP-Bereich - 45.126 37d hb9pae eth6.user.hb9ba Service hb9ba DHCP Server - 45.158 - User Sektor 37d hb9pae ubnt.user.hb9ba Service hb9ba 867d hb9pae ubnt.hb9ba1.hb9ba Service hb9ba-1 5d hb9dio eth1.hb9ba1.hb9ba Service hb9ba-1 5d hb9dio router.atv.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 Mikrotik Router 2011L HB9EBS 69d hb9dio web-relais.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 eth-5 Web-Relais (Steuerung) 30d hb9dio vivotek.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 eth-3 Vivotek ATV-Bild-&-Ton-Grabber 30d hb9dio atv-remote-wiz.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 eth-2 ATV Remote Konfiguration (WIZ IP/RS232) 69d hb9dio tbs.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 eth-1 ATV-Bild-&-Ton-Grabber 69d hb9dio dvb-c-rx-hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 eth-4 DVB-C Tuner Turmkamera (Video-Quelle) 70d hb9dio wls-acsess-router.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 eth-7 WLS-Acsess-Router 74d hb9dio rtr.hb9hai Service hb9hai 1196d hb9sdb c4fm.hb9hai Service hb9hai 1196d hb9sdb rtr0.waedi.hb9dr Service hb9dr-30 Mikrotik Router 2075d hb9sdb dmr.waedi.hb9dr Service hb9dr-30 DMR Relais 2075d hb9sdb hytera-gw.waedi.hb9dr Service hb9dr-30 Hytera Gateway 2075d hb9sdb pptp.pool1.hb9dr Routing-Tunnel hb9dr 1196d hb9sdb pptp.hb9hai Routing-Tunnel hb9hai 1196d hb9sdb br.hb9w-10 Service hb9w-10 Router HB9W Brütten 1901d hb9pae router.hb9ak-20 Routing-Ethernet hb9ak-20 1620d hb9pae router.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs Mikrotik Router 2011L HB9EBS 872d hb9dio tbs2603.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth2 ATV-Relais HB9EBS Ausgabe: rtsp:// 529d hb9dio audio-video-umschaltung.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth3 ATV Video-Kreuzschiene, Audio-/Addierer (WIZ-1) 21d hb9dio datv-rx.db0db Service hb9ebs eth1 DB0DB-RX Hochblauen DVB-S Tuner 30d hb9dio tbs2662.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth4 RX Stream DB0XR Hornberg 207d hb9dio user-1.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth8 Userinput-1 BulletM Ti DS 5775 MHz OMNI 776d hb9dio user-2-nord.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth7 Userinput-2 Nano Station M2 2412 MHz Sektor Nord 30d hb9dio user-3-sued.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth9 Userinput-3 Nano Station M2 2357 MHz Sektor Süd 30d hb9dio Service hb9na-80 3129d hb9fds Service hb9na-80 AP Bridge (AirMax),NanoBeam M5-19 (1) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2010) 2120d dg8ngn Routing-Radio hb9na-81 Station (AirMax),NanoBeam M5-19 (2) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2020) 2924d hb9fds Service hb9na-81 3129d hb9fds Service hb9na-80 3129d hb9fds Service hb9na-81 3129d hb9fds Service hb9na-80 AP Bridge (AirMax),Rocket M5-19 (1) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2050) 2924d hb9fds Service hb9na-81 AP Bridge (AirMax),Rocket M5-10 (2) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2070) 2924d hb9fds wires-x.hb9na Service hb9na-81 WIRES-X-Gateway / HRI-200 / DR1-X C4FM-Repeater 438.4875 -7.6 MHz 2240d hb9fds unms.hb9na Service hb9na-81 UNMS - Network-Management-System with Customer-Ressource-Management (CRM) 1355d hb9fds Service hb9na-90 3129d hb9fds Service hb9na-90 3129d hb9fds Service hb9na-90 AP Bridge (AirMax) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2090) 2924d hb9fds Service hb9na-90 AP Bridge (AirMax) 3111d hb9fds eth2.router.hb9bs-1 Service hb9bs-1 682d hb9hho eth5.user-hb9bs-1 Service hb9bs-1 1291d hb9pae eth2.router.hb9bs-2 Service hb9bs-2 682d hb9hho eth6.local.hb9sg Service hb9sg Local Port 1434d dg8ngn pc.hb9sg Service hb9sg SDR PC 1901d hb9pae user.hb9sg Service hb9sg UBNT User-Zugang 1901d hb9pae local.hb9sg-2 Service hb9sg-2 262d hb9fsm Service hb9sg-2 DMR Server Hoher Kasten 262d hb9fsm br0.hb9sg-3 Service hb9sg-3 Link Device Inzenberg HB9SG-3 1355d hb9pae Service hb9dr-20 Miktorik Router 2075d hb9sdb Service hb9dr-20 D-Star Controller 2075d hb9sdb Service hb9dr-20 DMR Relais 2075d hb9sdb Service hb9dr-20 IP Steckdose 2075d hb9sdb Service hb9dr-20 Silex USB 2075d hb9sdb Service hb9dr-20 Hytera Gateway 2075d hb9sdb Service hb9dr-20 C4FM WIRES-X Sg. West 1966d hb9sdb rtr0.jez.hb9dr Service hb9dr-21 Miktorik Router 2075d hb9sdb hb9dr-3.jez.hb9dr Service hb9dr-21 HB9DR-3, Multi Mode Relais SG-OST / JEZ / DMR / C4FM 1966d hb9sdb bb.hb9bb Service hb9bb 746d hb9pae tap0.hb9ak Routing-Tunnel hb9ak OpenVPN Server "PROVIDER" - server 2315d hb9pae tap11.hb9am-40 Routing-Tunnel hb9am-40 2314d hb9xar tap2.hb9ak Routing-Tunnel hb9ak OpenVPN Server "HAMNET-LINKS CLIENT" 2314d hb9xar ether.tnc4.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 2879d hb9pae dstar.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 3797d hb9sdb br0.backbone.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh MT Router 1265d hb9pae eth5.hb9gvd.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae uetlitik.hb9gvd Routing-Radio hb9zrh Link HB9GVD <-> HB9ZRH (Uetliberg) Microtik QRT 5 AC 1373d hb9gvd maschendrahtzaun.hb9gvd Routing-Ethernet hb9zrh Router HB9GVD - OPNsense, APU2, PC Engines GmbH 1373d hb9gvd hermes.hb9gvd Service hb9zrh Host HB9GVD - Debian, Supermicro 1373d hb9gvd radiopi.hb9gvd Service hb9zrh Echolink TX - Raspi3B, Raspian 1156d hb9gvd fusion.hb9gvd Service hb9zrh VoIP PBX 269d hb9gvd eth6.user1.hb9zrh Routing-Ethernet hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae ubnt.user1.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae eth5.user2.hb9zrh Routing-Ethernet hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae ubnt.user2.hb9zrh Routing-Tunnel hb9zrh 2879d hb9pae eth7.hb9uf.hb9zrh.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh Anschluss zu HBUG UHF Gruppe der USKA 1265d hb9pae eth4.local.hb9ak14 Service hb9ak-14 2120d hb9pae ether1.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1665d hb9pae alix.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 VPN2 Server (ALIX) 822d hb9pae bb7-user.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 User HB9AK 1665d hb9pae lnk.user.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 Userzugang HB9AK 1668d hb9pae bb9.hb9gt.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1665d hb9pae lnk-hb9gt.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9GT 1665d hb9pae eth0.hb9ak-30.hb9ak-30 Service hb9ak-30 3497d hb9pae eth5.hb9nf Routing-Ethernet hb9nf Local, Switch 2199d hb9pae br.warten.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 MT Router, Bridge eth9, eth10 2048d hb9pae switch.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Local Switch 2048d hb9pae ubnt.user.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 AP Bridge 2048d hb9pae hsegg.hb9nf-4 Service hb9nf-4 404d hb9flo br.zoer.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 MT Router 409d hb9flo sw.zoer.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 Reserved Local Switch 409d hb9flo rasp1.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 409d hb9flo srvpc.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 409d hb9flo rasp2.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 Rasp 409d hb9flo vpn.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 VPN Server 157d hb9pae eth1.hb9nf.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Sternenberg 2048d hb9pae qrt5.hb9nf.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Sternenberg 2048d hb9pae eth2.hb9ak1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Hörnli 2048d hb9pae qrt5.hb9ak1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Hörnli 2048d hb9pae trxanthseg.hb9nf-4 Service hb9nf-1 1398d hb9flo qrt5.hb9zrh.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Uetliberg 2048d hb9pae eth4.hb9ak1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Hoernli Reserve 2048d hb9pae qrt5.hb9ak1r.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Hoernli Reserve 2048d hb9pae eth5.db0xr.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 DB0XR geplant 2048d hb9pae qrt5.db0xr.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 DB0XR geplant 2048d hb9pae eth6.res1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Reserve 1 2048d hb9pae qrt5.res1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 Reserve 1 2048d hb9pae eth7.res2.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 2048d hb9pae qrt5.res2.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 2048d hb9pae eth8.res3.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 2048d hb9pae qrt5.res3.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 2048d hb9pae ubnt2.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 2199d hb9pae ubnt1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 2199d hb9pae rt.hb9zrh.hb9nf Routing-Ethernet hb9nf DHCP Client 2199d hb9pae ubnt.hb9zrh.hb9nf Service hb9nf DHCP Client 2199d hb9pae rt.hb9ak1.hb9nf Routing-Ethernet hb9nf Router Port 2199d hb9pae ubnt.hb9ak.hb9nf Service hb9nf UBNT 2199d hb9pae Service hb9am-20 LAN Tower: ALIX - Uplink & Link Chestenberg <-> Lägern 2667d hb9xar Service hb9am-20 LAN Tower: ALIX - User Sued & User Nord 2667d hb9xar Service hb9am-20 Uplink Betriebsgebäude <-> Tower 2667d hb9xar Service hb9am-20 Uplink Betriebsgebäude <-> Tower 2667d hb9xar Service hb9am-20 LAN Betriebsgebäude: ALIX - Uplink & lokales LAN 2667d hb9xar Service hb9am-20 Userzugang 3940d hb9xar Service hb9am-20 Userzugang 3687d hb9xar swi1.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 LAN: Eth Switch Tower 510d hb9xar swi2.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 LAN: Eth Switch Betriebsgebäude 510d hb9xar am-30.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 LAN: ALIX - lokales LAN 510d hb9xar rtr-hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 LAN: BGP Router (RasPi) 500d hb9xar rtr-user.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 User-Access: Router (RasPi) 184d hb9xar trx-user.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 AP Bridge - Userzugang, 5775 MHz, 20 MHz 193d hb9xar gw.npr.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 NPR LAN: Gateway 510d hb9xar raspi.npr.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 NPR LAN: RasPi 510d hb9xar modem.npr.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 NPR LAN: NPR Modem 510d hb9xar res1.hb9am-40 Service hb9am-40 DNS Resolver 454d hb9xar ntp1.hb9am-40 Service hb9am-40 HB9AM NTP Server 454d hb9xar Service hb9am-40 User Access via OVPN 3141d hb9xar eth1.vpn.rz.hb9dr Service hb9dr VPN Zugang 3100d hb9sdb eth0.rtr01.rz.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr Alix Router im RZ Hünenberg 3791d hb9sdb dcs001.hb9dr Service hb9dr DCS001 Server 3791d hb9sdb ccs001.hb9dr Service hb9dr CCS001 / DMR Master Swiss-1 3100d hb9sdb ccs002.hb9dr Service hb9dr CCS002 3100d hb9sdb dcs003.hb9dr Service hb9dr DCS003 Server 3791d hb9sdb ccs004.hb9dr Service hb9dr CCS004 3100d hb9sdb fcs001.hb9dr Service hb9dr FCS001 Server 1563d dk3cw tap0.rz2.hb9dr Service hb9dr-11 3527d hb9sdb ipip.vpn1.hb9dr Routing-Tunnel hb9dr 3681d hb9sdb ipip.vpn2.hb9dr Routing-Tunnel hb9dr-11 3681d hb9sdb mt0.cham.hb9dr Service hb9dr-12 MT Router 1966d hb9sdb bmaster.cham.hb9dr Service hb9dr-12 DMR+ bMaster 1966d hb9sdb wires-x.gate.cham.hb9dr Service hb9dr-12 Wires-X Gateway 1966d hb9sdb ipsc2-swiss.cham.hb9dr Service hb9dr-12 IPSC2-SWISS 1966d hb9sdb ipsc2.cham.hb9dr Service hb9dr-12 IPSC2 1966d hb9sdb vpn1.hb9ak-1 Routing-Tunnel hb9ak-1 VPN Server, Routing BGP Neighbors 822d hb9pae vpn1.hb9ak-1.hb9ak-14 Routing-Tunnel hb9ak-14 VPN1 Tunnek zu HB9AK-1 822d hb9pae vpn1.hbbb-hb9ak-1 Routing-Tunnel hb9bb 746d hb9pae vpn2.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 VPN 2 Server (ALIX), Maintenance User 822d hb9pae vpn2.hb9nf-2 Routing-Tunnel hb9nf-2 VPN Server 157d hb9pae eth6.rtr.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh 395d hb9pae lnk.hb9nf-2.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 395d hb9pae lnk.hb9zrh.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 395d hb9pae rtr.eth2.hb9nf-2 Routing-Radio hb9nf-2 395d hb9pae rtr.hb9ak-14 Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 395d hb9pae lnk.hb9nf-2.hb9ak-14 Service hb9ak-14 395d hb9pae lnk.hb9k-14.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 395d hb9pae rtr.hb9nf-2 Routing-Radio hb9nf-2 395d hb9pae bb9.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 375d hb9pae lnk.hb9nf-1.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 375d hb9pae lnk.hb9ak-1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 375d hb9pae bb1.hb9nf-1 Routing-Radio hb9nf-1 375d hb9pae eth5.hb9ba-2.hb9ba Routing-Radio hb9ba Link to HB9BA-2, ATV 3d hb9dio trx.hb9ba-2.hb9ba Service hb9ba 72d hb9pae tx.hb9ba.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 eth-10 Mikrotik Cube 60 ac HB9BA-ATV 71d hb9dio router.hb9ba-2 Routing-Radio hb9ba-2 5d hb9dio ether2-301.onx-rtr-1.hb9ar-1 Routing-Radio hb9ar-1 interco ONX <> PTL 1726d hb9vab ether3-303.onx-rtr-1.hb9ar-1 Routing-Radio hb9ar-1 interco ONX <> BAR 1727d hb9vab Routing-Radio hb9ar-9 interco BAR <> ONX 1727d hb9vab ether5-305.onx-rtr-1.hb9ar-1 Routing-Radio hb9ar-1 interco ONX <> CFG 1730d hb9vab sfp1-305.cfg-rtr-1.hb9ar-3 Routing-Radio hb9ar-3 interco CFG <> ONX 1730d hb9vab ether1-314.bul-rtr-1.hb9ar-19 Routing-Radio hb9ar-19 interco BUL <> FRO 1726d hb9vab fro-rtr-1-ether1-314.fro-rtr-1.hb9ar-15 Routing-Radio hb9ar-15 interco FRO <> BUL 1726d hb9vab sfp2-300.plo-rtr-1.hb9ar-2 Routing-Radio hb9ar-2 interco PLO <> ONX 1726d hb9vab ether1-300.onx-rtr-1.hb9ar-1 Routing-Radio hb9ar-1 interco ONX <> PLO 1730d hb9vab ether6-311.bir-rtr-1.hb9ar-11 Routing-Radio hb9ar-11 interco BIR <> BAR 1726d hb9vab Routing-Radio hb9ar-9 interco BAR <> BIR 1726d hb9vab ether8-313.bir-rtr-1.hb9ar-11 Routing-Radio hb9ar-11 interco BIR <> BUL 1185d hb9vab ether2-313.bul-rtr-1.hb9ar-19 Routing-Radio hb9ar-19 interco BUL <> BIR 1185d hb9vab ether7-317.bir-rtr-1.hb9ar-11 Routing-Radio hb9ar-11 interco BIR <> ESR 1726d hb9vab ether1-317.esr-rtr-1.hb9ar-12 Routing-Radio hb9ar-12 interco ESR <> BIR 1726d hb9vab ether2-318.esr-rtr-1.hb9ar-12 Routing-Radio hb9ar-12 interco ESR <> FRO 1726d hb9vab ether3-318.fro-rtr-1.hb9ar-15 Routing-Radio hb9ar-15 interco FRO <> ESR 1726d hb9vab ether3-319.bul-rtr-1.hb9ar-19 Routing-Radio hb9ar-19 interco BUL <> VLT 1726d hb9vab ether1-319.vlt-rtr-1.hb9ar-25 Routing-Radio hb9ar-25 interco VLT <> BUL 1726d hb9vab Routing-Radio hb9ar-9 interco BAR <> PRG 1726d hb9vab ether1-320.prg-rtr-1.hb9ar-10 Routing-Radio hb9ar-10 interco PRG <> BAR 1726d hb9vab Routing-Radio hb9ar-9 interco BAR <> PRE 1726d hb9vab ether2-201.pre-rtr-1.hb9ar-30 Routing-Radio hb9ar-30 interco PRE <> BAR 1726d hb9vab Routing-Ethernet hb9na-80 3129d hb9fds Routing-Ethernet hb9na-90 3129d hb9fds Routing-Ethernet hb9na-30 Möglicher Interlink AS 64721 <-> 64731. Möglicherweise als Point-To-Mu.. 2364d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9na-80 AP Bridge (AirMax),NanoBeam M5-19 (3) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2030) 2924d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9na-90 Station (AirMax),NanoBeam M5-19 (4) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2040) 2924d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9na-30 Station (AirMax) 2364d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9ak-0 770d hb9pae trx-hb9ba.hb9ak-0 Service hb9ak-0 QRT5 nach HB9BA Weissenstein 770d hb9pae trx-hb9ak0.hb9ba Service hb9ba UBNT Air Grid link to HB9AK-0, Landstuhl 770d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9ba Link to HB9AK-0, Landstuhl 770d hb9pae eth2.db0wv.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg 2061d hb9pae trx-db0wv.hb9sg Service hb9sg Station WDS (NStreme) 246d dg8ngn trx-hb9sg.db0wv Service db0wv AP Bridge (NStreme) 246d dg8ngn bb-hb9sg.db0wv Routing-Radio db0wv 2063d do2gm eth3.0e9xpr.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg Geplant 2061d hb9pae bb-hb9nf-1.hb9zg-30 Routing-Radio hb9zg-30 Link zu HB9NF Warten 1125d hb9bmc trx-hb9nf-1.hb9zg-30 Service hb9zg-30 1399d dg8ngn trx-hb9zg-30.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 1098d hb9wad bb-hb9zg-30.hb9nf-1 Routing-Radio hb9nf-1 Link zu HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg 1098d hb9wad bb8-hb9tg.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9TG 1665d hb9pae lnk-hb9tg.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 HB9TG 1667d hb9pae lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9tg Service hb9tg Link zu HB9AK Hörnli 1667d hb9pae bb-hb9ak-1.hb9tg Routing-Radio hb9tg 1667d dg8ngn bb7-hb9w.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1665d hb9pae lnk-hb9w.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1667d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9w-10 Service hb9w-10 1667d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9w-10 Routing-Radio hb9w-10 1667d dg8ngn bb3-hb9nf.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1665d hb9pae lnk-hb9nf.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1667d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9nf Service hb9nf 1667d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9nf Routing-Radio hb9nf 1667d dg8ngn bb7-hb9ak-20.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1665d hb9pae lnk-hb9ak-20.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1667d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-20 Service hb9ak-20 1667d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-20 Routing-Radio hb9ak-20 1667d dg8ngn bb7-hb9nf-1.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1665d hb9pae lnk-hb9nf-1.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1667d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 1667d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9nf-1 Routing-Radio hb9nf-1 1667d dg8ngn bb-hb9zrh.hb9nf Routing-Radio hb9nf 1667d dg8ngn lnk-hb9zrh.hb9nf Service hb9nf 1667d dg8ngn lnk-hb9nf.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae eth3.hb9nf.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae bb.hb9sg-2.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg Link Device Hoher Kasten 1430d hb9pae trx-hb9sg-2.hb9sg Service hb9sg 1399d dg8ngn trx-hb9sg.hb9sg-2 Routing-Radio hb9sg-2 Link Device Hoher Kasten 1399d dg8ngn pptp.hb9dr Routing-Tunnel hb9dr PPPT Link zu ATV Relais 582d hb9sdb eth4.hb9nf-1.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae lnk.hb9nf-1.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 1265d hb9pae lnk.hb9zrh.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 UBNT Power Beam 1265d hb9pae eth3.hb9zrh.hb9nf-1 Routing-Radio hb9nf-1 Uetliberg 1265d hb9pae bb-hb9sg-3.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg 1353d dg8ngn trx-hb9sg-3.hb9sg Service hb9sg AP Bridge 1353d dg8ngn bb.hb9sg.hb9sg-3 Routing-Radio hb9sg-3 Station - Static Route to HB9SG/Hohe Buche 262d hb9fsm router.hb9sg-3 Routing-Ethernet hb9sg-3 Static Route to HB9SG/Hohe Buche 262d hb9fsm eth5.hb9ak-14 Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 395d hb9pae lnk.hb9ba.hb9ak-14 Service hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9BA W'stein 98d hb9pae lnk.hb9ak14.hb9ba Service hb9ba 98d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9ba 37d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9bs-1 Mikrotik Interface Link HB9BS-2 682d hb9hho trx-hb9bs-2.hb9bs-1 Service hb9bs-1 Ubiquity AP XXX Link HB9BS-2 682d hb9hho trx-hb9bs-1.hb9bs-2 Service hb9bs-2 Ubiquity Powerbeam Link HB9BS-1 682d hb9hho Routing-Radio hb9bs-2 Mikrotik Interface Link HB9BS-1 682d hb9hho eth3.hb9bs-3-hb9bs-1 Routing-Radio hb9bs-1 682d hb9hho lnk.hb9bs-3-hb9bs-1 Service hb9bs-1 682d hb9hho Routing-Radio hb9ak-0 536d hb9ctb trx.hb9tv-3.hb9ak-0 Service hb9ak-0 536d hb9ctb trx.hb9ak-0.hb9ar-19 Service hb9ar-19 interco BUL <> HB9AK-0 Landstuhl 536d hb9ctb etherx.bul-rtr.hb9ar-19 Routing-Radio hb9ar-19 Interface to QRT5 HB9TV3-HB9AK-0 536d hb9ctb r-ptl1-link2.hb9g-0 Routing-Radio hb9g-0 20d hb9dva a-ptl1.hb9g-0 Service hb9g-0 555d hb9vbe a-cer1.hb9g-0 Service hb9g-1 555d hb9vbe r-cer1-link2.hb9g-1 Routing-Radio hb9g-1 20d hb9dva r-ptl1-link3.hb9g-0 Routing-Radio hb9g-0 555d hb9vbe a-ptl3.hb9g-0 Service hb9g-0 492d hb9vbe a-glu1.hb9g-2 Service hb9g-2 555d hb9vbe r-glu1-link3.hb9g-2 Routing-Radio hb9g-2 555d hb9vbe r-ptl1-link5.hb9g-0 Routing-Radio hb9g-0 20d hb9dva a-ptl2.hb9g-0 Service hb9g-0 492d hb9vbe sfp3-323.plo-rtr-1.hb9ar-2 Routing-Radio hb9ar-2 interco PLO <> PTL 20d hb9dva eth1-rtr0-sg.hb9dr Service hb9dr-20 3074d hb9sdb airgrid-rtr0-sg.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr-20 Link Hoernli 3074d hb9sdb bb2-hb9sg.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9SG Hohe Buche 1665d hb9pae lnk-hb9sg.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9SG Hohe Buche 1669d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9sg Service hb9sg ubnt Link zu HB9AK 1533d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg Link zu HB9AK 1669d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-30.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9NF 1668d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-30.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9NF Bachtel 1668d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-30 Service hb9ak-30 Link HB9AK 1668d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-30 Routing-Radio hb9ak-30 Link HB9AK 1668d dg8ngn eth3.hb9t.hb9a14 Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 2120d hb9pae ubnt.hb9t.hb9ak14 Service hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9T/Niederhorn 1399d dg8ngn ubnt.hb9t Service hb9t 1399d dg8ngn eth1.hb9t Routing-Radio hb9t 3720d hb9pae eth1.vpn2.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr-11 AP Bridge (AirMax) 3520d hb9sdb ubnt.vpn2.hb9dr Service hb9dr-11 710d dg8ngn ubnt.downlink.hb9ba Service hb9ba 3d hb9dio eth1.downlink.hb9ba Routing-Radio hb9ba Downlinkport Richtung SO: HB9DR-11 710d dg8ngn Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9O Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Luzern 505d hb9bmc ubnt-lu.hb9ak14 Service hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9O Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Luzern 505d hb9bmc ubnt.hb9ak-14.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 Link zu HB9AK-14 Titlis 505d hb9bmc eth3.hb9ak-14.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 Link zu HB9AK-14 Titlis 814d hb9fom eth1.zg30.hb9ak14 Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9ZG-30 Rigi-Scheidegg 440d hb9pae lnk.zg30.hb9ak14 Service hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9ZG-30 Rigi-Scheidegg 505d hb9bmc lnk.ri.hb9zg-30 Service hb9zg-30 Link zu HB9AK-14 Titlis 497d dg8ngn eth1-3.rtr01.ri.hb9zg-30 Routing-Radio hb9zg-30 Link zu HB9AK-14 Titlis 440d hb9pae rtr.eth4.hb9nf-2 Routing-Radio hb9nf-2 179d hb9pae lnk.hb9ak-1.hb9nf-2 Service hb9nf-2 179d hb9pae lnk.hb9nf-2.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 179d hb9pae rtr.hb9nf-2.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 179d hb9pae eth8.hb9am.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh Link zu HB9AM/Lägern 500d hb9pae lnk.hb9am.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh Link zu HB9AM/Lägern 500d hb9pae trx-hb9zrh.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 Station - Link Lägern <-> HB9ZRH (Uetliberg) 193d hb9xar bb-hb9zrh.hb9am-30 Routing-Radio hb9am-30 Link Lägern <-> HB9ZRH (Uetliberg) 406d hb9xar bb-hb9zrh.hb9zg-20 Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9ZRH Uto 1668d dg8ngn lnk-hb9zrh.hb9zg-20 Service hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9ZRH Uto 505d hb9bmc lnk.hb9zg-20.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh Link zu HB9ZG-HU Hünenberg 1098d hb9wad eth2.hb9zg-20.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh Link zu HB9ZG-HU Hünenberg 1098d hb9wad Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9DR RZ 2122d hb9pae ubnt.hb9dr.hb9zg-20 Service hb9zg-20 UBNT Link zu HB9DR 388d dg8ngn ubnt.hb9dr Service hb9dr Link zu HB9ZG Hünenberg 388d dg8ngn mt.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr Link zu HB9ZG Hünenberg 1130d hb9bmc bb-hb9am-20.hb9am-40 Routing-Tunnel hb9am-40 VPN Link Lupfig <-> Chestenberg 510d hb9xar bb-hb9am-40.hb9am-20 Routing-Tunnel hb9am-20 VPN Link Lupfig <-> Chestenberg 510d hb9xar bb-hb9am-30.hb9am-40 Routing-Tunnel hb9am-40 VPN Link Lupfig <-> Lägern 510d hb9xar bb-hb9am-40.hb9am-30 Routing-Tunnel hb9am-30 VPN Link Lupfig <-> Lägern 510d hb9xar Routing-Radio hb9am-20 AP Bridge - Link: Chestenberg <-> Lägern 2115d hb9xar trx-hb9am-20.hb9am-30 Service hb9am-30 Station - Link Lägern <-> Chestenberg 406d hb9xar bb-hb9am-20.hb9am-30 Routing-Radio hb9am-30 Link Lägern <-> Chestenberg 404d hb9xar bb-hb9ebs.db0db Routing-Radio db0db 1073d dg8ngn trx-hb9ebs.db0db Service db0db 1073d dg8ngn trx-db0db.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth10 Mikrotik mANT30/BaseBox Link HB9EBS-DB0DB 819d hb9dio bb-db0db.hb9ebs Routing-Radio hb9ebs Mikrotik Interface Link DB0DB 5d dg8ngn null.oe0any Service oe0any Test der Connectivity der Nuller-Adresse 415d oe3dzw hamgo.oe0any Service oe0any Hamgo-Anycast Hamnet AT (planned) 415d oe3dzw testing.oe0any Service oe0any IP für Anycast-Tests (kein fixes Service) - Mit dem Subnetz wer.. 411d oe3dzw ntp.oe0any Service oe0any ntp-Anycast Hamnet AT - AS 42-232-0-0053 411d oe3dzw dns.oe0any Service oe0any DNS-Anycast Hamnet AT - AS 42-232-0-0053 411d oe3dzw user.oe3xia Service oe3xia AP Bridge 149d oe1kbc main.oe1xar Service oe1xar EdgePoint Router 2360d oe1kbc sub.oe1xar Service oe1xar EdgePoint Router - second 892d oe1kbc web.oe1xar Service oe1xar HamServerPi Bisamberg 892d oe1kbc switch.oe1xar Service oe1xar 220V Power-Switch 892d oe1kbc varafm.oe1xar Service oe1xar VARAFM Windows 10 892d oe1kbc ax25.oe1xar Service oe1xar TCE digipeater,Packet Radio 3362d oe2wao atv.oe1xar Service oe1xar ATV Streamconverter 892d oe1kbc video.oe1xar Service oe1xar ATV Streamconverter 892d oe1kbc dmr.oe1xar Service oe1xar MTR3000 3391d oe1kbc c4fm.oe1xar Service oe1xar DR-2X connected to YCS232 892d oe1kbc aprs.oe1xar Service oe1xar WX3in1 Plus 2.0 892d oe1kbc npr.oe1xar Service oe1xar NPR Gateway 880d oe1kbc foto-webcam.oe1xar Service oe1xar Kamera-Steuerrechner - 894d dl8mbt user1.oe1xar Routing-Radio oe1xar AP Bridge 2360d oe1kbc user2.oe1xar Routing-Radio oe1xar AP Bridge 2360d oe1kbc transcoder.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 1277d oe1kbc ccr.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu OE1 1302d oe1kbc dstar.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 777d oe1kbc icecast.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 1277d oe1kbc ip130.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr CCR-Router mit Link zum Wienerberg 27d oe3dzw repeater.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr Hamnet site of 36d oe3dzw bmaster.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr BMASTER Server - DMR Masterserver IPSC2-OE-DMO 1168d oe1kbc dstar.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr DSTAR XLX232 - OE-LINK FM-Server-Verbund 685d oe1kbc dmr.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr DMR Masterserver IPSC2-OE-MASTER 685d oe1kbc c4fm.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr DMR Server IPSC2-MLINK - NXDN Server - MQTT MeshCom Server - HAMNET OE3 - Übe.. 685d oe1kbc router.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr CCR-Router mit Link zum Wienerberg 36d oe3dzw news.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 775d oe1kbc hr.oe1xur Routing-Radio oe1xur Station WDS (NStreme) 1677d oe1kbc aprs.oe1xur Service oe1xur TCE multibaud digi APRS, Packet Radio, SAMNET 1677d oe2wao dmr.oe1xur Service oe1xur DMR Umsetzer ID 232105 1213d oe1kbc br-user.oe1xur Service oe1xur 1677d oe1kbc w-user.oe1xur Service oe1xur AP Bridge 1677d oe1kbc service-gw.oe1xat Service oe1xat MICROTIK Router 1211d oe1kbc switch.oe1xat Service oe1xat YAESU Remote-Switch 1211d oe1kbc fm.oe1xat Service oe1xat HYTERA FM Repeater 1117d oe1kbc ns.oe1xds Service oe1xds DNS u. NTP Server OE1 3150d oe1sgw web.oe1xds Service oe1xds Master Index Server OE1 3454d oe1kbc sip.oe1xds Service oe1xds Allstar Server OE1 2056d oe1sgw voip.oe1xds Service oe1xds Asterisk Server-Ost 2056d oe1sgw dstar.oe1xds Service oe1xds D-Star Repeater OE1XDS 513d oe1sgw wrsp.oe1xds Service oe1xds Vienna Bulletin, every 2nd Sunday 9:00 CET (+/- daylight saving)). Station Ser.. 775d oe1rsa dmr.oe3xia Service oe3xia DR3000 3391d oe1kbc hr.oe3xia Service oe3xia 2176d oe1kbc pc.oe1xac Service oe1xac 1881d oe1dac ntp.oe1xac Service oe1xac 1881d oe1dac radio-oe1xds.oe1xac Routing-Radio oe1xac 1296d oe1dac radio-oe1xuu.oe1xac Routing-Radio oe1xac 1296d oe1dac hr.oe1xac Routing-Ethernet oe1xac 2888d oe1dac hr.oe1xdt Routing-Radio oe1xdt AP Bridge (AirMax) 2365d oe1kbc user.oe1xdt Routing-Radio oe1xdt AP Bridge - Userzugang 5705/10 444d oe1kbc dmr.oe1xdt Service oe1xdt HYTERA DMRplus 2365d oe1kbc sip.oe1xdt Service oe1xdt DMR SIP Anbindung 2365d oe1kbc mirror.oe1taw Service oe1taw Station 444d oe1kbc ccr.oe3xir Service oe3xir 132d oe1kbc aprs.oe3xir Service oe3xir APRS 144.800 MHz 108d oe1kbc vara-fm.oe3xir Service oe3xir 6m 50.800 Mhz 108d oe1kbc meshcom.oe3xir Service oe3xir 123d oe1kbc hamserverpi.oe3xir Service oe3xir 123d oe1kbc user-gw.oe3xir Service oe3xir DHCP am CCR 123d oe1kbc user-trx.oe3xir Service oe3xir 123d oe1kbc user-gw.oe3xsi Service oe3xsi 108d oe1kbc service-gw.oe3xsi Service oe3xsi 108d oe1kbc pr.oe1xdu Service oe1xdu Packet radio node based on linux UROnode using ax25 kernel drivers. 672d oe1rsa wran.oe1xdu Service oe1xdu Upcoming WRAN Project 331d oe1rsa rr.oe1xdu Service oe1xdu MikroTik hEX PoE roof router 406d oe1rsa main.oe1xdu Service oe1xdu Debian BGP Router 407d oe1rsa t-websdr.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 875d oe1kbc bb-oe3xia.oe3xir Routing-Radio oe3xir 149d oe1kbc trx-oe3xia.oe3xir Routing-Radio oe3xir Station WDS (NStreme) 123d oe1kbc trx-oe3xir.oe3xia Service oe3xia AP Bridge 139d oe1kbc bb-oe3xir.oe3xia Routing-Radio oe3xia 139d oe1kbc bb-oe3xsh.oe3xir Routing-Radio oe3xir 108d oe1kbc trx-oe3xsh.oe3xir Routing-Radio oe3xir AP Bridge (NStreme) 108d oe1kbc trx-oe3xir.oe3xsi Service oe3xsi Station WDS (NStreme) 108d oe1kbc bb-oe3xir.oe3xsi Service oe3xsi 108d oe1kbc ns-static.oe0dvr Service oe0dvr Static access to dns/ntp of oe0dvr 36d oe3dzw bb-oe3xwj-1.oe3xwj Routing-Radio oe3xwj 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xwj-1.oe3xwj Service oe3xwj AP Bridge (NStreme) 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xwj.oe3xwj-1 Service oe3xwj-1 Station 34d oe3dzw bb-oe3xwj.oe3xwj-1 Routing-Radio oe3xwj-1 34d oe3dzw r-oe3xsa-2.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 1302d oe1kbc routing.oe1xca.oe3xsa Routing-Tunnel oe3xsa 1734d oe3muc bb-oe3xwj.oe3xoc Routing-Radio oe3xoc 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xwj.oe3xoc Service oe3xoc AP Bridge 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xoc.oe3xwj Service oe3xwj Station 34d oe3dzw bb-oe3xoc.oe3xwj Routing-Radio oe3xwj 34d oe3dzw r-oe3xkd.oe3xbr Routing-Radio oe3xbr EdgePoint Router 688d oe1kbc t-oe3xkd.oe3xbr Service oe3xbr AP Bridge 775d oe1kbc r-oe3xbr.oe3xkd Routing-Radio oe3xkd Station 688d oe1kbc bb-oe3xam.oe3xda Routing-Radio oe3xda Station WDS (NStreme) 997d oe1kbc trx-oe3xam.oe3xda Service oe3xda Station WDS (NStreme) 997d oe1kbc bb-oe3xda.oe3xam Routing-Radio oe3xam AP Bridge (NStreme) 1497d oe1kbc bb-oe3xec.oe3xam Routing-Radio oe3xam AP Bridge (NStreme) 1497d oe1kbc bb-oe3xam.oe3xec Routing-Radio oe3xec Station WDS (NStreme) 997d oe1kbc bb-oe3xwj.oe3xda Routing-Radio oe3xda 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xwj.oe3xda Service oe3xda AP Bridge (NStreme) 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xda.oe3xwj Service oe3xwj Station 34d oe3dzw bb-oe3xda.oe3xwj Routing-Radio oe3xwj 34d oe3dzw bb-oe3xnr.oe3xwj Routing-Radio oe3xwj 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xnr.oe3xwj Service oe3xwj Station,GrooveA 52 - Link Nebelstein 34d oe3dzw trx-oe3xwj.oe3xnr Service oe3xnr AP Bridge,NetMetal+mAnt30 - Link Jauerling 771d oe3dzw bb-oe3xwj.oe3xnr Routing-Radio oe3xnr Link Jauerling 1222d oe3dzw bb-oe1xqu.oe0dvr Routing-Tunnel oe0dvr 34d oe3dzw bb-oe0dvr.oe1xqu Routing-Tunnel oe1xqu 34d oe3dzw bb-oe1xqu.oe3xvr Routing-Tunnel oe3xvr 34d oe3dzw bb-oe3xvr.oe1xqu Routing-Tunnel oe1xqu 34d oe3dzw wrsp.oe1rsa Service oe1xrs Geplant: Wien Rundspruch via HAMNET 1872d oe1rsa services.oe1xor Service oe1xor Running Services: daytime, rdate, DNS, NTP, Mikrotik-Reverse-Proxy 2122d oe3gmw hr2-mgmt.oe1xor Routing-Radio oe1xor Station (AirMax) 710d dg8ngn hr1-mgmt.oe1xor Routing-Radio oe1xor Station 710d dg8ngn hr.oe1xor Service oe1xor OE1XOR Main Router 2182d oe3gmw t-oe3xtc.oe1xor Routing-Tunnel oe1xor 1021d oe3gmw t-oe1xor.oe3xtc Routing-Tunnel oe3xtc 1136d oe3gmw oe1xhr Service oe1xuu Hamnet Site @ OE1TKW 1641d oe3gmw oe3ilc Service oe1xuu Hamnet Site @ OE3ILC 1641d oe3gmw oe1mca Service oe1xuu Hamnet Site @ OE1MCA 963d oe3gmw hr1-user.oe1xuu Routing-Radio oe1xuu AP Bridge - User Access Süd 722d oe3gmw hr4-user.oe1xuu Routing-Radio oe1xuu AP Bridge - User Access Nord 722d oe3gmw hr3-user.oe1xuu Routing-Radio oe1xuu AP Bridge - User Access Ost 722d oe3gmw hr.oe1xuu Routing-Ethernet oe1xuu OE1XUU Main Router 2182d oe3gmw hr1-mgmt.oe1xuu Routing-Ethernet oe1xuu 2257d oe3gmw hr2-mgmt.oe1xuu Routing-Ethernet oe1xuu 2257d oe3gmw hr3-mgmt.oe1xuu Routing-Ethernet oe1xuu 2150d oe3gmw hr4-mgmt.oe1xuu Routing-Ethernet oe1xuu 722d oe3gmw sw1.oe1xuu Service oe1xuu Local Switch 2172d oe3gmw thermo.oe1xuu Service oe1xuu Ethernet thermometer on site 1926d oe3gmw hr1-xrs.oe1xuu Routing-Radio oe1xuu AP Bridge - Link OE1XUU OE1XRS 2054d oe3gmw hr.oe1xrs Routing-Radio oe1xrs Station - Link OE1XUU OE1XRS 1977d oe1kbc hr1-xor.oe1xuu Routing-Ethernet oe1xuu AP Bridge - Link OE1XUU OE1XOR 1641d oe3gmw lnk-oe1xuu.oe1xor Service oe1xor Station 1634d oe3gmw hr1.oe1xor Routing-Ethernet oe1xor Station - Link OE1XUU OE1XOR 1641d oe3gmw dmr.oe3xdb Service oe3xdb DR3000 UDP:50004 3306d oe1kbc hr3.oe1xor Routing-Radio oe1xor Station - wird 2020 aufgelassen 1478d oe3gmw hr-user.oe1xfw Service oe1xfw 2480d oe3gmw service-gw.oe3xoc Service oe3xoc EdgePoint Router 1837d oe1kbc web.oe3xoc Service oe3xoc WEB-SERVER 1109d oe1kbc cam.oe3xoc Service oe3xoc Mobotix 1469d oe1kbc r-service.oe3xoc Service oe3xoc 1101d oe1kbc user1-gw.oe3xoc Routing-Radio oe3xoc AP Bridge,GROOVE - Userzugang 2422/10 - Sektor 90° -> Neulengbach 1837d oe1kbc rpx-100.oe3xoc Service oe3xoc Station 460d oe1kbc user2-gw.oe3xoc Routing-Radio oe3xoc AP Bridge,GROOVE - Userzugang 2422/5 - Sektorantenne 90° -> Tulln 1837d oe1kbc bb-oe1xur.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu AP Bridge 1110d oe1kbc trx-oe1xur.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu AP Bridge 1110d oe1kbc bb-oe1xqu.oe1xur Routing-Radio oe1xur Station 688d oe1kbc bb-oe1xbr.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu AP Bridge 1110d oe1kbc trx-oe1xbr.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 1110d oe1kbc bb-oe1xac.oe1xbr Routing-Radio oe1xbr Station 1110d oe1kbc bb-oe1xfw.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu AP Bridge 1110d oe1kbc trx-oe1xfw.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 1110d oe1kbc bb-oe1xqu.oe1xfw Routing-Radio oe1xfw Station 688d oe1kbc service.oe3xkh Service oe3xkh AP Bridge - 5745/10 1796d oe1kbc user.oe3xkh Routing-Radio oe3xkh AP Bridge - 5775/10 1796d oe1kbc main.oe3xxi Service oe3xxi Station - DHCP(static) - Usernetz Wienerberg 1146d oe1kbc main.oe1xtw Routing-Radio oe1xtw AP Bridge (AirMax) 2179d oe1kbc lnk-ars.oe3xia Routing-Radio oe3xia-2 AP Bridge (AirMax),PowerBeam ISO 400 1966d oe1kbc main.oe1xba Service oe1xba EdgePoint Router 2360d oe1kbc service.oe1xfw Service oe1xfw 2131d oe1kbc bb-oe1xtw.oe1xdt Routing-Radio oe1xdt 1495d oe1kbc lnk-oe1xtw.oe1xdt Service oe1xdt AP Bridge (AirMax) 1495d oe1kbc trx-oe1xtw.oe1xtw Service oe1xtw AP Bridge (AirMax) 1495d oe1kbc bb-oe1xtw.oe1xtw Routing-Radio oe1xtw AP Bridge 824d oe1vqs bb-oe3xnk.oe1xba Routing-Radio oe1xba 1502d oe1kbc lnk-oe3xnk.oe1xba Service oe1xba AP Bridge (NStreme),NetBox5 - Link Hohe Wand 1502d oe1kbc lnk-oe1xqu.oe3xnk Routing-Radio oe3xnk Station WDS (NStreme),NextBox5 - Link Eisenstadtplatz 1502d oe1kbc hr5.oe1xar Routing-Radio oe1xar AP Bridge (AirMax) - 5730/20/AC 2360d oe1kbc trx-oe1xar.oe1xtw Routing-Radio oe1xtw AP Bridge 824d oe1vqs bb-oe1kbc.oe1xar Routing-Radio oe1xar AP Bridge 186d oe1kbc hr3.oe1xar Routing-Radio oe1xar AP Bridge (NStreme) 2360d oe1kbc bb-oe1xca.oe1xar Routing-Radio oe1xar 34d oe3dzw trx-oe1xca.oe1xar Service oe1xar AP Bridge (NStreme) 34d oe3dzw trx-oe1xar.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu Station WDS (NStreme) 34d oe3dzw bb-oe1xar.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu 34d oe3dzw bb-oe3xll.oe3xvv Routing-Radio oe3xvv 5785/10 - Microtik GrooveA + Sektorantenne vertikal 90° 465d oe1kbc bb-oe3xvv.oe3xll Routing-Radio oe3xll 469d oe1kbc bb-oe1xuu.oe1xar Routing-Radio oe1xar 1649d oe1kbc trx-oe1xuu.oe1xar Service oe1xar AP Bridge - Link OE1XAR OE1XUU 1495d oe1kbc bb-oe1xar.oe1xuu Routing-Radio oe1xuu Station 1495d oe1kbc lnk-oe3xia-2.oe1xdt Service oe1xdt Station (AirMax),PowerBeam ISO 300 1495d oe1kbc bb-oe3xia-2.oe1xdt Routing-Radio oe1xdt 1495d oe1kbc lnk-oe1xdt.oe3xia Service oe3xia-2 AP Bridge (AirMax),PowerBeam ISO 400 - 5705/20/AC 1495d oe1kbc bb-oe1xdt.oe3xia-2 Routing-Radio oe3xia-2 1495d oe1kbc hr1.oe4xub Routing-Radio oe4xub AP Bridge (AirMax) - PowerBeam 2167d oe1kbc bb-oe1xqu.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu AP Bridge 1110d oe1kbc trx-oe1xqu.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 1110d oe1kbc trx-oe1xca.oe1xba Service oe1xba 1110d oe1kbc bb-oe1xca.oe1xba Routing-Radio oe1xba 1110d oe1kbc bb-oe1xtw.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu Station (AirMax) 1494d oe1kbc trx-oe1xtw.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu Station (AirMax) 1494d oe1kbc trx-oe1xac.oe1xtw Service oe1xtw AP Bridge (AirMax) 1494d oe1kbc bb-oe1xac.oe1xtw Routing-Radio oe1xtw AP Bridge (AirMax),PowerBeam 500AC - Host Name provisorisch, Maintainer bitte .. 1494d oe1kbc hr2.oe1xor Routing-Radio oe1xor Station (AirMax) - Link OE1XTW OE1XOR 2182d oe3gmw t-wien22.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu 875d oe1kbc bb-oe3xda.oe3xia-2 Routing-Radio oe3xia-2 1667d oe1kbc lnk-oe3xda.oe3xia-2 Service oe3xia-2 AP Bridge 1667d oe1kbc bb-oe3xia-2.oe3xda Routing-Radio oe3xda Station 1654d oe1kbc bb-oe1xtw.oe3xia-2 Routing-Radio oe3xia-2 1494d oe1kbc trx-oe1xtw.oe3xia-2 Service oe3xia-2 AP Bridge (AirMax),PowerBeam ISO 400 1494d oe1kbc trx-oe3xia-2.oe1xtw Service oe1xtw Station (AirMax) 1494d oe1kbc bb-oe3xia-2.oe1xtw Routing-Radio oe1xtw Station (AirMax) 1494d oe1kbc bb-oe1xdu.oe1xtw Service oe1xtw 771d oe1vqs trx-oe1xdu.oe1xtw Routing-Radio oe1xtw 771d oe1vqs trx-oe1xtw.oe1xdu Routing-Radio oe1xdu Station - Ubiquiti PBE-5AC-400 407d oe1rsa bb-oe1xtw.oe1xdu Service oe1xdu Debian BGP Router 407d oe1rsa bb-oe3xoc.oe3xia-2 Routing-Radio oe3xia-2 AP Bridge (NStreme) 186d oe1kbc ip178.oe1xar Service oe1xar 27d oe3dzw bb-oe3xvv.oe3xia-2 Routing-Radio oe3xia-2 1618d oe1kbc lnk-oe3xvv.oe3xia-2 Service oe3xia-2 PowerBeam ISO 400 1667d oe1kbc trx-oe3xia-2.oe3xvv Service oe3xvv PowerBeam ISO 400 1486d oe1kbc bb-oe3xia-2.oe3xvv Routing-Radio oe3xvv EdgePoint Router RP6 1486d oe1kbc user-gw.oe3xvv Service oe3xvv 1837d oe1kbc r-oe3xvv.oe3xll Routing-Radio oe3xll Link zum Buchberg 469d oe1kbc r-oe3xtc.oe3xvv Routing-Radio oe3xvv AP Bridge (NStreme) 464d oe1kbc w-oe3xtc.oe3xvv Service oe3xvv 464d oe1kbc w-oe3xvv.oe3xtc Service oe3xtc 706d dg8ngn r-oe3xvv.oe3xtc Routing-Radio oe3xtc Station 1134d oe1kbc trx-oe1xlr.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu AP Bridge (NStreme) 226d oe1kbc bb-oe1xlr.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu 34d oe3dzw bb-oe1xqu.oe1xlr Routing-Radio oe1xlr 34d oe3dzw trx-oe1xqu.oe1xlr Service oe1xlr Station WDS (NStreme) 226d oe1kbc hr.oe1xds Routing-Ethernet oe1xds 513d oe1sgw hr2.oe1xds Routing-Radio oe1xds AP Bridge (NStreme) 513d oe1sgw trx-oe1xds.oe1xdu Routing-Radio oe1xdu MikroTik LHG 5 407d oe1rsa bb-oe1xds.oe1xdu Service oe1xdu Debian BGP Router 407d oe1rsa hr.oe1xiu Routing-Radio oe1xiu Station WDS (NStreme) 513d oe1sgw bb-oe1xac.oe1xds Routing-Radio oe1xds AP Bridge (NStreme) 516d oe1sgw trx-oe1xac.oe1xds Service oe1xds AP Bridge (NStreme) 1495d oe1kbc trx-oe1xds.oe1xac Routing-Radio oe1xac 1495d oe1kbc hl.oe1xds Routing-Radio oe1xds AP Bridge (AirMax) 2056d oe1sgw trx-oe1xaw.oe1xat Service oe1xat Station (AirMax),PowerBeam - HAMNET-1XDS-1XAW - 5680/20 1495d oe1kbc bb-oe1xaw.oe1xat Routing-Radio oe1xat Station (AirMax) - AS 4223210310 1556d oe1kbc trx-oe1xat.oe1xtw Service oe1xtw 1495d oe1kbc bb-oe1xat.oe1xtw Routing-Radio oe1xtw AP Bridge (AirMax),5650/20 - HAMNET-1XDS-1XAW - AS 4223210302 1556d oe1kbc hr-xuu.oe1xac Routing-Radio oe1xac Station 1870d oe1dac hr3-xac.oe1xuu Routing-Radio oe1xuu AP Bridge - Link OE1XUU OE1XAC 1870d oe3gmw vpn-gw.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu VPN access to Wienerberg Gateway 34d oe3dzw bb-oe1xbr-1.oe1xbr Routing-Radio oe1xbr 1495d oe1kbc bb-oe1xbr-2.oe1xbr Routing-Radio oe1xbr AP Bridge - 5770/10 1495d oe1kbc lora.oe1xbr Service oe1xbr LoRa Gateway 433.600 2201d oe1kbc bb-oe3xkh.oe1xbr Routing-Radio oe1xbr AP Bridge (NStreme) 1641d oe1kbc bb-oe1xbr.oe3xkh Routing-Radio oe3xkh Station WDS (NStreme) - 5775/10 1641d oe1kbc ip-31-33.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 27d oe3dzw hr1.oe1xqu Service oe1xqu 417d oe3dzw hr4.oe3xia Service oe3xia Station (AirMax) 2167d oe1kbc hl1.oe1xds Routing-Radio oe1xds AP Bridge (AirMax) 2056d oe1sgw hr3.oe3xia Routing-Radio oe3xia AP Bridge 2176d oe1kbc hr2.oe1xqu Routing-Radio oe1xqu AP Bridge (NStreme) 1693d oe1kbc bb-oe3xbr.oe3xia-2 Routing-Radio oe3xia-2 1667d oe1kbc lnk-oe3xbr.oe3xia-2 Service oe3xia-2 AP Bridge 1667d oe1kbc t-oe1xia-2.oe3xbr Service oe3xbr Station 775d oe1kbc r-oe3xia-2.oe3xbr Routing-Radio oe3xbr Station 775d oe1kbc trx-oe3xpa.oe3xia Service oe3xia Groove A52 - 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