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Subnet (AS-User/Services)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     256 IPs

HB9LU USKA Sektion Luzern
Last edited 2019-05-14 by dg8ngn
Related to the subnets:
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited   Site-Network - AS4222800006 hb9lu-20,hb9lu-30 - 5735V20 SSID:HAMNET-HB9LU - HB9LU Sonnenberg Benutzerzugang 1866d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS4222800007 hb9lu-30 - 5775V20 SSID:HAMNET-HB9LU - HB9LU/HB9O Verkehrshaus Benutzerzugang 1866d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS4222800008 hb9lu-40 - 5805V20 ; SSID=HAMNET-HB9LU-LEHN ; DHCP - HB9LU Lehn Benutzerzugang 1866d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS4222800008 hb9lu-40 - LAN Lehn 2283d hb9wad   Site-Network - AS4222800007 hb9lu-30 - HB9LU/HB9O Verkehrshaus LAN 2283d hb9wad   Site-Network - AS4222800006 hb9lu-20 - HB9LU Sonnenberg LAN 2283d hb9wad AS-Backbone - AS64722 Transfernetze Luzern 1866d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64722 hb9lu-20,hb9zg-20 - Link HB9LU Sonnenberg - HB9ZG Hünenberg 1295d hb9wad   Backbone-Network - AS64722 hb9lu-30,hb9lu-40 - Link Verkehrshaus-Lehn 3599d hb9wad   Backbone-Network - AS64722 HB9TLX LAN 4040d hb9wad   Backbone-Network - AS64722 HB9WAD LAN 4040d hb9wad
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited eth5.user.hb9lu-20 Routing-Radio hb9lu-20 Userzugang und Link zu HB9LU-VH Verkehrshaus 1009d hb9fom ubnt.user.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 1009d hb9fom ubnt.hb9lu-20.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 1011d hb9fom eth1.hb9lu-20.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 Link zu HB9LU-20 Sonnenberg im Userzugang 1011d hb9fom eth5.user.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 1011d hb9fom ubnt.user.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 1011d hb9fom eth2-3.user.hb9lu-40 Routing-Radio hb9lu-40 Userzugang HB9LU Lehn 710d hb9fom ubnt.user.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 599d hb9fom eth4-10.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 LAN HB9LU Lehn 710d hb9fom aprs.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 553d hb9fom aircam.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 rtsp:// 599d hb9fom aircam-rack.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 553d hb9fom logo.lan.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 SIEMENS LOGO! 553d hb9fom eth6-10.lan.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 LAN 1011d hb9fom eth6-9.lan.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 LAN 1009d hb9fom aprs.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 340d hb9fom dstar.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 1009d hb9fom dmr.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 1009d hb9fom lora.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 340d hb9fom eth1.hb9zg-20.hb9lu-20 Routing-Radio hb9lu-20 Link zu HB9ZG-HU Hünenberg 1009d hb9fom ubnt.hb9zg-20.hb9lu-20 Service hb9lu-20 1009d hb9fom lnk-hb9lu-20.hb9zg-20 Service hb9zg-20 1865d dg8ngn bb-hb9lu-20.hb9zg-20 Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9LU Sonnenberg 1865d dg8ngn eth2.hb9lu-40.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 Link zu HB9LU-40 Lehn 1011d hb9fom ubnt.hb9lu-40.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 1011d hb9fom ubnt.hb9lu-30.hb9lu-40 Service hb9lu-40 710d hb9fom eth1.hb9lu-30.hb9lu-40 Routing-Radio hb9lu-40 Link zu HB9LU Verkehrshaus 710d hb9fom
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
hb9lu-20 Sonnenberg ob Kriens/Luzern hb9tlx,hb9wad 5735V20 ; SSID=HAM.. 4092d hb9wad
hb9lu-30 HB9O Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Luzern hb9pae,hb9wad,hb9tlx 5775V20 ; SSID=HAM.. Im Museum 'Verkehrshaus der Schweiz VHS' drin ist die Station HB9O. - Die Hamn.. 656d hb9pae
hb9lu-40 Lehn hb9thj,hb9tlx 5805V10 ; SSID=HAM.. 2718d hb9wad
hb9zg-20 Hünenberg hb9wad,hb9bmc,hb9tlx 5775V20 ; SSID=HAM.. HB9ZG Hünenberg 1294d hb9bmc
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64722 Zentralschweiz HB9ZG/HB9LU/HB9CF hb9wad,hb9frr 239d hb9frr
  AS64722 > AS4222800006 HB9LU Sonnenberg hb9tlx,hb9wad 2283d hb9wad
  AS64722 > AS4222800007 HB9LU HB9O VHS Verkehrshaus der Schweiz Luzern hb9tlx,hb9pae,hb9wad 2283d hb9wad
  AS64722 > AS4222800008 HB9LU Lehn hb9tlx,hb9wad 2283d hb9wad
First 4 entries shown, show all 4 entries.