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Subnet (AS-Backbone)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     256 IPs

HB9CF USKA Sektion Uri/Schwyz
Last edited 2013-07-18 by hb9wad

Related to the subnets:
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited      User-Network - AS4222800004 hb9cf-20 - 5775V20 SSID:HAMNET-HB9CF - HB9CF Haggenegg/Fönenschwand 2012d hb9wad      User-Network - AS4222800005 hb9cf-40 - Userzugang SZ 1375d hb9thj      User-Network - AS4222800005 hb9cf-40 - Userzugang UR 1375d hb9thj      User-Network - AS4222800033 hb9cf-21 - 5800V20 SSID:HAMNET-HB9CF 21d hb9frr   Site-Network - AS4222800004 hb9cf-20 - HB9CF Haggenegg/Fönenschwand LAN 21d hb9frr   Site-Network - AS4222800033 hb9cf-21 21d hb9frr   Site-Network - AS4222800005 hb9cf-40 - LAN 1375d hb9thj   Backbone-Network - AS64722 hb9cf-20,hb9cf-21 - Link HB9CF Haggenegg/Fönenschwand - HB9CF Morschach/Rüti 21d hb9frr   Backbone-Network - AS64722 hb9cf-20,hb9zg-30 - Link HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg - HB9CF Haggenegg/Fönenschwand 1055d hb9bmc   Backbone-Network - AS64722 hb9cf-20,hb9cf-40 - Link HB9CF Haggenegg/Föhnenschwand - HB9CF Seelisberg Weid 1375d hb9thj
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited eth2.rtr01.he.hb9cf Service hb9cf-20 Router für Userzugang 21d hb9frr Service hb9cf-20 Userzugang (Steinen/Lauerz) SZ Fönenschwand 21d hb9frr Service hb9cf-20 Userzugang (Schwyz) SZ Fönenschwand 21d hb9frr Routing-Radio hb9cf-40 AP Bridge - Userzugang SZ Seelisberg 261d hb9frr usr1.hb9cf-40 Service hb9cf-40 AP Bridge (AirMax) 261d hb9frr Service hb9cf-40 Userzugang UR Seelisberg 1022d hb9bmc usr2.hb9cf-40 Service hb9cf-40 AP Bridge 262d hb9frr Service hb9cf-21 Router für Userzugang 21d hb9frr Service hb9cf-21 Userzugang (Brunnen) SZ Morschach 21d hb9frr Service hb9cf-20 21d hb9frr Service hb9cf-21 21d hb9frr Service hb9cf-40 LAN 1375d hb9thj bb-hb9cf-21.hb9cf-20 Routing-Radio hb9cf-20 Link zu HB9CF Morschach Rüti 21d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-21.hb9cf-20 Service hb9cf-20 21d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-21 Service hb9cf-21 21d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-21 Routing-Radio hb9cf-21 Link zu HB9CF Haggenegg Fönenschwand 21d hb9frr eth0-2.rtr01.ri.hb9zg Routing-Radio hb9zg-30 Link zu HB9CF Haggenegg/Föhnenschwand 1023d hb9wad lnk-hb9cf-20.hb9zg-30 Service hb9zg-30 1373d hb9thj lnk-hb9zg-30.hb9cf-20 Service hb9cf-20 1023d hb9wad bb-hb9zg-30.hb9cf-20 Routing-Radio hb9cf-20 Link zu HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg 21d hb9frr bb-hb9cf-40.hb9cf-20 Routing-Radio hb9cf-20 Link zu HB9CF Seelisberg Weid 21d hb9frr lnk-hb9cf-40.hb9cf-20 Service hb9cf-20 1373d hb9thj lnk-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-40 Service hb9cf-40 1373d hb9thj bb-hb9cf-20.hb9cf-40 Routing-Radio hb9cf-40 Link zu HB9CF Haggenegg/Fönenschwand 1373d hb9thj
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
hb9cf-20 Haggenegg/Fönenschwand hb9wdg,hb9frr 5775V20 ; SSID=HAM.. 21d hb9frr
hb9cf-21 Morschach Rüti hb9frr 5800V20 ; SSID=HAM.. 21d hb9frr
hb9cf-40 Seelisberg Alp Weid hb9frr 5735V20 ; SSID=HAM.. 263d hb9frr
hb9zg-30 Rigi-Scheidegg hb9wad,hb9bmc,hb9tlx 5835V20 ; SSID=HAM.. HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg 1022d hb9bmc
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64722 Zentralschweiz HB9ZG/HB9LU/HB9CF hb9wad,hb9tlx 1023d hb9wad
  AS64722 > AS4222800004 HB9CF Haggenegg/Fönenschwand hb9wad,hb9jay,hb9frr 23d hb9frr
  AS64722 > AS4222800005 HB9CF Seelisberg hb9wad,hb3ycd,hb9jay 2012d hb9wad
  AS2147483647 > AS4222800033 Morschach/Rüti hb9frr 21d hb9frr
First 4 entries shown, show all 4 entries.