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Subnet (AS-Backbone)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     512 IPs

Last edited 2024-05-16 by dl7ta

Related to the subnets:
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited   Backbone-Network - AS64658 Reserviert! 1430d dm6mh   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0cal,db0spn - Link SPN-CAL 5825+5835MHz,2x10MHz,MIMO 849d dl8uef   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0los,db0spn - 5785 + 5795MHz 74d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0spn,sp6wjm 695d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0bar,db0los - 5715MHz + 5725MHz 108d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - AS64658 da0tv,db0bf - Link BF-TV, experimental P2MP. 38d df3ei   Backbone-Network - AS64658 5795MHz,10MHz,MIMO - BB DB0KK-DB0DAB 1166d df3ei   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0dab,db0zs - Link ZS-DAB 5685MHz,10MHz,MIMO 1430d dm6mh   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0bar,db0dab - Link DAB-BAR 5825MHz,10MHz,MIMO 1430d dm6mh   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0rav,db0tux - 5715 MHz + 5725 MHz 52d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0rav,dm0rbb - 5785MHz + 5795MHz 56d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0fes,db0rav - 5695MHz + 5705MHz 56d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0bio,db0fes 25d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0fes,dl0pdm 25d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - - db0bio,db0emc 25d dl7ta   Backbone-Network - AS64658 db0rav,db0rud - 5705 MHz + 5715 MHz 17d df3ei   Backbone-Network - AS64658 Testnetz1 1429d dm6mh   Backbone-Network - AS64658 RESERVIERT 1429d dm6mh
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited bb-db0spn.db0cal Routing-Radio db0cal 821d dg8ngn trx-db0spn.db0cal Service db0cal MikroTik LHG XL 5HP 821d dl8uef trx-db0cal.db0spn Service db0spn 1408d dm6mh bb-db0cal.db0spn Routing-Radio db0spn 1289d dm6mh bb-db0spn.db0los Routing-Radio db0los 1290d dl7ta trx-db0spn.db0los Service db0los 1414d dm6mh trx-db0los.db0spn Service db0spn 1414d dm6mh bb-db0los.db0spn Routing-Radio db0spn 1282d dm6mh bb-sp6wjm.db0spn Service db0spn 672d dl7ta trx-sp6wjm.db0spn Service db0spn 686d dg8ngn trx-db0spn.sp6wjm Service sp6wjm 686d dg8ngn bb-db0spn.sp6wjm Routing-Radio sp6wjm 695d dg8ngn bb-db0bar.db0los Routing-Radio db0los 1042d dl7ais trx-db0bar.db0los Service db0los 1042d dl7ais trx-db0los.db0bar Service db0bar Mikrotik LHG-5HP - 5715+5725MHz 967d dl7ais bb-db0los.db0bar Routing-Radio db0bar 1027d dl7ta bb-da0tv.db0bf Routing-Radio db0bf DB0BF Router Interface 802d dg8ngn trx-da0tv.db0bf Service db0bf MikroTik LHG5-HP 38d df3ei trx-db0bf.da0tv Service da0tv 803d df3ei bb-db0bf.da0tv Routing-Radio da0tv DA0TV router interface 802d dg8ngn bb-db0dab.db0zs Routing-Radio db0zs DB0ZS router interface. RB2011UiAS 762d dl7ais trx-db0dab.db0zs Service db0zs Link DB0ZS-DB0DAB. RB912UAG-5HPnD 1383d df3ei trx-db0zs.db0dab Service db0dab 1412d dl7ais bb-db0zs.db0dab Routing-Radio db0dab 78d dl7ta bb-db0dab.db0bar Routing-Radio db0bar 1429d dm6mh trx-db0dab.db0bar Service db0bar 1412d dl7ais trx-db0bar.db0dab Service db0dab 1412d dl7ais bb-db0bar.db0dab Routing-Radio db0dab 78d dl7ta bb-db0tux.db0rav Service db0rav 40d dl7ta trx-db0tux.db0rav Service db0rav 40d dl7ta trx-db0rav.db0tux Service db0tux 40d dl7ta bb-db0rav.db0tux Routing-Radio db0tux 40d dl7ta bb-dm0rbb.db0rav Routing-Radio db0rav 25d dl7ta trx-dm0rbb.db0rav Service db0rav 41d dl7ta trx-db0rav.dm0rbb Service dm0rbb 56d dl7ta bb-db0rav.dm0rbb Routing-Radio dm0rbb 41d dl7ta bb-db0fes.db0rav Routing-Radio db0rav 25d dl7ta trx-db0fes.db0rav Service db0rav 52d dl7ta trx-db0rav.db0fes Service db0fes 46d dl7ta bb-db0rav.db0fes Routing-Radio db0fes 46d dl7ta bb-dm0bio.db0fes Routing-Radio db0fes 25d dl7ta trx-dm0bio.db0fes Service db0fes 25d dl7ta trx-db0fes.db0bio Service db0bio 25d dl7ta bb-db0fes.db0bio Routing-Radio db0bio 25d dl7ta bb-dl0pdm.db0fes Routing-Radio db0fes 25d dl7ta trx-dl0pdm.db0fes Service db0fes 25d dl7ta trx-db0fes.dl0pdm Service dl0pdm 25d dl7ta bb-db0fes.dl0pdm Routing-Radio dl0pdm 25d dl7ta bb-db0emc.db0bio Routing-Radio db0bio 25d dl7ta trx-db0emc.db0bio Service db0bio 25d dl7ta trx-dm0bio.db0emc Service db0emc 25d dl7ta bb-dm0bio.db0emc Routing-Radio db0emc 25d dl7ta bb-db0rud.db0rav Routing-Radio db0rav 17d df3ei trx-db0rud.db0rav Service db0rav 17d df3ei trx-db0rav.db0rud Service db0rud Link DB0RAV-DB0RUD (testing) 19d df3ei bb-db0rav.db0rud Routing-Radio db0rud DB0RUD router interface 22d df3ei
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
da0tv Satellite Ground Station df3ei 5MHz Bandwidth; 23.. Local AS 4226265811 - Weather Station Blankenfelde at: http://meteo.da0tv.ampr.. 464d df3ei
db0bar Baruth Mühle dg2ron,dl7ais 5695MHz / 10MHz ve.. new callsign and qth, operational - AS4226265809 1225d df3ei
db0bf Ingeborg Feustel Grundschule, Blankenf.. dl7ais 2417MHz: 20MHz Ban.. Local AS: 4226265806 - Hinweise zum Betrieb über die Benutzerzugänge im BB H.. 512d df3ei
db0bio Biosphäre dg6te 4d dg6te
db0cal Feuerwachturm Cabel dl8uef,dl9ufb,do1rel NPR 70cm 1027d dl7ta
db0dab Funkwerk Dabendorf dl7ais 5745MHz Local AS: 4226265805 - Operated by DARC OV Y34 - STATUS: - 2018-10-23 uninterr.. 1203d dl7ais
db0emc DB0EMC dg6te -Winlink-Node -SDR-Receiver 30d dg6te
db0fes Haus1 dg6te Hamnet Userzugänge: - Accesspoint West 5685 MHz/ 10 MHz Bandbreite 10d dg6te
db0los Rauen dg6ibt 2397MHz / 5MHz ver.. 70cm Repeater 438,775, shift -7,6 MHz; DMR-Repeater 438,475, shift -7,6 MHz; A.. 235d dl7ta
db0rav Potsdam Kleiner Ravensberg dg6te 41d dl7ta
db0rud Berlin-Rudow df3ei 2397MHz,Omni; 5695.. Local AS: 4226262915 - AP for Rudow South. 16d df3ei
db0spn Cottbus&Spree-Neisse dm6mh Hamnet Link zu DB0LOS, zu DB0CAL 566d dm6mh
db0tux Perwenitz dl7ta Rufnummer im Hamnet: 3122 0081 8292 - 45d dl7ta
db0zs Zossen (ATV-Repeater) df3ei/oe1agf 2397MHz / 5MHz ver.. Operated by DARC OV D20, Berlin-Hohenschönhausen - Local AS: 4226265808 - ST.. 57d df3ei
dl0pdm Klubstation DL0PDM Rufnummer im Hamnet: 3153 0071 3161 38d dl7ta
dm0rbb Berlin Theodor-Heuss-Platz dl7ta 134d dl7ta
sp6wjm Śnieżne Kotły sp6wjm 695d dg8ngn
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64658 BRANDENBURG-SUED-658-AS dm6mh 1718d dg8ngn
1 entry.