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Maintainer: dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp   xx - HAMCLOUD

HamCloud Datacenter2
Last edited by 2018-02-25
Related to Root-AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64680 HAMCLOUD-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau,dd9qp HamCloud - resolves to * 1377d dg8ngn
1 entry.
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
hamcloud-dc2 HamCloud Datacenter 2 dg8ngn,dl9sau 1377d dg8ngn
1 entry.
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited AS-User/Services - AS64682 HamCloud Datacenter #2 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 hamcloud-dc2 - local services - deployed as services - depl.. 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 local services - failover: subnet will be transfered to another datacenter - 4.. 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 remote services (routed networks) - /28 networks (skip next /28 on deployment) 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 remote services (transfernetworks) - /30 networks 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 remote services (fixed point-to-point) - /32 networks 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 local management 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 future use 1388d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS64682 hamcloud-dc2 - DB0GW VPN 1388d dg8ngn      User-Network - AS64682 hamcloud-dc2 - VPN-Pool 410d dd9qp
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Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited core2 Service hamcloud-dc2 1377d dg8ngn core2-2 Service hamcloud-dc2 109d dd9qp ipkoord-local Service hamcloud-dc2, 109d dd9qp ipkoord-local2 Service hamcloud-dc2 misc:, 109d dd9qp ipkoord-rproxy2 Service hamcloud-dc2 <- 109d dd9qp ipkoord-rproxy Service hamcloud-dc2 <- 109d dd9qp ns2 Service hamcloud-dc2 1377d dg8ngn ntp2 Service hamcloud-dc2 1377d dg8ngn ipkoord-a Service hamcloud-dc2 1377d dg8ngn ipkoord-b2 Service hamcloud-dc2 1377d dg8ngn Service hamcloud-dc2 109d dd9qp l2tp-44-148-180-3 Service hamcloud-dc2 109d dd9qp pptp-44-148-180-129 Service hamcloud-dc2 109d dd9qp ipsec-44-148-181-65 Service hamcloud-dc2 109d dd9qp
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