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AS64725 - HB9BA

Maintainer: hb9sdb, hb9mfm   ch - Switzerland

Grossraum Solothurn
Last edited by 2018-04-03
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
hb9ak-0 Landstuhl (BE) hb9pae 39d hb9pae
hb9ba-1 Klublokal HB9BA Solothurn hb9pae,hb9sdb 2444d hb9pae
hb9ba-2 HB9BA-2-ATV HB9BA-2 ATV Relais 14d hb9dio
hb9ba Weissenstein hb9pae,hb9sdb 2700d hb9pae
hb9dr-11 RZ Solothurn SOLnet hb9dr SOLnet ISP 2444d hb9pae
hb9nf Sternenberg - STBG hb9flo NPR70 UHF Hamnet Gateway on Site. 434.400MHz 664d hb9flo
hb9zrh Uetliberg (Uto) hb9pae,hb9ctb HB9ZRH-USER1,DHCP:.. 157d hb9pae
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Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited AS-Backbone - AS64725 hb9ba 3062d hb9sdb   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9ba - Lokales Nez HB9BA Weissenstein 2935d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9ba,hb9ba-1 - HB9BA User Sektor, Klublokal Solothurn 132d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9ba-2 - ATV Relais Weissenstein 832d hb9sdb   Backbone-Network AS4222800028 AS64725 hb9ak-0,hb9ba - Link zu HB9BA / Weissenstein - HB9AK-0 Landstuhl 36d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9nf,hb9zrh 932d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9ba-2,hb9dr - Link PPP HB9BA-2 ATV Relais <-> HB9DR 14d hb9dio   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9ba,hb9dr-11 - Link Weissenstein - Solothurn 3061d hb9sdb   Backbone-Network - AS64725 Link Twerenegg - Weissenstein 3061d hb9sdb
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Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited br1.wstein.hb9ba Service hb9ba Lokaler Port HB9BA, DHCP-Bereich - 45.120 132d hb9pae eth4.user.hb9ba Service hb9ba DHCP Server - 45.158 - User Sektor 132d hb9pae ubnt.user.hb9ba Service hb9ba 132d hb9pae ubnt.hb9ba1.hb9ba Service hb9ba-1 65d hb9dio eth1.hb9ba1.hb9ba Service hb9ba-1 65d hb9dio router-atv.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 MT Router HB9BA ATV 13d hb9dio vivotek.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 ATV-Bild-&-Ton-Grabber 477d hb9dio atv-remote-wiz.hb9ba-2 Service hb9ba-2 ATV Remote Konfiguration (WIZ IP/RS232) 13d hb9dio Routing-Radio hb9ak-0 36d hb9pae trx-hb9ba.hb9ak-0 Service hb9ak-0 QRT5 nach HB9BA Weissenstein 36d hb9pae trx-hb9ak0.hb9ba Service hb9ba UBNT Air Grid link to HB9AK-0, Landstuhl 36d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9ba Link to HB9AK-0, Landstuhl 36d hb9pae bb-hb9zrh.hb9nf Routing-Radio hb9nf 932d dg8ngn lnk-hb9zrh.hb9nf Service hb9nf 932d dg8ngn lnk-hb9nf.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 531d hb9pae eth3.hb9nf.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh 531d hb9pae pptp.hb9dr Routing-Tunnel hb9dr 785d hb9sdb pptp-hb9ba-2 Routing-Tunnel hb9ba-2 Mikrotik Router 2011iL-RM 13d hb9dio eth1.vpn2.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr-11 AP Bridge (AirMax) 2786d hb9sdb ubnt.vpn2.hb9dr Service hb9dr-11 2948d hb9sdb ubnt.downlink.hb9ba Service hb9ba - 65d hb9dio eth1.downlink.hb9ba Routing-Radio hb9ba Downlinkport Richtung SO: HB9DR-11 65d hb9dio
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