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Classic list of AS by number

Country TLD AS Count Last edit
Austria at 122 5d
Belgium be 1 2776d
Switzerland ch 28 285d
Curacao cw 1 1951d
Germany de 617 6d
Spain es 40 67d
France fr 59 9h
Croatia hr 1 2059d
Hungary hu 1 1808d
Italy it 2 716d
Luxembourg lu 15 410d
Netherlands nl 122 87d
Poland pl 13 1312d
Portugal pt 18 141d
Romania ro 4 933d
Slovenia si 10 2141d
HAMCLOUD xx 4 1329d
AS of Austria (at):
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64515 OE1 oe1kbc Wien 64512-64519 326d oe2lsp
  AS64515 > AS4223210100 OE1-OE1XFW-Laaerberg oe1kbc 1065d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210105 OE1-OESV Dachverband RZ oe1kbc;oe5pon Die Services des VSV-RZ ist mit einer Gigabit Lichwellenleiter Strecke direkt.. 385d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210117 OE1-OE1XUR-Laaerberg Volksschule oe1tkw,oe1sgw,oe1kbc 912d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210120 OE1-OE1XDT-Donauturm oe1cmw;oe1kbc 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210130 OE1-SUED oe1kbc Eisenstadtplatz 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210140 OE1-OE3XIA-Exelberg oe1vqs,oe1kbc 1056d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210149 OE1-OE1XBR-Simmering-Nord oe1kbc 327d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210150 OE1-OE1XBR-Simmering-Sued oe1kbc 327d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210160 OE1-OE1XAR-Bisamberg oe1kbc OE1 Bisamberg - OE1XAR 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210200 OE1-OE1XDS-AKH oe1sgw OE1 AKH + Links 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210300 OE1-OE1XTW-ARSENAL oe1xaw OE1 ARSENAL + Links - 4223210301 EP EXELBERG 2 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210310 OE1-OE1XAT-Hermannskogel oe1kbc OE1 OE1XAT Hermannskogel 770d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210400 OE1-NORD oe1dac OE1-NORD+ Links 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210500 OE1-OE1XUU-Kahlenberg oe3gmw OE1 Wien Kahlenberg - OE1XUU 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210501 OE1-OE1XOR-Kueniglberg oe3gmw OE1 Wien Kueniglberg - OE1XOR 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210502 OE1-OE1XRW-Test oe3gmw OE1XRW Test/Evaluation - currently not operative. 1271d oe3gmw
  AS64515 > AS4223210601 OE1-OE1XRS-Wien16 oe1rsa,oe3gmw OE1 Wien Lobenhauerngasse - OE1XRS 922d oe1kbc
  AS64515 > AS4223210605 OE1-OE1XMH-Wien15 oe1agf/df3ei OE1 Wien Goldschlagstrae - OE1AGF 218d df3ei
  AS64515 > AS4223210701 OE1-OE1XLR-Wien6 oe1sgw OE1 Wien LV1 - OE1XLR 922d oe1kbc
AS64520 OE2 oe2lsp,oe2wao Salzburg 64520-64529 1406d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64521 oe2xap oe2lsp,oe2wao 504d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64522 OE2 Neighbours oe2lsp,oe2wao Benachbarte Station(en) in OE5 677d oe3dzw
  AS64520 > AS64523 oe2xwr oe2fkm,oe2lsp,oe2wao Kitzsteinhorn 1387d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64524 oe2xhr oe2lsp,dl8mbt,oe2wao Hochknig 504d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64525 oe2xsr oe7ddi,oe2lsp Sonnblick 1384d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64526 oe2xgr oe2wio,oe2wao,oe2lsp Gernkogel 1384d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64527 oe2xal oe2lsp,oe2wao Clubheim OE2 1384d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64528 oe5stm - Virtual OE2 1385d oe2lsp
  AS64520 > AS64529 OE2 - Mobile AS oe2lsp,oe2wao Mobile AS fr Hamradio & co 677d oe3dzw
AS64530 OE3 oe1kbc Niedersterreich 64530-64539 1041d oe1kbc
  AS64530 > AS4223210305 OE3-OE3XVV-Buchberg/Laa oe3rtb,oe1kbc,oe1v.. 1041d oe1kbc
  AS64530 > AS4223230013 OE3-OE3XKH-Matzen oe3ukw,oe1kbc 1013d oe1kbc
  AS64530 > AS4223230022 OE3-OE3XTC-Hollabrunn oe3gas,oe3gmw Standort AS (ehemals OE3XHU) 239d oe3gmw
AS64534 OE3-SUED-AS oe3cts,oe3rpu,oe3kmb 2201d oe3cts
  AS64534 > AS4223230000 OE3-FHWN-OE3XVJ oe3dus 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64534 > AS4223230001 OE3-FHWN-OE3XNK oe3dus 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64534 > AS4223230002 OE3-FHWN-OE3XWU oe3dus 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64534 > AS4223230003 OE3-FHWN-LG oe3dus For Looking Glass Configurations 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64534 > AS4223230004 OE3-FHWN-OE4XCR oe3dus 5d oe1kbc
  AS64534 > AS4223230005 OE3-OE3XWW oe3rpu,oe3dus 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64534 > AS64537 OE3-FHWN-AS oe3dus Niedersterreich sdliches Wiener Becken 1348d oe1kbc
AS64535 OE3-NORD-AS oe3dzw,oe1kbc Niedersterreich Waldviertel 675d oe3dzw
  AS64535 > AS4223230011 OE3-OE3XNR-Nebelstein oe3dzw,oe1kbc OE3XNR Nebelstein 673d oe3dzw
  AS64535 > AS4223230023 OE3-OE3XHR-Heidenreichstein oe3dzw,oe1kbc OE3XHR Heidenreichstein 553d oe3dzw
  AS64535 > AS4223230024 OE3-OE3XZR-Zwettl oe3dzw;oe1kbc OE3XZR Zwettl (planed) 691d oe3dzw
  AS64535 > AS4223230025 OE3-OE3XER-Frauenstaffl oe3dzw;oe1kbc planed 691d oe3dzw
  AS64535 > AS4223230026 OE3-NORD-Anycast oe3dzw Anycast-AS, prototype for DNS test 675d oe3dzw
  AS64535 > AS4223230027 OE3-OE3XSR-Sternberg oe3gwu,oe3dzw,oe1kbc 643d oe3dzw
  AS64535 > AS4223230028 OE3-OE3XFP-Heidenreichstein oe3fpa,oe3dzw,oe3gwu Notfunk Heidenreichstein - Sysop OE3FPA 216d oe1kbc
AS64536 OE3-MITTE-AS oe3cts,oe3mzc,oe1kbc Niedersterreich St.Plten, Umgebung, Alpenvorland 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223210141 OE3-OE3XBR-Troppberg oe1kbc 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230006 OE3-OE3XWJ-1-Jauerling oe1kbc Standort AS 304d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230007 OE3-OE3XPA-Kaiserkogel oe3cts,oe3cjb Kaiserkogel 216d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230008 OE3-HTLSTP oe3cts 1215d oe3cts
  AS64536 > AS4223230009 OE3-OE3XFR oe3cts,oe3cjb 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230010 OE3-OE3XSA-Sandl oe3cts,oe3muc Sandl 216d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230012 OE3-OE3XOC-Buchbergwarte oe3mzc,oe1kbc 1348d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230014 OE3-OE3XKV-Hochkar oe3cts,oe3muc Hochkar 216d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230015 OE3-OE3XYR-St.Poelten oe3cts,oe3muc DMR St. Plten 216d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230016 OE3-OE3XKQ Krems - Egelsee oe3muc,oe3hwu,oe3cts 1101d oe3muc
  AS64536 > AS4223230017 OE3-OE3XEC-Amstetten oe3nrs,oe1kbc 1041d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230018 OE3-OE3XAS Clubstation ADL305 oe3muc 1055d oe3muc
  AS64536 > AS4223230020 OE3-OE3XSA Zentral Routing oe3muc,oe3hwu,oe3cts 1137d oe3muc
  AS64536 > AS4223230021 OE3-OE3XAM-Amstetten oe3dna,oe1kbc Linkstrecke HKB -> Sonntagberg 216d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230030 OE3-OE3XKL-Kollmitzberg oe3dna,oe1kbc Linkstrecke Sonntagberg -> Kollmitzberg 216d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230032 OE3-OE3XKD-Tulln Landeswarnzentrale oe1kbc 328d oe1kbc
  AS64536 > AS4223230033 OE3-OE3XWJ-Jauerling oe1kbc 304d oe1kbc
  AS64537 > AS4223230029 OE3-OE3UKW-Marchfeld oe3ukw,oe1kbc Groenzersdorf Link/Userzugang 365d oe1kbc
  AS64537 > AS4223230031 OE3-OE3XEG-Marchfeld oe3egh,oe1kbc 365d oe1kbc
AS64540 OE4 oe1kbc,oe6rke Burgenland 64540-64549 3062d oe6rke
  AS64540 > AS4223240040 OE4-OE4XCR oe4rlc,oe3dus,oe6rke main site 5d oe1kbc
  AS64540 > AS4223240041 OE4-OE4XCR-Schckl oe4rlc,oe3dus,oe6rke Border As To Schckl oe6 5d oe1kbc
  AS64540 > AS4223240120 OE3-OE3XCR-Hutwisch oe1kbc Hutwisch Bindeglied OE3-OE4-OE6 1008d oe1kbc
AS64550 OE5 oe5rnl Obersterreich 64550-64559 3068d dl8mbt
  AS64550 > AS4223250001 OE5-OE5XLL oe5rnl Linz Lichtenberg 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250002 OE5-OE5XBR oe5rnl Froschberg 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250003 OE5-OE5XUL oe5rnl Ried Geiersberg 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250004 OE5-OE5XDO oe5rnl Pfarrkirchen 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250005 OE5-OE5XOL oe5rnl Breitenstein 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250006 OE5-OE5XIM oe5rnl Sternstein 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250007 OE5-OE5XHO oe5rnl Steyr 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250008 OE5-OE5XPM oe5rnl Ried Senftenbach 721d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250009 OE5-OE5XYZ oe5rnl /dev/radio 100d oe5rnl
  AS64550 > AS4223250010 OE5-OE5XKO oe5rnl HTL Leonding 100d oe5rnl
AS64560 OE6 oe6rke,oe6pwe Steiermark 64560-64569 2662d oe6rke
  AS64560 > AS4223260010 OE6-OE6XKR-Weinebene oe6rke 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64560 > AS4223260011 OE6-OE6XKR1-Weinebene oe6rke Link to s55yms 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64560 > AS4223260020 OE6-OE6XFE-Wolfgangi oe6rke 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64560 > AS4223260030 OE6-OE6XBG-Rennfeld oe6mkd,oe6rke 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64560 > AS4223260040 OE6-OE6XRR-Plabutsch oe6pwe,oe6rke 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64560 > AS4223260050 OE6-OE6XAR-Murau oe6pod 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64560 > AS4223260080 OE6-OE6XPD-Dobl oe6thh,oe6rke 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64560 > AS4223260110 OE6-OE6XLR-Mugl oe6vhf,oe6mkd,oe6rke 1199d oe2lsp
AS64570 OE7 oe7fmi,oe7ost,oe7b.. Tirol 64570-64579 - 64571: Tirol Tunnel-Transferabschluss, Auslandsrouting 1896d oe7fmi
  AS64570 > AS4223271001 OE7-OE7XGR oe7ost,oe7bkh Gefrorene Wand OE7XGR 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223271002 OE7-OE7XZR oe7ost Zugspitze OE7XZR 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223271003 OE7-OE7XXR oe7ost Rofan OE7XXR 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223271004 OE7-OE7XWI oe7ost Zillertal OE7XWI 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223271005 OE7-OE7XWT oe7ost Weinberghaus OE7XWT 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223271006 OE7-OE7XFJ oe7ost Harschbichl St. Johann 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223271007 OE7-OE7XTT oe7ost,oe7bkh Finkenberg OE7XTT 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223275001 OE7-OE7XLI oe7ngi,oe7jtk Hochstein Lienz 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS4223275002 OE7-OE7XJH oe7jtk,oe7ngi Hollbruck 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64570 > AS64572 OE7 - Region Innsbruck oe7ost,oe7mbt Tirol - Region Innsbruck 1298d oe7ost
  AS64570 > AS64575 OE7 - Region Osttirol 1199d oe2lsp
  AS64572 > AS4223272001 OE7-OE7XCJ oe7ost Innsbruck - Klubstation OE7XCI / OE7XCJ 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64572 > AS4223272002 OE7-OE7XLR oe7ost Innsbruck - Seegrube OE7XLR 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64572 > AS4223272003 OE7-OE7XIH oe7mbt,oe7ost Innsbruck - Hoadl OE7XIH / OE7XHR 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64572 > AS4223272004 OE7-OE7XBI oe7gut Rangger Kpfl OE7XBI 1117d oe2lsp
  AS64572 > AS4223272005 OE7-OE7XKH oe7ost Krahberg OE7XKH 1117d oe2lsp
AS64580 OE8 oe8wur,oe6rke,oe8b.. Krnten AS4223280000-AS4223280080 874d oe6rke
  AS64580 > AS4223280010 OE8-OE8XDR oe8wur FIRAC Standort Dobratsch 1342d oe8wur
  AS64580 > AS4223280020 OE8-OE8XGR oe8wur Standort der ADL802 Ortsstelle Villach - 1342d oe8wur
  AS64580 > AS4223280030 OE8-OE8XVR oe8wur Notfunk Standort am LKH-Villach 1342d oe8wur
  AS64580 > AS4223280070 OE8-OE8XHR oe6rke Hohenwart 1342d oe8wur
  AS64580 > AS4223280080 OE8-OE8XER oe6rke Koralpe 1342d oe8wur
AS64590 OE9 oe9rsv,oe9frv,oe9f.. Vorarlberg 64590-64599 416d oe9frv
  AS64590 > AS4223290001 OE9-OE9XKV-Karren oe9rsv,oe9frv,oe9f.. Vorarlberg Standort KARREN 334d oe9frv
AS4223200000 OE oe7bkh Austria 4223200000-4223299999 - reserved 4223200000-4223209999 - OE1 .. 2099d oe2lsp
AS4223200001 OE event oe2lsp,oe1kbc OE event AS for (Hamradio, YOTA,...) 1306d oe1kbc
AS4223200053 AT Anycast DNS oe1kbc,oe3dzw 665d oe2lsp
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