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Classic list of AS by number

Country TLD AS Count Last edit
Austria at 153 34d
Belgium be 1 3778d
Switzerland ch 36 256d
Curacao cw 1 2952d
Germany de 657 22h
Spain es 40 1069d
France fr 67 78d
Croatia hr 1 3060d
Hungary hu 1 2809d
Italy it 21 60d
Luxembourg lu 50 68d
Netherlands nl 128 657d
Poland pl 13 2313d
Portugal pt 5 59d
Romania ro 4 1935d
Slovenia si 11 318d
HAMCLOUD xx 4 39d
xy 18 51d
AS of France (fr):
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64742 F6KFT dep57 f1ulq,f1ngp 2457d f1tzv
AS64743 FRANCE Alsace f1tzv,f4avi Strasbourg Area 1248d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867000 HamCloud Fr Alsace f1tzv,f4avi VPN BGP Router (Alsace) 1159d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867001 f1zkt f1tzv,f4avi Entzheim (67) 1380d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867002 f1zdd f1tzv,f4avi Mutzig (67) 1895d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867003 f5zav f1tzv,f4avi Bischenberg (67) 1380d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867004 f5zsm f1tzv,f4avi Strasbourg (67) 331d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867005 f4avi f1tzv,f4avi Epfig (67) 1414d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867006 f6grh f1tzv,f4avi Barr (67) 1182d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867007 f4avip f1tzv,f4avi Achenheim (67) 1151d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220867008 f4egx f1tzv,f4avi Hoenheim (67) 633d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220868001 f5jya f1tzv,f4avi Dannemarie (68) 1241d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220868002 f5zks f1tzv,f4avi Petit Ballon (68) 357d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220868003 f4jsg f4avi,f1tzv Hattstatt (68) 78d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899001 fr5gs f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Benoît (974) 1195d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899002 fr5cu f1tzv,f4avi Trois-Bassins (974) 1185d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899003 fr4li f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Pierre (974) 1185d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899004 fr1di f1tzv,f4avi Bois d'olives (974) 1150d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899005 fr4fe f1tzv,f4avi Trois mares (974) 1000d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899006 fr9xxy f1tzv,f4avi Le Tampon Notre Dame de la Paix (974) 1000d f4avi
  AS64743 > AS4220899007 fr9xxz f1tzv,f4avi Saint-Denis (974) 1000d f4avi
AS64745 France-IDF f6cnb Paris area. - 2261d f6cnb
AS64746 France (Internet BGP) f6cnb,f1tzv Main AS for new subnet which is announced on Internet 1001d f6cnb
AS64747 Department 06, France f5sfu,f4iyv,f4iyt,.. Alpes Maritimes, France 786d f5sfu
AS64748 France, Le Havre f1ulq,f4fwh 3786d f1ulq
AS64749 France, Hamnet Loire f4hof,f4eed,f4ass 2895d f4hof
AS64750 France, Dept 83, La Seyne-sur-Mer f1smv 1893d f1tzv
AS64751 France, Nancy area, 3716d f6cnb
AS64752 France, Ile de la Reunion f6cnb,fr5fc 1893d f1tzv
AS64753 France, Dept 25 , Doubs f1tzv,f8ghe,f4avi 1000d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825001 f5kmy f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 1000d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825002 f1zif f1tzv,f4avi Pontarlier (25) 1000d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825003 f1zsz f1tzv,f4avi Morteau (25) 1000d f4avi
  AS64753 > AS4220825004 f1zqb f1tzv,f4avi Montbéliard (25) 1000d f4avi
AS64754 Bretagne f6cnb,f8fkd Finistere, le bout du monde 2430d f6cnb
AS64755 France, Dept 86, Poitiers f5oeo 1893d f1tzv
AS64757 France, Vaucluse et environ f6cnb,f4gkn 3002d f6cnb
AS64758 France, Cherbourg area f6cnb 3089d f6cnb
AS64759 France, Dept 56, St Pierre Quiberon f1tzv,f1src 1893d f1tzv
AS64760 France, Dept 01, Pont d'Ain f1tzv,f1pqk 1893d f1tzv
AS64761 France, F4HOF-AS f4hof 2890d f4hof
AS64762 France, Dept 71, LA CHAPELLE DE GUINCHAY f1tzv,f4uan 1893d f1tzv
AS64763 France, Jura, Dole f6cnb 2640d f6cnb
AS64764 France - Hautes Alpes f6cnb Gap, Briancon, Serre Chevalier 2416d f6cnb
AS64765 France - Charentes Maritimes 17 f6cnb,f6foh 2074d f6cnb
AS64766 France-Limousin - 87-19-23 f4bqn,f1igy 2391d f4bqn
AS64767 France Gironde, 33 f6cnb LIbourne 33 area + part of 17,24 2371d f6cnb
AS64768 Corsica f6cnb 1829d f6cnb
AS64769 Cote d'or, Burgundy f6cnb 2323d f6cnb
AS64770 Loir et Cher, France f6cnb 41 Loir et Cher. F8BMB 2312d f6cnb
AS64771 France, Dept 53, Le Genest Saint-Isle f1tzv,f1evm 1893d f1tzv
AS64774 France, Dept 74, Annemasse f1tzv,f5djl 1893d f1tzv
AS64775 64, Biarritz f6cnb,f5odp Biarritz Area Xavier F5ODP 2096d f6cnb
AS64776 France - Hamnet Seine et Marne f4eir,f4hof 2088d f4hof
AS64777 69 - Lyon f5odp,f4hof 2088d f4hof
AS4220800001 France, Hauts de France, Saint Amand les Eaux , 59 f6cnb France-Hauts De France 2081d f6cnb
AS4220800002 France-31 Lherm f6cnb 2076d f6cnb
AS4220800003 France-09 La tour du Crieu f6cnb 2076d f6cnb
AS4220800004 f1grh f1grh Nice Area South East of France 928d f1tzv
AS4220800005 France - 53 Mayenne f6cnb,f4gzr 1915d f6cnb
AS4220800006 Sainte Maxime, 83 , F6GWE f6cnb 1344d f6cnb
AS4220800009 44 Nantes f6cnb 1829d f6cnb
AS4220800011 f4fqn 66 france f6cnb,f1tzv 1648d f6cnb
AS4220800014 29 Concarneau F5RVX f6cnb 1192d f6cnb
AS4220800019 F4ISE AREA f6cnb 1198d f6cnb
AS4220800022 69 - Rhône f4hof,f6aue,f4gsp 630d f4hof
AS4220800023 43 - Haute Loire f4hof,f4ass,f1haw,.. 630d f4hof
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