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Classic list of AS by number

Country TLD AS Count Last edit
Austria at 141 2h
Belgium be 1 3559d
Switzerland ch 36 37d
Curacao cw 1 2734d
Germany de 646 20d
Spain es 40 850d
France fr 67 113d
Croatia hr 1 2841d
Hungary hu 1 2590d
Italy it 21 250d
Luxembourg lu 45 36d
Netherlands nl 128 439d
Poland pl 13 2095d
Portugal pt 22 92d
Romania ro 4 1716d
Slovenia si 11 100d
HAMCLOUD xx 4 2112d
AS of Poland (pl):
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64800 SP1 sp2ong Zachodniopomorskie: 64800 - 64803 2095d sp2ong
AS64804 SP2 sp2ong Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Pomorskie: 64804 - 64807 2095d sp2ong
AS64808 SP3 sp2ong Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie: 64808 - 64811 2095d sp2ong
AS64812 SP4 sp2ong Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie: 64812 - 64815 2095d sp2ong
AS64816 SP5 sp2ong Mazowieckie: 64816 - 64819 2095d sp2ong
AS64820 SP6 sp2ong Dolnośląskie, Opolskie: 64820 - 64823 2095d sp2ong
AS64824 SP7 sp2ong Łódzkie, Świętokrzyskie: 64824 - 64827 2095d sp2ong
AS64828 SP8 sp2ong Lubelskie, Podkarpackie: 64828 - 64831 2095d sp2ong
AS64832 SP9 sp2ong Małopolskie, Śląskie: 64832 - 64835 2095d sp2ong
AS64836 SPTEST1-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 2095d sp2ong
AS64837 SPTEST2-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 2095d sp2ong
AS64838 SPTEST3-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 2095d sp2ong
AS64839 SPTEST4-AS sp2ong Local Poland test 2095d sp2ong
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