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AS4226828100 - AS from CS5NRA

Maintainer:   pt - Portugal

New 32 bit's AS from CS5NRA - South part of Portugal
Last edited by 2021-05-29
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
cs5dfg Cacilhas 242d ct1drb
cq0pax Lisboa ct2ixq 242d ct1drb
cs5nra Navy ham radio club 242d ct1drb
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Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited   Site-Network - AS4226828100 cs5nra - Site-network CS5NRA 1627d ct1drb      Service-Network - AS4226828100 cs5nra - Service-network CS5NRA 1627d ct1drb   Backbone-Network - AS4226828100 cq0pax,cs5nra - ISM FREQ,10MHz 1177d ct1drb      User-Network - AS4226828100 cs5nra - User-network CS5NRA 1270d ct1drb   Backbone-Network - AS4226828100 cs5dfg,cs5nra - Link CS5NRA to CS5DFG 1269d ct1drb
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Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited bb-cq0pax.cs5nra Routing-Radio cs5nra 1195d ct1drb bb-cs5dfg.cs5nra Routing-Radio cs5nra 1195d ct1drb bb-cs5nra.cq0pax Routing-Radio cq0pax 1195d ct1drb bb-cs5nra.cs5dfg Routing-Radio cs5dfg 1195d ct1drb dxcluster.cs5nra Service cs5nra 1176d ct1drb lnk-cq0pax.cs5nra Service cs5nra AP Bridge,ISM FREQ,10MHz 1176d ct1drb lnk-cs5dfg.cs5nra Service cs5nra Station 1176d ct1drb lnk-cs5nra.cq0pax Service cq0pax Station,ISM FREQ,10MHz 1176d ct1drb lnk-cs5nra.cs5dfg Service cs5dfg AP Bridge 878d ct1drb openbcm.cs5nra Service cs5nra 1176d ct1drb raspbx.cs5nra Service cs5nra 1176d ct1drb services.cs5nra Service cs5nra Mikrotik rb750gr3 822d ct1drb users.cs5nra Service cs5nra 1270d ct1drb website.cs5nra Service cs5nra 1176d ct1drb
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