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Classic list of AS by number

Country TLD AS Count Last edit
Austria at 123 22d
Belgium be 1 2824d
Switzerland ch 30 11d
Curacao cw 1 1999d
Germany de 621 17d
Spain es 40 116d
France fr 61 47d
Croatia hr 1 2107d
Hungary hu 1 1856d
Italy it 2 765d
Luxembourg lu 39 23h
Netherlands nl 122 135d
Poland pl 13 1360d
Portugal pt 18 189d
Romania ro 4 982d
Slovenia si 10 2189d
HAMCLOUD xx 4 1377d
AS of Slovenia (si):
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64855 S5 Slovenia 00 s53zo,oe6rke S5 Core Net 2189d dg8ngn
AS64856 S5 Slovenia 01 s53zo,oe6rke Area Murska Sobota - Pomurje 2189d dg8ngn
AS64857 S5 Slovenia 02 s53zo,oe6rke Area Maribor - Pohorje 2189d dg8ngn
AS64858 S5 Slovenia 03 s53zo,oe6rke Area Ljubljana 2189d dg8ngn
AS64859 S5 Slovenia 04 s53zo,oe6rke Area Dolenjska 2189d dg8ngn
AS64860 S5 Slovenia 05 s53zo,oe6rke Area Adria - Obala 2189d dg8ngn
AS64861 S5 Slovenia 06 s53zo,oe6rke Area Julijske Alpe 2189d dg8ngn
AS64862 S5 Slovenia 07 s53zo,oe6rke Area Carnila 2189d dg8ngn
AS64863 S5 Slovenia 08 s53zo,oe6rke Area Savinjska 2189d dg8ngn
AS64864 S5 Slovenia 09 s53zo,oe6rke Area Zasavje 2189d dg8ngn
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