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The last 200 changes of all objects in this database:
Edited Name / IP Object Comment
 1577d dg8ngn AS64647As AUGSBURG-647-AS
 1577d dg8ngn AS64635As OSNABRUECK-635-AS
 3763d sp2ong AS64829As SP8B - lubelskie, podkarpackie
 1211d dg8ngn AS4226265115As db0rbg
 1493d db1ofh AS4226265109As db0xy
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265731As db0wv
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265703As db0rv
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265711As db0bib
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265702As db0aca
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265706As db0rob
 1356d dl8scu AS4226265701As db0reu
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265704As db0gkm
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265705As db0xhi
 3763d sp2ong AS64830As SP8C - lubelskie, podkarpackie
 1478d dg8ngn AS4226265709As db0rz
 268d dg8ygz AS4226264817As db0rin
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266710As db0flx
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266712As db0fks
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266798As df0hrb
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266720As dm0gg
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266721As do0gg
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266741As db0ais
 134d dg8ngn AS4226266791As db0mi
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266782As db0bmi
 3763d sp2ong AS64831As SP8D - lubelskie, podkarpackie
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266783As db0hrw
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266781As db0bos
 134d dg8ngn AS4226266744As dm0mk
 134d dg8ngn AS4226266742As dm0hrm
 1470d dg8ngn AS4226266743As dm0mtk
 1469d dj5kp AS4226263412As db0xo
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266005As db0zav
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266002As db0hr
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266003As db0htv
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266008As db0px
 2172d sp2ong AS64832As SP9 - Małopolskie, Śląskie: 64832 - 64835
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266021As db0ve
 904d dg8ngn AS4226266031As db0gel
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266032As db0kt
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266033As db0cgw
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266034As db0ldh
 1468d dg8ngn AS4226266051As db0mot
 1263d pe1chl AS4220406914As PI2NON Leeuwarden de Dulf
 1447d pa4den AS4220409500As PA1HS
 1442d ec6pg AS4221407008As Can Capes, Palma, Mallorca Is. - Spain, EA6 district, Mallorca Is, Palma, Can ..
 1423d eb5jeq AS4221430880As ea5ayb Aguilas Murcia
 3763d sp2ong AS64833As SP9B - małopolskie, śląskie
 1263d pe1chl AS4220406915As PI2NON Franeker
 1415d dl1ue AS4226264600As db0wes - Bereich FMT-Wesel
 1415d dl1ue AS4226264650As db0mo - Bereich FMT-Moers
 1415d dl1ue AS4226264675As db0hsn - Bereich Hoschule Niederrhein
 1076d oe1kbc AS4223230028As OE3-OE3XFP-Heidenreichstein - Notfunk Heidenreichstein - Sysop OE3FPA
 1413d dl1ue AS4226264625As rheinberg - Reserviert Bereich Rheinberg
 1402d dg8ngn AS4226265511As db0bhn
 1402d dg8ngn AS4226265512As db0wot
 1400d ea7jrs AS4221430201As Cartagena - Spain,EA5 District, Cartagena, Murcia
 1225d oe1kbc AS4223230029As OE3-OE3UKW-Marchfeld - Großenzersdorf Link/Userzugang
 3763d sp2ong AS64834As SP9C - małopolskie, śląskie
 1385d dh8ghh AS4226264316As dl0rl
 1381d dg8ngn AS4226265036As db0nrp
 1381d dg8ngn AS4226265037As dl3zw-1
 1364d dg8ngn AS4226265707As db0rab
 1364d dg8ngn AS4226264431As db0lel
 1309d dl8scu AS4226264031As db0wtl
 1362d dl8scu AS4226265708As db0tek
 1356d dl8scu AS4226265710As db0rt
 1361d lx1tb AS4227002011As Luxembourg Eisenborn - LX0RL Luxembourg, Eisenborn
 1350d dl8scu AS4226264430As db0ws
 3763d sp2ong AS64835As SP9D - małopolskie, śląskie
 1350d dl8scu AS4226264432As db0ofi
 1350d dl8scu AS4226264433As db0sau
 1326d dl9sau AS4226265904As db0ta
 1076d oe1kbc AS4223230030As OE3-OE3XKL-Kollmitzberg - Linkstrecke Sonntagberg -> Kollmitzberg
 1156d dg8ngn AS4226262622As dh1nfj
 1309d dl8scu AS4226264032As db0stb-2
 1309d dl8scu AS4226264033As db0stb-4
 1309d dl8scu AS4226264012As db0wab
 1309d dl8scu AS4226264015As db0cra
 1309d dl8scu AS4226264027As db0bac
 2172d sp2ong AS64836As SPTEST1-AS - Local Poland test
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262411As db0ez
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262412As db0on
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262413As db0ed
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262414As db0th
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262415As db0dn
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262416As db0tc
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262421As dl3ncu-1
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262422As dl3ncu-2
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262423As dl3ncu-3
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262424As dl3ncu-4
 2172d sp2ong AS64837As SPTEST2-AS - Local Poland test
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262425As dl3ncu-5
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262426As dl3ncu-6
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262427As dl3ncu-7
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262428As dl3ncu-8
 1302d dd9qp AS4226266304As db0zfm - Münster Stadt
 1302d dg8ngn AS4226262417As db0rx
 1278d dg8ngn AS4226262516As db0ona
 1277d dl8scu AS4226264421As db0skf
 1277d dl8scu AS4226264423As db0st
 1275d dl8scu AS4226264402As db0arh
 2172d sp2ong AS64838As SPTEST3-AS - Local Poland test
 1276d dl8scu AS4226264424As db0gg
 1275d dl8scu AS4226264400As db0her
 1275d dl8scu AS4226264401As db0www
 1275d dl8scu AS4226264004As db0uhf
 1275d dl8scu AS4226264411As db0lbg
 1275d dl8scu AS4226264404As db0rbs
 1275d dl8scu AS4226264403As db0zrb
 1275d dg8ngn AS4226262509As db0dah
 1274d dl8scu AS4226264001As db0lx
 1274d dl8scu AS4226264025As temp
 1576d dg8ngn AS64626As COBURG-626-AS
 2172d sp2ong AS64839As SPTEST4-AS - Local Poland test
 1274d dl8scu AS4226264002As db0yy
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264021As db0bp
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264022As db0lb
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264014As db0wus
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264003As db0sbw
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264011As db0lbx
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264016As db0lby
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264017As db0ode
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264026As db0gk
 742d dg8ngn AS4226264037As db0sdx
 2120d f6cnb AS64745As France-IDF - Paris area. -
 1272d dl8scu AS4226264406As db0rbr
 1271d lx1tb AS4227002012As Luxembourg Betzdorf - LX9SES Luxembourg, Betzdorf
 1269d dg8ngn AS4226265506As db0ohb
 1263d pe1chl AS4220400105As PA8F - Home network PA8F
 1263d pe1chl AS4220400108As PE1MHF - Home network PE1MHF
 761d pe1chl AS4220400110As PE1RFR - Home network PE1RFR
 1263d pe1chl AS4220400702As PE2KMV - Home network PE2KMV
 1263d pe1chl AS4220400704As PI3ZLB - PI3ZLB repeater site
 1263d pe1chl AS4220400705As PI3ZLB2 - PI3ZLB repeater site 2
 1263d pe1chl AS4220401109As PD2EBH - Home network PD2EBH
 860d f6cnb AS64746As France (Internet BGP) - Main AS for new subnet which is announced..
 1263d pe1chl AS4220401705As PD1MGN - Home network PD1MGN
 1263d pe1chl AS4220402300As PD5Z - Home network PD5Z
 1263d pe1chl AS4220402301As PA2SQ - Home network PA2SQ
 1263d pe1chl AS4220402607As PI1EHN - PI1EHN repeater site
 1263d pe1chl AS4220403102As PD2NLX - Home network PD2NLX
 1263d pe1chl AS4220403103As PA5NT - Home network PA5NT
 1263d pe1chl AS4220403108As PI2VLI RPCZ - PI2VLI Repeater RX site
 1263d pe1chl AS4220403304As PD1AEM - Home network PD1AEM
 1263d pe1chl AS4220403315As PD2JKC - Home network PD2JKC
 1263d pe1chl AS4220404108As PA3HCM - Home network PA3HCM
 1577d dd9qp AS64653As KASSEL-653-AS
 761d pe1chl AS4220404707As PI4WO - PI4WO club
 1263d pe1chl AS4220406909As PI2NON Leeuwarden de Kei
 1263d pe1chl AS4220406910As PI2NON Drachten
 1263d pe1chl AS4220406911As PI2NON Koperen Hoogte
 1263d pe1chl AS4220406912As PI2NON De Lichtmis WRLP
 1263d pe1chl AS4220406913As PI2NON Lochem
 1263d pe1chl AS4220408100As Subnet PI2SHB - den Bosch
 1263d pe1chl AS4220408302As PE1PQF - Home network PE1PQF
 1263d pe1chl AS4220410301As PA2MD - Home network PA2MD
 1260d dg8ngn AS4226263908As db0whv
 1577d dd9qp AS64654As DUISBURG-ESSEN-654-AS - Ruhrgebiet-West - Duisburg, Essen, Mülheim, Oberhause..
 1260d dg8ngn AS4226265021As db0wil
 1258d dg8ngn AS4226265521As db0rh
 1257d dh8ghh AS4226264306As db0gsh
 1257d dg8ngn AS4226265311As db0nes
 720d dg8ngn AS4226265312As db0mw
 1257d dg8ngn AS4226265313As db0tan
 1257d dg8ngn AS4226265314As db0taw
 1257d dg8ngn AS4226265317As db0kat
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264509As db0wth
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264590As dm0wit
 3645d f1ulq AS64748As France, Le Havre
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264591As db0mgh
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264592As db0ttm
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264593As db0sc
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264541As dk0wue
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264542As db0wz
 1251d dg8ngn AS4226264543As db0aja
 1245d oe1kbc AS4223210105As OE1-OESV Dachverband RZ - Die Services des ÖVSV-RZ ist mit einer Gigabit Lich..
 1245d dg8ngn AS4226262371As dm0ulr
 1159d dg8ngn AS4226264121As db0chh
 1238d dg8ngn AS4226264122As db0xh
 1577d dg8ngn AS64655As BREMEN-655-AS
 1238d dg8ngn AS4226264123As df0hhh
 1238d dg8ngn AS4226264125As db0ost
 1238d dg8ngn AS4226264124As db0hhh
 1231d dg8ngn AS4226265226As db0ajd
 1228d dg8las AS4226266061As dl1tg - Designierter Standort mit Services
 1225d oe1kbc AS4223230031As OE3-OE3XEG-Marchfeld
 1188d oe1kbc AS4223210149As OE1-OE1XBR-Simmering-Nord
 1212d hb9pae AS4222800025As HB9BS-1 Airport Hotel Basel - Grossraum Basel
 1212d hb9pae AS4222800026As HB9BS-2 Wasserturm Schönenbuch Basel - Grossraum Basel
 1212d hb9pae AS4222800027As HB9BS-3 Gempenturm Basel - Grossraum Basel
 615d dh8ghh AS64656As SACHSEN-ANHALT-656-AS
 1211d dg8ngn AS4226265116As db0wiz
 1208d dd9qp AS4226265404As db0hbo - Essen Mitte
 1203d f6cnb AS4220800006As Sainte Maxime, 83 , F6GWE
 63d oe9frv AS4223290001As OE9-OE9XKV-Karren - Vorarlberg Standort KARREN (Karrenseilbahn Bergstation)
 1189d oe1kbc AS4223230032As OE3-OE3XKD-Tulln Landeswarnzentrale
 1188d oe1kbc AS4223210150As OE1-OE1XBR-Simmering-Sued
 706d df3ei AS4226265811As DA0TV testing only - DA0TV - QO-100 DATV ground station
 1164d oe1kbc AS4223230033As OE3-OE3XWJ-Jauerling
 1162d dg8ngn AS4226266512As db0db
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