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The Hamnet-Database

AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS4220400000 PA_ZH1net pe1chl PA_ZH1net AS number assigned with algor.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220400107 PA3HEA pe1chl Home network PA3HEA 16h pe1chl
AS4220400201 PI8HGL pe1chl PI8HGL 16h pe1chl
AS4220400400 PA_LBnet pe1chl PA_LBnet AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220400800 PA_NBWnet pe1chl PA_NBWnet AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220401200 PA_GRnet pe1chl PA_GRnet AS number assigned with algorit.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220401600 PA_NH1net pe1chl PA_NH1net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220402000 PA_FLnet pe1chl PA_FLnet AS number assigned with algorit.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220402400 PA_NBOnet pe1chl PA_NBOnet AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220402800 PA_ZLnet pe1chl PA_ZLnet AS number assigned with algorit.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220403106 PE1PLM pe1chl Home network PE1PLM 16h pe1chl
AS4220403107 PI2VLI pe1chl PI2VLI repeater site 16h pe1chl
AS4220403200 PA_ZH2net pe1chl PA_ZH2net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220403306 PI1DFT pe1chl PI1DFT repeater site 16h pe1chl
AS4220403600 PA_NH2net pe1chl PA_NH2net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220403700 Hilversum Kerkelanden pe1chl Router PI6TEN 616d pe1chl
AS4220403702 Amsterdam West pe1chl Router PI1AMS 316d pe1chl
AS4220403707 Amsterdam WFC pe1chl Router PI4ASD 316d pe1chl
AS4220403713 PA1OKZ pe1chl Home network PA1OKZ 16h pe1chl
AS4220404000 PA_UTnet pe1chl PA_UTnet AS number assigned with algorit.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220404102 PA3EDN pe1chl Home network PA3EDN 16h pe1chl
AS4220404206 PH4X ph4x Home network PH4X 16h pe1chl
AS4220404400 PA_GL1net pe1chl PA_GL1net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220404500 PA_GL2net pe1chl PA_GL2net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220404600 PA_GL3net pe1chl PA_GL3net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220404703 Subnet PA1PAS pe1chl Home network PA1PAS 373d pe1chl
AS4220404706 PI4ANH pe1chl PI4ANH clubstation 359d pe1chl
AS4220404800 PA_OV1net pe1chl PA_OV1net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220404900 PA_OV2net pe1chl PA_OV2net AS number assigned with algori.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220405000 PA_OV3net pe1chl PA_OV3net AS number assigned with algori.. 373d pe1chl
AS4220405101 PA3GJX pe1chl Home network PA3GJX 16h pe1chl
AS4220405200 PA_DRnet pe1chl PA_DRnet AS number assigned with algorit.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220405600 PA_FRnet pe1chl PA_FRnet AS number assigned with algorit.. 732d pe1chl
AS4220406000 GW-44-137 pe1chl HAMnet in the Netherlands at gw-44-137 732d pe1chl
AS4220406100 GW-44-137_gre pe1chl GRE tunnels at gw-44-137 732d pe1chl
AS4220406101 GW-44-137_gre1 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PE1CHL 732d pe1chl
AS4220406102 GW-44-137_gre2 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PE1RDP 732d pe1chl
AS4220406103 GW-44-137_gre3 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PD0ZRY 732d pe1chl
AS4220406104 GW-44-137_gre4 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PE1RJV 616d pe1chl
AS4220406109 GW-44-137_gre9 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PD9FER 585d pe1chl
AS4220406115 GW-44-137_gre15 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PI1NYM 373d pe1chl
AS4220406116 GW-44-137_gre16 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PA0GRI 373d pe1chl
AS4220406123 GW-44-137_gre23 pe1chl GRE tunnel to PA3DFR 331d pe1chl
AS4220406800 PI2NON Steenwijk pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406801 PI2NON Heerenveen pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406802 PI2NON Emmen pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406803 PI2NON Bedum pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406804 PI2NON Ameland pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406805 PI2NON Delfzijl pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406806 PI2NON Harlingen pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406807 PI2NON Groningen pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406808 PI2NON Assen pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406809 PI2NON Hoogkerk pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406810 PI2NON Mobiele set pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406811 PI2NON Veenwouden pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406812 PI2NON Vlagtwedde pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406813 PI2NON Kampen pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406814 PI2NON Apeldoorn pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406815 PI2NON Den Ham pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406900 PI2NON Kerkenveld pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406901 PI2NON De Lichtmis pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406902 PI2NON Dwingeloo pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406903 PI2NON Enschede pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406904 PI2NON Eibergen pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406905 PI2NON Holten pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406906 PI2NON Montferland pa4den PI2NON repeater site - assigned 2016-12-.. 331d dd9qp
AS4220406907 PI2NON Vollenhove pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220406908 PI2NON Delden pa4den 16h pe1chl
AS4220407000 PI1ANH pe1chl PI1ANH repeater site 561d pe1chl
AS4220407001 PI2ANH pe1chl PI2ANH repeater site 561d pe1chl
AS4220407002 STTA pe1chl PI1ANH/PI2ANH server site 561d pe1chl
AS4220407003 PI4AMF pe1chl PI4AMF clubstation 373d pe1chl
AS4220407005 Subnet PI2SWK pe1chl PI2SWK 16h pe1chl
AS4220407007 PI2ANH-2 pe1chl 16h pe1chl
AS4220407600 Subnet PI4HLM pe1chl Haarlem 234d pe1chl
AS4220408000 Subnet PI1SHB pe1chl den Bosch 616d pe1chl
AS4220408300 PA3GYK pe1chl Home network PA3GYK 16h pe1chl
AS4220408400 Subnet PI1DRA pe1chl Drachten 585d pe1chl
AS4220409200 Subnet PI1LWD pe1chl Leeuwarden 16h pe1chl
AS4221401010 EA2-Victoria-Spain eb5jeq,ea2cq 18d eb5jeq
AS4221402006 EA5IJJ ea5ijj Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha Spain EA5 D.. 67d eb5jeq
AS4221403293 EA5-Elche-Algors-Spain eb5jeq EB5JEQ 67d eb5jeq
AS4221403503 Ure Benidorm eb5jeq,pe1ago.. Spain, EA5 District, Benidorm Alicante 67d eb5jeq
AS4221408739 EA3 - Subirats ea3hsp 543d ea4gpz
AS4221415509 EA1 - Fene ea1iof 497d ea4gpz
AS4221428760 Tres Cantos ea4gpz 129d ea4gpz
AS4221430820 - Alcantarilla (Murcia) ea5idn 116d ea5idn
AS4221435220 EA8 Telde eb5jeq EA8 Telde, Canarias, Spain. QTH EA8AQI 63d eb5jeq
AS4221459999 Spain DNS exportation ea5idn,eb5jeq Dummy AS for DNS exportation of Spain 68d ea5idn
AS4221480848 EA8 DMR Gran Canaria eb5jeq Spain, EA8 district , DMR ID 72d eb5jeq
AS4222600000 YO_Confederation yo2loj 32bit ASN according to 42-<e212>-&.. 719d yo2loj
AS4222620000 YO2_Confederation yo2loj 32bit ASN according to 42-<e212>-&.. 719d yo2loj
AS4222620001 YO2LOJ_Gateway yo2loj 32bit ASN according to 42-<e212>-&.. 719d yo2loj
AS4222800001 HB9AK Owner SWISS-ARTG 124d hb9pae
AS4223200000 OE oe7bkh Austria 4223200000-4223299999 - reser.. 693d oe2lsp
AS4223200001 OE event oe2lsp OE event AS for (Hamradio, YOTA,...) 606d oe2lsp
AS4223210120 OE1-Donauturm oe1cmw;oe1kbc 12d oe1kbc
AS4223210130 OE1-Eisenstadtplatz oe1kbc 12d oe1kbc
AS4223210160 OE1-Bisamberg oe1kbc OE1 Bisamberg - OE1XAR 23d oe1kbc
AS4223210200 OE1-AKH oe1sgw OE1 AKH + Links 679d oe1kbc
AS4223210300 OE1-ARSENAL oe1xaw OE1 ARSENAL + Links - 4223210301 EP EXEL.. 254d oe1kbc
AS4223210400 OE1-NORD oe1dac OE1-NORD+ Links 679d oe1kbc
AS4223210500 OE1-Kahlenberg oe3gmw OE1XUU 60d oe3gmw
AS4223210501 OE1-Kueniglberg oe3gmw OE1XOR 60d oe3gmw
AS4223230000 OE3-FHWN-OE3XVJ oe3dus 352d oe3dus
AS4223230001 OE3-FHWN-OE3XNK oe3dus 352d oe3dus
AS4223230002 OE3-FHWN-OE3XWU oe3dus 352d oe3dus
AS4223230003 OE3-FHWN-LG oe3dus For Looking Glass Configurations 246d oe3dus
AS4223230004 OE3-FHWN-OE4XLC oe3dus 352d oe3dus
AS4223230005 OE3-OE3XWW oe3rpu,oe3dus 248d oe3dus
AS4223230006 OE3-OE3XHB-JAUERLING oe1kbc Standort AS 13d oe1kbc
AS4223230007 OE3-OE3XAR oe3cts,oe3cjb 196d oe3cts
AS4223230008 OE3-OE3XYR oe3cts 196d oe3cts
AS4223230009 OE3-OE3XFR oe3cts,oe3cjb 196d oe3cts
AS4223230010 OE3-OE3XSA oe3cts,oe3muc 196d oe3cts
AS4223230011 OE3-OE3XNR oe3dus,oe1kbc OE3XNR Nebelstein 58d oe3dus
AS4223260010 OE6-OE6XKR-Weinebene oe6rke 56d oe6rke
AS4223260011 OE6-OE6XKR1-Weinebene oe6rke Link to s55yms 56d oe6rke
AS4223260020 OE6-OE6XFE-Wolfgangi oe6rke 56d oe6rke
AS4223260030 OE6-OE6XBG-Rennfeld oe6mkd,oe6rke 56d oe6rke
AS4223260040 OE6-OE6XRR-Plabutsch oe6pwe,oe6rke 56d oe6rke
AS4223260050 OE6-OE6XAR-Murau oe6pod 56d oe6rke
AS4223260080 OE6-OE6XPD-Dobl oe6thh,oe6rke 56d oe6rke
AS4223260110 OE6-OE6XLR-Mugl oe6vhf,oe6mkd.. 56d oe6rke
AS4226262501 db0wai dl3mbg,dg8ngn 19h dg8ngn
AS4226262502 db0tvm dl3mbg,dg8ngn 19h dg8ngn
AS4226262503 db0zm dl3mbg,dg8ngn 19h dg8ngn
AS4226262504 db0puc dl3mbg,dg8ngn 19h dg8ngn
AS4226262505 db0dba dl3mbg,dg8ngn 19h dg8ngn
AS4226262507 db0muc dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262508 dm0vk dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262511 db0pm dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262512 db0pme dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262515 db0hzs dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262521 db0ebe dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262522 db0aat dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262523 db0mbg dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262524 db0inn dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262525 db0hob dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262526 db0fhr dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262527 dl0ros dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262531 dm0bgh dl3mbg,dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262611 db0nes dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262612 db0mw dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262613 db0tan dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262614 db0taw dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262615 db0nu dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262616 db0zb dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262617 db0kat dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262621 db0uc dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262622 db0rom dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262623 db0ktn dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262624 db0mio dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262625 dl8new-101 dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262626 dl1nux dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262627 db0fhc dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262628 db0son dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226262629 db0has dg8ngn 18h dg8ngn
AS4226263001 dm0fox dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263002 dm0rdt dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263003 db0ntv dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263004 db0pob dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263011 db0cha dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263012 db0hbz dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263013 db0std dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263014 db0bul dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263015 db0mhb dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263016 db0hsr dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263017 db0kn dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263041 db0sl dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263092 db0wgs dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263093 AS-630-BGP-CONFED-3 dg8ngn 17h dg8ngn
AS4226263101 db0don dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263102 db0dlg dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263103 db0gzl dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263104 db0gzo dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263105 dm0ulm dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263111 db0faa dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263112 db0fha dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263113 db0saa dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263121 db0hbg dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263122 db0mpq dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263123 db0ab dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263124 db0feu dg8ngn 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263502 db0teu do6np,dg8lap 16h dg8ngn
AS4226263591 db0osn do6np,dg8lap 16h dg8ngn
AS4226266401 db0fhn dg8ngn 21h dg8ngn
AS4226266402 db0vox dg8ngn 21h dg8ngn
AS4226266403 df0ann dg8ngn 21h dg8ngn
AS4226266404 db0fue dg8ngn 21h dg8ngn
AS4226266405 db0for dg8ngn 21h dg8ngn
AS4226266406 db0abc dg8ngn 21h dg8ngn
AS4226266407 db0bbg dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266408 db0adb dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266431 db0bam dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266432 dm0et dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266501 db0xr dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266502 db0tod dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266503 db0frg dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266504 db0frb dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266505 db0nks dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266506 db0lhr dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266507 db0wbd dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266508 db0tit dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266509 db0hrh dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266510 dm0zog dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266511 db0ort dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266512 db0bh dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266513 db0tn dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266520 db0hm dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266521 db0up dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266522 db0sel dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226266531 db0wv dg8ngn 20h dg8ngn
AS4226800000 CT Dummy AS CT Dummy AS | DNS export 40d ct1hmn
AS4226827104 CQ0XSI ct1hmn CQ0XSI 32 bit AS number assigned with al.. 40d ct1hmn
AS4226827355 AS from CT1ETY ct1ety 32 bit AS from CT1ETY - Center part of P.. 119d ct1drb
AS4226828001 AS from CT7AJL ct1drb New 32 bit's AS from CT7AJL - South part.. 119d ct1drb
AS4226828100 AS from CS5NRA ct1drb New 32 bit's AS from CS5NRA - South part.. 119d ct1drb
AS4226829100 CQ0XST ct1hmn CQ0XST 32 bit AS number assigned with al.. 40d ct1hmn
AS4226829250 CQ0XAR ct1hmn CQ0XAR 32 bit AS number assigned with al.. 40d ct1hmn
AS4226829500 CQ0XPL ct1hmn CQ0XPL 32 bit AS number assigned with al.. 75d ct1hmn
AS4226846005 CQ0XAM ct1hmn,ct2iww CQ0XAM 32 bit AS number assigned with al.. 42d ct1hmn
AS4226875400 CQ0XSC ct1hmn CQ0XSC 32 bit AS number assigned with al.. 40d ct1hmn
AS4227001000 Luxembourg Rumelange lx1tb,lx1ck LX0PAR Luxembourg, Rumelange 378d lx1tb
AS4227002001 Luxembourg Rodange lx1tb,lx1ju LX0NET Luxembourg, Rodange 383d lx1tb
AS4227002002 Luxembourg Bourscheid lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PAC Luxembourg, Bourscheid 383d lx1tb
AS4227002003 Luxembourg Dippach lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRD Luxembourg, Dippach 383d lx1tb
AS4227002004 Luxembourg Vianden lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRV Luxembourg, Vianden 383d lx1tb
AS4227002005 Luxembourg Junglinster lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRJ Luxembourg, Junglinster 240d lx1tb
AS4227002006 Luxembourg Blaaschend lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRL Luxembourg, Blaaschend 240d lx1tb
AS4227002007 Luxembourg Mechtem lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRM Luxembourg, Mechtem 95d lx1tb
AS4227002008 Luxembourg Nocher lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRN Luxembourg, Nocher 37d lx1tb
AS4236210001 Curacao pj2br,dg8ngn,.. Mobile Country Code is used for 32-bit A.. 545d dg8ngn
AS4290119201 CS5RAT - ARAT eb1ajp,ct1dqv.. Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assign.. 459d ea4gpz
AS4290119202 CQ0UAT eb1ajp,ct1dqv.. Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assign.. 459d eb1ajp
AS4290119203 CQ0DPD ct1dqv,ct1ept.. Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assign.. 458d eb1ajp
AS4290119204 ED1ZAJ eb1ajp Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assign.. 458d eb1ajp
AS4290119205 CQ0DCH ct1dqv,ct1ept.. Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assign.. 116d eb1ajp
AS4290119206 CQ0VMI ct1dqv,ct1ept.. Chaves-Vern Eurocity - AS number assign.. 116d eb1ajp
AS64515 OE1 oe1kbc Wien 64512-64519 1262d oe1kbc
AS64520 OE2 oe2lsp,oe2wao Salzburg 64520-64529 - 64521 OE2XAP - 64.. 35d oe2wao
AS64530 OE3 oe1kbc Niedersterreich 64530-64539 1656d oe6rke
AS64534 OE3-SUED-AS oe3cts,oe3rpu.. 795d oe3cts
AS64535 OE3-NORD-AS oe3djb,oe1kbc Niedersterreich Waldviertel 795d oe3cts
AS64536 OE3-MITTE-AS oe3cts Niedersterreich St.Plten, Umgebung, Al.. 795d oe3cts
AS64537 OE3-FHWN-AS oe3dus Niedersterreich sdliches Wiener Becken 352d oe3dus
AS64540 OE4 oe1kbc,oe6rke Burgenland 64540-64549 1656d oe6rke
AS64550 OE5 oe5rnl Obersterreich 64550-64559 1662d dl8mbt
AS64560 OE6 oe6rke,oe6pwe Steiermark 64560-64569 1256d oe6rke
AS64570 OE7 oe7fmi,oe7ost.. Tirol 64570-64579 - 64571: Tirol Tunnel-.. 490d oe7fmi
AS64580 OE8 oe8bck,oe6rke.. Krnten 64580-64589 967d oe1kbc
AS64590 OE9 oe9rsv,oe9frv.. Vorarlberg 64590-64599 293d oe9frv
AS64600 TRENTINO-ALTO-ADIGE iw3brc,in3fqq Sdtirol, Trentino - Homepage: http://ha.. 70d iw3brc
AS64601 FRIULI-VENEZIA-GIULIA oe6rke AS 4222260101 IR3UDA 90d oe6rke
AS64620 IPKOORD-HUB-SUED-AS dg8ngn DL-IP-Coordination Hub-Sued 1704d dd9qp
AS64621 IPKOORD-HUB-WEST-AS dd9qp DL-IP-Coordination Hub-West 1704d dd9qp
AS64622 IPKOORD-HUB-OST-AS dl9sau DL-IP-Coordination Hub-Ost 1704d dd9qp
AS64623 IPKOORD-HUB-NORD-AS dd9qp,dg8ngn,.. DL-IP-Coordination Hub-Nord (out of serv.. 1704d dd9qp
AS64624 IPKOORD-HUB-MITTE-AS dd9qp,dg8ngn,.. DL-IP-Coordination Hub-Mitte (out of ser.. 1704d dd9qp
AS64625 DISTRIKT-C-625-AS dl3mbg,dg8ngn Oberbayern 217d dg8ngn
AS64626 DISTRIKT-B-626-AS dg8ngn Franken 1792d dg8ngn
AS64627 DISTRIKT-L-627-AS dd9qp Niederrhein - WES, KLE 1356d dd9qp
AS64628 DISTRIKT-S-628-AS dg1cpa Distrikt Sachsen 1704d dd9qp
AS64629 DISTRIKT-D-629-AS dl7uaz Berlin 1789d dg8ngn
AS64630 DISTRIKT-U-630-AS dl8rds Ostbayern 729d dg8ngn
AS64631 DISTRIKT-T-631-AS dg8ngn Schwaben 1790d dg8ngn
AS64632 DISTRIKT-R-632-AS df6ef,dk2crn Nordrhein: Duesseldorf, Neuss, Wermelski.. 1789d dg8ngn
AS64633 DISTRIKT-O-633-AS df4dr Westfalen-Sued: Bochum, Dortmund, Schwer.. 675d dd9qp
AS64634 DISTRIKT-G-634-AS dh3wr Koeln-Aachen: Koeln, Aachen, Nordeifel, .. 1197d dh3wr
AS64635 DISTRIKT-I-MITTE-635-AS do6np,dg8lap AS Distrikt Nordsee Mitte - Landkreise: .. 420d do6np
AS64636 DISTRIKT-H-636-AS do4bz Niedersachsen-West - Internet: http://ww.. 21d do4bz
AS64637 DISTRIKT-A-637-AS dm8bs,do5mc Baden 1876d dm8bs
AS64638 DISTRIKT-K-638-AS dl5di Rheinland-Pfalz 1788d dl5di
AS64639 DISTRIKT-I-WEST-639-AS dh6bb,dg9bhd Ostfriesland, Friesland, Bremerhaven 888d dd9qp
AS64640 DISTRIKT-P-NORD-640-AS dl8scu 68d dg8ngn
AS64641 DISTRIKT-E-641-AS dk3hg,dc2hc Hamburg,Lneburg - Zuknftige 16Bit-AS f.. 70d dc2hc
AS64642 DISTRIKT-V-642-AS dl7ray Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - (( ARIR: DL7RAY.. 1114d dl7ray
AS64643 DISTRIKT-H-OST-643 dj1bb,dh8ghh Niedersachsen-Ost - 32 Bit AS IDs der Ro.. 188d dh8ghh
AS64644 DISTRIKT-P-644-AS dl8scu Wrttemberg 1170d dg8ngn
AS64645 DISTRIKT-M-MITTE-645-AS dd1ov Schleswig-Holstein Mitte und Ostkste s.. 770d dd9qp
AS64646 Z63-NIEDERRHEIN-646-AS dl1mh,dl1ue,d.. Linker Niederrhein: Krefeld (Hochschule-.. 732d dl1ue
AS64647 DISTRIKT-T-SUED-647-AS dg8ngn Sd-Schwaben 1597d dg8ngn
AS64648 DISTRIKT-N-648-AS dg8ygz,dl1udm Westfalen, Ost-Westfalen-Lippe, Muenster.. 887d dg8ngn
AS64649 DISTRIKT-X-649-AS db5sb Region Thringen 366d dg8ngn
AS64650 DISTRIKT-Q-650-AS dg9vh Saarland 279d dg8ngn
AS64651 DISTRIKT-O-SUED-651-AS df4dr Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, Hagen, Mrkischer Kre.. 18d dl3dcw
AS64652 DISTRIKT-U-NORD-652-AS dg7rz 1533d dg8ngn
AS64653 DISTRIKT-F-NORD-653-AS dg8ngn 888d dd9qp
AS64654 DISTRIKT-L-SUED-654 dd9qp Ruhrgebiet-West - Essen, Duisburg, Mlhe.. 1357d dd9qp
AS64655 DISTRIKT-I-OST-655-AS db1hdn 1214d dg8ngn
AS64656 DISTRIKT-W-656-AS dg8ngn,dg1hvl 1057d dg8ngn
AS64657 DISTRIKT-P-SUED-657-AS dl8scu,dl8va Wrttemberg Sued 935d dl8scu
AS64658 DISTRIKT-Y-SUED-658-AS dm6mh Brandenburg-Sued 743d dm6mh
AS64659 DISTRIKT-Y-NORD-659-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 931d dg8ngn
AS64660 DISTRIKT-F-OST-660-AS dg8las,dh9fax 887d dg8ngn
AS64661 AACHEN-STOLBERG-661-AS dh3wr 888d dd9qp
AS64662 DISTRIKT-M-NORDWEST-622-AS dl5la,dc1ld Nrdliches Schleswig-Holstein und Westk.. 769d dl5la
AS64663 MUENSTERLAND-WEST-663-AS dd9qp AH, BOH, BOR, COE, MS-west, RE-nordwest .. 68d dd9qp
AS64664 MITTELFRANKEN-664-AS dg8ngn 413d dg8ngn
AS64665 BADEN-665-AS dg8ngn 413d dg8ngn
AS64666 WESTFALEN-666-AS dd9qp GLA, GE, RE, HAM, HER, WAL 412d dd9qp
AS64667 DISTRIKT-F-SUED-667-AS dg8las 114d dg8ngn
AS64668 DL-IP-KOORD-668 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64669 DL-IP-KOORD-669 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64670 DL-IP-KOORD-670 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64671 DL-IP-KOORD-671 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64672 DL-IP-KOORD-672 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64673 DL-IP-KOORD-673 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64674 DL-IP-KOORD-674 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64675 DL-IP-KOORD-675 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. 1372d dg8ngn
AS64676 HAMNET-EVENT1-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau.. for special events only (temporarily ass.. 1704d dd9qp
AS64677 HAMNET-EVENT2-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau.. for special events only (temporarily ass.. 1704d dd9qp
AS64678 HAMNET-EVENT3-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau.. for special events only (temporarily ass.. 1704d dd9qp
AS64679 DLTEST-AS-16BIT dg8ngn,dl9sau.. For further Test the following 32-bit-AS.. 329d dd9qp
AS64680 HAMCLOUD-AS dg8ngn,dl9sau.. HamCloud Spare 329d dd9qp
AS64681 HAMCLOUD-AS1 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. HamCloud Datacenter1 329d dd9qp
AS64682 HAMCLOUD-AS2 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. HamCloud Datacenter2 329d dd9qp
AS64683 HAMCLOUD-AS3 dg8ngn,dl9sau.. HamCloud Datacenter3 329d dd9qp
AS64684 Luxemburg1 lx1tb,lx1ju Luxemburg 384d lx1tb
AS64685 Luxemburg2 lx1tb,lx1duc Luxemburg 2 833d lx1tb
AS64695 Transit 1 64695-64704 to be changed 731d dd9qp
AS64705 Hungary ha2non 64705 - 64707 402d ha2non
AS64708 EA2 ea4gpz,ea2cq Spain, EA2 district 647d ea4gpz
AS64709 EA1 ea4gpz Spain, EA1 district 725d ea4gpz
AS64711 EA5 ea4gpz,eb5jeq Spain, EA5 disctrict 93d oe2lsp
AS64712 EA3 ea4gpz Spain, EA3 district 725d ea4gpz
AS64713 EA6 ea4gpz Spain, EA6 district 725d ea4gpz
AS64714 EA7 ea4gpz Spain, EA7 district 725d ea4gpz
AS64715 EA8 ea4gpz Spain, EA8 district 725d ea4gpz
AS64716 EA9 ea4gpz Spain, EA9 district 725d ea4gpz
AS64717 Spain, test 1 ea4gpz 725d ea4gpz
AS64718 Spain, test 2 ea4gpz 725d ea4gpz
AS64719 Spain, test 3 ea4gpz 725d ea4gpz
AS64720 Basel hb9dio Region Basel hb9ebs 1749d hb9ctb
AS64721 HB9AM hb9xar IGC HB9AM - Bereich Chestenberg & L.. 478d hb9xar
AS64722 USKA Sektionen Zug, Luzern, Uri/Schwyz hb9wad,hb9tlx Innerschweiz hb9rf hb9lu hb9cf 1609d hb9wad
AS64723 Zuerich, Uetliberg hb9ctb hb9zrh 1110d hb9pae
AS64724 RZ-Huenenberg hb9sdb hb9dr 1610d hb9sdb
AS64725 HB9AW-HB9BA hb9sdb,hb9dse.. Sursee, Sempach, Willisau, Grossraum Sol.. 1608d hb9sdb
AS64726 HB9AK Hoernli ZH hb9ctb,hb9pae.. Standort Hoernli, HB9AK, Kirchberg, HB9K.. 907d hb9sdb
AS64727 HB9ZRH-2 Zuerich Oerlikon hb9tb,hb9pae Standort Zuerich Oerlikon HB9ZRH-2 1110d hb9pae
AS64728 HB9SG Hohe Buche hb9ctb,hb9pae Hohe Buche, HB9SG 1110d hb9pae
AS64729 HB9AK-14, Titlis hb9tb,hb9pae Standorte HB9AK-14, Titlis und HB9T, Nie.. 1110d hb9pae
AS64730 HB9AM-Infrastruktur hb9xar IGC HB9AM - Bereich RZ LUPIN 478d hb9xar
AS64731 HB9NA hb9na HAMNET Notfunk-Netzwerk Aargau 953d hb9ctb
AS64742 F6KFT dep57 f1ulq,f1ngp 50d f1tzv
AS64745 France-IDF f6cnb Paris area. - , http.. 651d f6cnb
AS64746 France IDF-others f6cnb Remote subnets 1085d f6cnb
AS64747 France-Alpes Maritimes f6cnb,f5sfu Nice Area South East of France 1356d f5sfu
AS64748 France, Le Havre f1ulq,f4fwh 1378d f1ulq
AS64749 France, Hamnet Loire f4hof,f4eed,f.. 487d f4hof
AS64751 France, Nancy area, 1308d f6cnb
AS64752 France, Ile de la Reunion f6cnb,fr5fc 1005d f6cnb
AS64754 Bretagne f6cnb,f8fkd Finistere, le bout du monde 22d f6cnb
AS64757 France, Vaucluse et environ f6cnb,f4gkn 595d f6cnb
AS64758 France, Cherbourg area f6cnb 681d f6cnb
AS64761 France, F4HOF-AS f4hof 483d f4hof
AS64763 France, Jura, Dole f6cnb 232d f6cnb
AS64764 France - Hautes Alpes f6cnb Gap, Briancon, Serre Chevalier 8d f6cnb
AS64778 ON on4sax 1370d dg8ngn
AS64800 SP1 sp2ong,hf1l Zachodniopomorskie: 64800 - 64803 605d sp2ong
AS64804 SP2 sp2ong,sp2l,h.. Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Pomorskie: 64804 - 6.. 605d sp2ong
AS64808 SP3 sp2ong,hf1l Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie: 64808 - 64811 605d sp2ong
AS64812 SP4 sp2ong,hf1l Warmi?sko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie: 64812 - .. 605d sp2ong
AS64816 SP5 sp2ong,hf1l Mazowieckie: 64816 - 64819 605d sp2ong
AS64820 SP6 sp2ong,hf1l Dolno?l?skie, Opolskie: 64820 - 64823 605d sp2ong
AS64824 SP7 sp2ong,hf1l ?dzkie, ?wi?tokrzyskie: 64824 - 64827 605d sp2ong
AS64828 SP8 sp2ong,hf1l Lubelskie, Podkarpackie: 64828 - 64831 605d sp2ong
AS64832 SP9 sp2ong,hf1l Ma?opolskie, ?l?skie: 64832 - 64835 605d sp2ong
AS64836 SPTEST1-AS sp2ong,hf1l Local Poland test 605d sp2ong
AS64837 SPTEST2-AS sp2ong,hf1l Local Poland test 605d sp2ong
AS64838 SPTEST3-AS sp2ong,hf1l Local Poland test 605d sp2ong
AS64839 SPTEST4-AS sp2ong,hf1l Local Poland test 605d sp2ong
AS64850 CT - Norte ct1drb North part of Portugal 1011d ct1drb
AS64851 CT - Centro ct1drb Center part of Portugal 1011d ct1drb
AS64852 CT - Sul ct1drb South part of Portugal 1011d ct1drb
AS64853 CT - Azores ct1drb Azores 1011d ct1drb
AS64854 CT - Madeira ct1drb Madeira 1011d ct1drb
AS64855 S5 Slovenia 00 s53zo,oe6rke S5 Core Net 735d dg8ngn
AS64856 S5 Slovenia 01 s53zo,oe6rke Area Murska Sobota - Pomurje 735d dg8ngn
AS64857 S5 Slovenia 02 s53zo,oe6rke Area Maribor - Pohorje 735d dg8ngn
AS64858 S5 Slovenia 03 s53zo,oe6rke Area Ljubljana 735d dg8ngn
AS64859 S5 Slovenia 04 s53zo,oe6rke Area Dolenjska 735d dg8ngn
AS64860 S5 Slovenia 05 s53zo,oe6rke Area Adria - Obala 735d dg8ngn
AS64861 S5 Slovenia 06 s53zo,oe6rke Area Julijske Alpe 735d dg8ngn
AS64862 S5 Slovenia 07 s53zo,oe6rke Area Carnila 735d dg8ngn
AS64863 S5 Slovenia 08 s53zo,oe6rke Area Savinjska 735d dg8ngn
AS64864 S5 Slovenia 09 s53zo,oe6rke Area Zasavje 735d dg8ngn
AS64865 Croatia 9a4gl,9a6nvi 64865-64873 653d dg8ngn
389 entries.