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AS4290119201 - CS5RAT - ARAT

Maintainer: eb1ajp, ct1dqv, ct1ept   pt - Portugal

Chaves-Vern Eurocity

AS number assigned with algorithm:
42eeexxx00 where eee is the E.212 mobile country code and xxx is the subnet within the country
Last edited by 2016-09-08
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
cq0dch Leiranco ct1dqv,ct1ept,eb1ajp 1788d eb1ajp
cq0dpd Padrela ct1dqv,ct1ept,eb1ajp 1788d eb1ajp
cq0uat Mairos eb1ajp,ct1dqv,ct1ept ISM 5600 1889d eb1ajp
cs5rat ARAT eb1ajp,ct1dqv,ct1ept Associao de Radioamadores do Alto Tmega 1788d eb1ajp
ea1rkp-1 Ourense eb1ajp,eb1eey Experimental 1450d eb1ajp
ea1rkp Ourense eb1ajp,eb1eey Experimental 1450d eb1ajp
eb1ajp-1 Ourense eb1ajp Experimental 932d eb1ajp
eb1ajp Vern-Ourense eb1ajp 1267d eb1ajp
eb1eey Ourense eb1ajp,eb1eey Experimental 1450d eb1ajp
eb1hbk San Mamed eb1hbk,eb1ajp 115d eb1ajp
ed1zaj Vern-Ourense eb1ajp ISM 5520 1788d eb1ajp
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Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited   Backbone-Network - AS4290119201 cs5rat,f6cnb - IPIP Tunnel 40d f6cnb AS-Backbone - AS4290119201 1258d eb1ajp      Service-Network - AS4290119201 105d eb1ajp   Backbone-Network - AS4290119201 cs5rat,eb1ajp - Tunnel 111d eb1ajp   Backbone-Network - AS4290119201 cs5rat,eb1eey 111d eb1ajp   Site-Network - AS4290119201 cs5rat - ARAT 1252d eb1ajp   Backbone-Network - AS4290119201 cq0uat,cs5rat 111d eb1ajp   Backbone-Network - AS4290119201 cq0dpd,cs5rat 111d eb1ajp      User-Network - AS4290119201 cs5rat - users-vpn 1889d eb1ajp AS-User/Services - AS4290119201 105d eb1ajp
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Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited bb-cs5rat.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 40d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel f6cnb 40d f6cnb mkt.cs5rat Service cs5rat Mikrotik Router 105d eb1ajp mkt.cq0uat Service cq0uat Mikrotik router 105d eb1ajp mkt.cq0dpd Service cq0dpd Mikrotik router 105d eb1ajp mkt.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj Mikrotik router 105d eb1ajp mkt.cq0dch Service cq0dch Mikrotik router 105d eb1ajp mkt.verin.eb1ajp Service eb1ajp Mikrotik router 105d eb1ajp mkt.ea1rkp Service ea1rkp Router 105d eb1ajp mkt.ea1rkp1 Service ea1rkp-1 router link 105d eb1ajp mkt.eb1eey Service eb1eey router 105d eb1ajp router.eb1hbk Service eb1hbk 105d eb1ajp mkt.eb1ajp1 Service eb1ajp-1 router 105d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 111d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.eb1ajp Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp.eb1eey Routing-Tunnel eb1eey 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.eb1ajp Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp-1 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp1.eb1ajpverin Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajpverin.eb1ajp1 Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajpverin.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 111d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.eb1ajpverin Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.eb1ajp1 Routing-Tunnel eb1ajp 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp1.eb1eey Routing-Tunnel eb1eey 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 111d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.eb1eey Routing-Tunnel eb1eey 111d eb1ajp gateway.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj Gateway.router 1890d eb1ajp dstar.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj D-Star ED1ZAJ, APRS Igate 1889d eb1ajp gateway.cs5rat Service cs5rat 1252d eb1ajp webcam.cs5rat Service cs5rat WebCam 1252d eb1ajp gateway.cq0dch Service cq0dch Mikrotik router 1890d eb1ajp gateway.ea1rkp Service ea1rkp 994d eb1ajp dstar.ed1zbd Service ea1rkp 994d eb1ajp bb-cq0uat.cs5rat Routing-Radio cs5rat 104d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.cq0uat Routing-Radio cq0uat 104d eb1ajp bb-ed1zaj.cq0uat Routing-Radio cq0uat 104d eb1ajp bb-cq0uat.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 104d eb1ajp bb-eb1ajp1.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 111d eb1ajp bb-ed1zaj.eb1ajp1 Routing-Radio eb1ajp 111d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp1.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 111d eb1ajp bb-ed1zaj.ea1rkp1 Routing-Radio ea1rkp-1 111d eb1ajp bb-cq0dpd.cs5rat Routing-Radio cs5rat 111d eb1ajp bb-cs5rat.cq0dpd Routing-Radio cq0dpd 111d eb1ajp bb-cq0dch.cq0dpd Routing-Radio cq0dpd 111d eb1ajp bb-cq0dpd.cq0dch Routing-Radio cq0dch 111d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp1.eb1eey Routing-Radio eb1eey 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1eey.ea1rkp1 Routing-Radio ea1rkp-1 111d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp.ea1rkp1 Routing-Radio ea1rkp-1 111d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp1.ea1rkp Routing-Radio ea1rkp 111d eb1ajp bb.ed1zaj.eb1hbk Routing-Radio eb1hbk 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1hbk.ed1zaj Routing-Radio ed1zaj 111d eb1ajp bb-ea1rkp.eb1hbk Routing-Radio eb1hbk 111d eb1ajp bb-eb1hbk.ea1rkp Routing-Radio ea1rkp 111d eb1ajp gw.eb1hbk Service eb1hbk 115d eb1ajp dstar.eb1hbk Service eb1hbk 111d eb1ajp users.gateway.cq0uat Service cq0uat 1253d eb1ajp eb1ajp.cq0uat Service cq0uat 1818d eb1ajp ea1axy.cq0uat Service cq0uat 1913d ea4gpz ct1dqv.cq0uat Service cq0uat 1913d ea4gpz ct1ept.cq0uat Service cq0uat 1913d ea4gpz ct1enu.cq0uat Service cq0uat 1913d ea4gpz ct1ffe.cq0uat Service cq0uat 1913d ea4gpz users.gateway.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj 1253d eb1ajp eb1ajp.ed1zaj Service ed1zaj 1889d eb1ajp users.gateway.cs5rat Service cs5rat 1253d eb1ajp eb1hbk.cs5rat Service cs5rat 1253d eb1ajp ea1ay.cs5rat Service cs5rat 106d eb1ajp eb1ajp.cs5rat Service cs5rat 106d eb1ajp bb-cq0pax.cs5rat Routing-Tunnel cs5rat 1129d ct1drb bb-cs5rat.cq0pax Routing-Tunnel cq0pax 1908d eb1ajp
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