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Classic list of AS by number

Country TLD AS Count Last edit
Austria at 123 21d
Belgium be 1 2824d
Switzerland ch 30 11d
Curacao cw 1 1999d
Germany de 621 17d
Spain es 40 115d
France fr 61 47d
Croatia hr 1 2107d
Hungary hu 1 1856d
Italy it 2 765d
Luxembourg lu 39 22h
Netherlands nl 122 135d
Poland pl 13 1360d
Portugal pt 18 189d
Romania ro 4 982d
Slovenia si 10 2189d
HAMCLOUD xx 4 1377d
AS of Luxembourg (lu):
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
  AS64685 > AS4227000998 LARU LX0BGP IPIP Gateway lx1duc,lx2sg LX0BGP 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000999 LARU LX0BGP lx1duc,lx2sg LX0BGP 22d lx1duc
AS4227002012 Luxembourg Betzdorf lx1tb,lx1ju LX9SES Luxembourg, Betzdorf 459d lx1tb
AS4227002006 Luxembourg Blaschette2 lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRB Luxembourg, Blaaschend2 867d lx1tb
AS4227002010 Luxembourg Blaschette lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRU Luxembourg, Blaschette 867d lx1tb
AS4227002002 Luxembourg Bourscheid lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PAC Luxembourg, Bourscheid 1837d lx1tb
AS4227002003 Luxembourg Dippach lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRD Luxembourg, Dippach 1837d lx1tb
AS4227002011 Luxembourg Eisenborn lx1tb,lx1ju LX0RL Luxembourg, Eisenborn 548d lx1tb
AS4227002005 Luxembourg Junglinster lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRJ Luxembourg, Junglinster 1694d lx1tb
AS4227002009 Luxembourg Kirchberg lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRK Luxembourg, Kirchberg 1127d lx1tb
  AS64685 > AS4227000011 Luxembourg LARU Baschleiden Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx1sp LX1SP 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000001 Luxembourg LARU Diekirch Home lx1duc,lx2sg LX0DUC - LX0APD - LX1DUC 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000002 Luxembourg LARU Differdange Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx3x LX3X 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000009 Luxembourg LARU Differdange lx1duc,lx2sg LX0DMX 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000111 Luxembourg LARU Emergency Communication 111 lx1duc,lx2sg LX0E 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000112 Luxembourg LARU Emergency Communication 112 lx1duc,lx2sg LX0E 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000113 Luxembourg LARU Emergency Communication 113 lx1duc,lx2sg LX0E 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000015 Luxembourg LARU Esch-sur-Alzette Lallange Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx1ge LX1GE 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000014 Luxembourg LARU Esch-sur-Alzette lx1duc,lx2sg,lx3x LX9LGK 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000003 Luxembourg LARU Ettelbrck lx1duc,lx2sg LX0NSR 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000017 Luxembourg LARU Heffingen Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx2cs LX2CS 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000018 Luxembourg LARU Helmsange Home lx1duc,lx2sg,lx1bv LX1BV 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000016 Luxembourg LARU Larochette lx1duc,lx2sg,lx2cs LX0LARO 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000008 Luxembourg LARU Lorentzweiler lx1duc,lx2sg LX0LWL 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000019 Luxembourg LARU Luxembourg Rang lx1duc,lx2sg LX4CG 22h lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000004 Luxembourg LARU Luxembourg-Kirchberg lx1duc,lx2sg LX0DMR 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000013 Luxembourg LARU Mompach lx1duc,lx2sg LX0OST - LX0EMC 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000007 Luxembourg LARU Nocher lx1duc,lx2sg LX0BER - LX0POC 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000006 Luxembourg LARU Reimberg lx1duc,lx2sg LX0FSK - LX0RIC 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000012 Luxembourg LARU Remich lx1duc,lx2sg LX0HYT - LX0BIT 20d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000005 Luxembourg LARU Senningerberg Home lx1duc,lx2sg LX2SG 22d lx1duc
  AS64685 > AS4227000010 Luxembourg LARU Soleuvre lx1duc,lx2sg LX0SAG 22d lx1duc
AS4227002007 Luxembourg Mechtem lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRM Luxembourg, Mechtem 1549d lx1tb
AS4227002008 Luxembourg Nocher lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRN Luxembourg, Nocher 1491d lx1tb
AS4227002001 Luxembourg Rodange lx1tb,lx1ju LX0NET Luxembourg, Rodange 1837d lx1tb
AS4227001000 Luxembourg Rumelange lx1tb,lx1ck LX0PAR Luxembourg, Rumelange 1833d lx1tb
AS4227002004 Luxembourg Vianden lx1tb,lx1ju LX0PRV Luxembourg, Vianden 1837d lx1tb
AS64684 Luxemburg1 lx1tb,lx1ju Luxemburg 1838d lx1tb
AS64685 Luxemburg2 lx1tb,lx1duc Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union - 22d lx1duc
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