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Subnet (AS-Backbone)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     512 IPs

Link-Netzwerke HB9
Last edited 2022-05-03 by dg8ngn

Related to the subnets:
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited   Backbone-Network - AS64731 hb9na-30,hb9na-80,hb9na-90 - Link HB9NA-80 <-> HB9NA-90 (BAKOM: 1000383497-2030/2040) 2362d hb9fds   Backbone-Network - AS64731 Link HB9NA (for further use) 2577d hb9fds   Backbone-Network - AS64731 Link HB9NA (for further use) 2577d hb9fds   Backbone-Network AS4222800028 AS64725 hb9ak-0,hb9ba - Link zu HB9BA / Weissenstein - HB9AK-0 Landstuhl 208d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64728 db0wv,hb9sg - 5825MHz 1416d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64728 hb9sg - Verbindung HB9SG<> OE9XPR Pfnder (geplant) 1416d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - - hb9nf-1,hb9zg-30 - Link HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg - HB0NF Warten 563d hb9bmc   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9ak-1,hb9tg - Link Hrnli HB9AK-1 <> Immenberg HB9TG 1105d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9ak-1,hb9w-10 1105d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9ak-1,hb9nf 1105d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9ak-1,hb9ak-20 1105d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9ak-1,hb9nf-1 1105d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9nf,hb9zrh 1105d dg8ngn   Backbone-Network - AS64728 hb9sg,hb9sg-2 868d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9ba-2,hb9dr - Link PPP HB9BA-2 ATV Relais <-> HB9DR 37d hb9sdb   Backbone-Network - AS4222800021 hb9nf-1,hb9zrh 868d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64728 hb9sg,hb9sg-3 793d hb9pae   Backbone-Network AS4222800025 - hb9bs-1,hb9bs-2 729d hb9pae   Backbone-Network AS4222800025 - hb9bs-1 729d hb9pae   Backbone-Network AS4222800028 - hb9ak-0,hb9tv-3 - Link zu HB9TV-3 208d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS4222800032 Link PTL-CER 18d hb9vbe   Backbone-Network - AS4222800032 Link PTL-GLU 18d hb9vbe   Backbone-Network - AS4222800032 Futur usage 18d hb9vbe   Backbone-Network - AS4222800032 Link Hamnet-PTL 18d hb9vbe   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9dr-20 - in Planung - Link Hrnli - St.Gallen 2511d hb9sdb   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9ak-1,hb9sg - Link HB9AK-1 Hrnli <> Hohe Buche HB9SG 1339d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64720 db0kit,hb9csr 2987d dm8bs   Backbone-Network - AS64726 hb9ak-1,hb9ak-30 - Hrnli HB9AK-1 <> Bachtel HB9AK-10 1558d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64729 hb9ak-14,hb9t - Link HB9AK-14 <> HB9T 2737d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64725 hb9ba,hb9dr-11 - Link Weissenstein - Solothurn 3233d hb9sdb   Backbone-Network - AS64725 Link Twerenegg - Weissenstein 3233d hb9sdb   Backbone-Network - AS64729 hb9ak-14,hb9lu-30 - Link HB9AK-14 Titlis - HB9LU-VH Verkehrshaus Luzern 2737d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64729 hb9ak-14 - Link HB9ZRH-2 <> HB9AK-14 2737d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64723 hb9am-30,hb9zrh - Link Lgern - Uetliberg 3302d hb9xar   Backbone-Network - AS64726 Hrnli HB9AK-1 <> Uetlibeg HB9ZRH 1558d hb9pae   Backbone-Network - AS64722 hb9zg-20,hb9zrh - Link HB9ZG Hnenberg - HB9ZRH Uetliberg 568d hb9bmc   Backbone-Network - AS64722 hb9dr,hb9zg-20 - Link HB9ZG Hnenberg - HB9DR Rechenzentrum Hnenberg 568d hb9bmc   Backbone-Network - AS64730 hb9am-30,hb9am-40 - HB9AM 2104d hb9xar   Backbone-Network - AS64730 HB9AM spare 2104d hb9xar   Backbone-Network - AS64730 hb9am-30,hb9am-40 - VPN Link Lgern <-> Brugg 2104d hb9xar   Backbone-Network - AS64721 hb9am-20,hb9am-30 2104d hb9xar   Backbone-Network - AS64721 hb9am-20,hb9am-30 - 5830MHz - Link Lgern - Chestenberg 2104d hb9xar   Backbone-Network - AS64721 HB9AM spare 2104d hb9xar   Backbone-Network - AS64720 db0db,hb9ebs 510d dg8ngn
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited Routing-Ethernet hb9na-80 2567d hb9fds Routing-Ethernet hb9na-90 2567d hb9fds Routing-Ethernet hb9na-30 Mglicher Interlink AS 64721 <-> 64731. Mglicherweise als Point-To-Mult.. 1802d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9na-80 AP Bridge (AirMax),NanoBeam M5-19 (3) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2030) 2362d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9na-90 Station (AirMax),NanoBeam M5-19 (4) - (BAKOM: 1000383497-2040) 2362d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9na-30 Station (AirMax) 1802d hb9fds Routing-Radio hb9ak-0 208d hb9pae trx-hb9ba.hb9ak-0 Service hb9ak-0 QRT5 nach HB9BA Weissenstein 208d hb9pae trx-hb9ak0.hb9ba Service hb9ba UBNT Air Grid link to HB9AK-0, Landstuhl 208d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9ba Link to HB9AK-0, Landstuhl 208d hb9pae eth2.db0wv.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg 1499d hb9pae lnk-db0wv.hb9sg Service hb9sg Station WDS (NStreme) 1501d do2gm lnk-hb9sg.db0wv Service db0wv AP Bridge (NStreme) 1501d do2gm bb-hb9sg.db0wv Routing-Radio db0wv 1501d do2gm eth3.0e9xpr.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg Geplant 1499d hb9pae bb-hb9nf-1.hb9zg-30 Routing-Radio hb9zg-30 Link zu HB9NF Warten 563d hb9bmc trx-hb9nf-1.hb9zg-30 Service hb9zg-30 837d dg8ngn trx-hb9zg-30.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 536d hb9wad bb-hb9zg-30.hb9nf-1 Routing-Radio hb9nf-1 Link zu HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg 536d hb9wad bb8-hb9tg.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9TG 1102d hb9pae lnk-hb9tg.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 HB9TG 1105d hb9pae lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9tg Service hb9tg Link zu HB9AK Hrnli 1105d hb9pae bb-hb9ak-1.hb9tg Routing-Radio hb9tg 1105d dg8ngn bb7-hb9w.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1102d hb9pae lnk-hb9w.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9w-10 Service hb9w-10 1105d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9w-10 Routing-Radio hb9w-10 1105d dg8ngn bb3-hb9nf.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1102d hb9pae lnk-hb9nf.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9nf Service hb9nf 1105d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9nf Routing-Radio hb9nf 1105d dg8ngn bb7-hb9ak-20.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1102d hb9pae lnk-hb9ak-20.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-20 Service hb9ak-20 1105d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-20 Routing-Radio hb9ak-20 1105d dg8ngn bb7-hb9nf-1.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 1102d hb9pae lnk-hb9nf-1.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 1105d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9nf-1 Routing-Radio hb9nf-1 1105d dg8ngn bb-hb9zrh.hb9nf Routing-Radio hb9nf 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9zrh.hb9nf Service hb9nf 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9nf.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 703d hb9pae eth3.hb9nf.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh 703d hb9pae bb.hb9sg-2.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg Link Device Hoher Kasten 868d hb9pae trx-hb9sg-2.hb9sg Service hb9sg 837d dg8ngn trx-hb9sg.hb9sg-2 Routing-Radio hb9sg-2 Link Device Hoher Kasten 837d dg8ngn pptp.hb9dr Routing-Tunnel hb9dr PPPT Link zu ATV Relais 20d hb9sdb pptp-hb9ba-2 Routing-Tunnel hb9ba-2 Mikrotik Router 2011iL-RM 20d hb9sdb eth4.hb9nf-1.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh 703d hb9pae lnk.hb9nf-1.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh 703d hb9pae lnk.hb9zrh.hb9nf-1 Service hb9nf-1 UBNT Power Beam 703d hb9pae eth3.hb9zrh.hb9nf-1 Routing-Radio hb9nf-1 Uetliberg 703d hb9pae bb-hb9sg-3.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg 791d dg8ngn trx-hb9sg-3.hb9sg Service hb9sg AP Bridge 791d dg8ngn bb.hb9sg.hb9sg-3 Routing-Radio hb9sg-3 Station - Static Route to HB9SG/Hohe Buche 775d hb9fsm Routing-Radio hb9bs-1 Mikrotik Interface Link HB9BS-2 120d hb9hho trx-hb9bs-2.hb9bs-1 Service hb9bs-1 Ubiquity AP XXX Link HB9BS-2 120d hb9hho trx-hb9bs-1.hb9bs-2 Service hb9bs-2 Ubiquity Powerbeam Link HB9BS-1 120d hb9hho Routing-Radio hb9bs-2 Mikrotik Interface Link HB9BS-1 120d hb9hho eth3.hb9bs-3-hb9bs-1 Routing-Radio hb9bs-1 120d hb9hho lnk.hb9bs-3-hb9bs-1 Service hb9bs-1 120d hb9hho Routing-Radio hb9ak-0 21d dg8ngn trx.hb9tv-3.hb9ak-0 Service hb9ak-0 178d hb9pae trx.hb9ak-0.hb9tv-3 Service hb9tv-3 interco BUL <> HB9AK-0 Landstuhl 178d hb9pae etherx.bul-rtr.hb9tv-3 Routing-Radio hb9tv-3 Interface to QRT5 HB9TV3-HB9AK-0 178d hb9pae eth1-rtr0-sg.hb9dr Service hb9dr-20 2511d hb9sdb airgrid-rtr0-sg.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr-20 Link Hoernli 2511d hb9sdb bb2-hb9sg.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9SG Hohe Buche 1102d hb9pae lnk-hb9sg.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9SG Hohe Buche 1107d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9sg Service hb9sg ubnt Link zu HB9AK 971d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9sg Routing-Radio hb9sg Link zu HB9AK 1107d dg8ngn ipip-db0kit.hb9csr Routing-Tunnel hb9csr 2987d dm8bs ipip-hb9csr.db0kit Routing-Tunnel db0kit 2987d dm8bs bb-hb9ak-30.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9NF 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-30.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9NF Bachtel 1105d dg8ngn lnk-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-30 Service hb9ak-30 Link HB9AK 1105d dg8ngn bb-hb9ak-1.hb9ak-30 Routing-Radio hb9ak-30 Link HB9AK 1105d dg8ngn eth3.hb9t.hb9a14 Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 1558d hb9pae ubnt.hb9t.hb9ak14 Service hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9T/Niederhorn 837d dg8ngn ubnt.hb9t Service hb9t 837d dg8ngn eth1.hb9t Routing-Radio hb9t 3158d hb9pae eth1.vpn2.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr-11 AP Bridge (AirMax) 2958d hb9sdb ubnt.vpn2.hb9dr Service hb9dr-11 147d dg8ngn ubnt.downlink.hb9ba Service hb9ba - 237d hb9dio eth1.downlink.hb9ba Routing-Radio hb9ba Downlinkport Richtung SO: HB9DR-11 147d dg8ngn Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 1558d hb9pae ubnt-lu.hb9ak14 Service hb9ak-14 886d hb9thj ubnt.hb9ak-14.hb9lu-30 Service hb9lu-30 252d hb9fom eth3.hb9ak-14.hb9lu-30 Routing-Radio hb9lu-30 Link zu HB9AK-14 Titlis 252d hb9fom eth1.zrh2.hb9ak14 Routing-Radio hb9ak-14 1558d hb9pae ubnt.zrh2.hb9ak14 Service hb9ak-14 Link zu HB9ZRH-2/Zuerich Oerlikon 1558d hb9pae lnk-hb9zrh-2.hb9ak-1 Service hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9ZRH-2 ZH Oerlikon 1105d dg8ngn bb4-hb9zrh-2.hb9ak-1 Routing-Radio hb9ak-1 Link zu HB9ZRH-2 ZH Oerlikon 1102d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9am-30 AP Bridge - Link Lgern <-> HB9ZRH-2 (Oerlikon) 1553d hb9xar eth1.hb9am.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh Link zu HB9AM/Lgern 703d hb9pae lnk.hb9am.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh Link zu HB9AM/Lgern 703d hb9pae Routing-Radio hb9am-30 AP Bridge - Link Lgern <-> HB9ZRH (Uetliberg) 1553d hb9xar bb-hb9zrh.hb9zg-20 Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9ZRH Uto 1106d dg8ngn lnk-hb9zrh.hb9zg-20 Service hb9zg-20 1106d dg8ngn lnk.hb9zg-20.hb9zrh Service hb9zrh Link zu HB9ZG-HU Hnenberg 536d hb9wad eth2.hb9zg-20.hb9zrh Routing-Radio hb9zrh Link zu HB9ZG-HU Hnenberg 536d hb9wad Routing-Radio hb9zg-20 Link zu HB9DR RZ 1560d hb9pae ubnt.hb9dr.hb9zg-20 Service hb9zg-20 UBNT Link zu HB9DR 1330d dl8mbt ubnt.hb9dr Service hb9dr Link zu HB9ZG Hnenberg 568d hb9bmc mt.hb9dr Routing-Radio hb9dr Link zu HB9ZG Hnenberg 568d hb9bmc Routing-Tunnel hb9am-40 VPN Link Lupfig <-> Lgern 1770d hb9xar Routing-Tunnel hb9am-30 VPN Link Lupfig <-> Lgern 1770d hb9xar Routing-Radio hb9am-20 AP Bridge - Link: Chestenberg <-> Lgern 1553d hb9xar Routing-Radio hb9am-30 Station - Link Lgern <-> Chestenberg 1553d hb9xar bb-hb9ebs.db0db Routing-Radio db0db 510d dg8ngn trx-hb9ebs.db0db Service db0db 510d dg8ngn trx-db0db.hb9ebs Service hb9ebs eth10 Mikrotik mANT30/BaseBox Link HB9EBS-DB0DB 256d hb9dio bb-db0db.hb9ebs Routing-Radio hb9ebs Mikrotik Interface Link DB0DB 382d hb9dio
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
db0db Hochblauen dh0gde 3415d dg8ngn
db0kit KIT Campus Sd / Karlsruhe dm8bs 3399d dm8bs
db0wv Hchsten/Friedrichshafen do2gm,dl4gp 5695MHz H+V OMNI 1.. Siehe auch: 1576d do2gm
hb9ak-0 Landstuhl (BE) hb9pae 211d hb9pae
hb9ak-14 Titlis hb9pae 3011d hb9pae
hb9ak-1 Hrnli, ZH hb9pae,hb9flo Renamed HB9AK to HB9AK-1 1102d hb9pae
hb9ak-20 Obere Hueb hb9pae 832d hb9pae
hb9ak-30 Standort Bachtel hb9pae Standort umbenannt auf HB9AK 1706d hb9pae
hb9am-20 Chestenberg admin:,hb9bwn,radi.. 1409d hb9xar
hb9am-30 Lgern admin:,hb9bwn,radi.. SSID=HAMNET-HB9AM3.. 1928d hb9xar
hb9am-40 Lupfig admin:,hb9xar,radi.. 1752d hb9xar
hb9ba-2 HB9BA-2-ATV hb9sdb HB9BA-2 ATV Relais 20d hb9sdb
hb9ba Weissenstein hb9pae,hb9sdb 2872d hb9pae
hb9bs-1 Airport Hotel hb9pae,hb9hho geplant 154d hb9hho
hb9bs-2 Wasserturm Schnenbuch hb9pae,hb9hho geplant 157d hb9hho
hb9csr HB9CSR Cisar Basel hb9tvw,hb9nbi 2987d dm8bs
hb9dr-11 RZ Solothurn SOLnet hb9dr SOLnet ISP 2616d hb9pae
hb9dr-20 St.Gallen-WEST hb9sdb SG-WEST 1513d hb9sdb
hb9dr HB9DR RZ in Hnenberg hb9sdb RZ / VPN Zugang und Uebergang ins Internet - Datasource ISP 535d hb9bmc
hb9ebs HB9EBS Multimedia Relais hb9dio,hb9nbi HB9EBS ATV / Hamnet Relais 902d hb9dio
hb9lu-30 HB9O Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Luzern hb9pae,hb9wad,hb9tlx 5775V20 ; SSID=HAM.. Im Museum 'Verkehrshaus der Schweiz VHS' drin ist die Station HB9O. - Die Hamn.. 3281d hb9wad
hb9na-30 HB9NA-30 (Chestenberg) Planungsstandort fr HB9NA 1802d hb9fds
hb9na-80 HB9NA-80 (Ramsig) hb9fds SSID=HAMNET-HB9NA8.. Planned -User-Access 210 (BAKOM: 1000383497-2050) 2362d hb9fds
hb9na-90 HB9NA-90 (Bruderklaus) hb9fds SSID=HAMNET-HB9NA9.. Planned -User-Access 270 (BAKOM: 1000383497-2090) -User-Access 150 2362d hb9fds
hb9nf-1 Warte ZH - WART hb9pae,hb9flo 921d hb9flo
hb9nf Sternenberg - STBG hb9flo NPR70 UHF Hamnet Gateway on Site. 434.400MHz 836d hb9flo
hb9sg-2 Hoher Kasten hb9pae,hb9swr 508d dg8ngn
hb9sg-3 Inzenberg hb9pae,hb9swr,hb9fsm 793d hb9pae
hb9sg Hohe Buche AR hb9pae,hb9swr 2821d db7mj
hb9t Niederhorn BE (Shack) hb9pae 2616d hb9pae
hb9tg Immenberg hb9pae 1339d hb9pae
hb9tv-3 BUL IAPC bbone + ATV relay 1168d hb9vab
hb9w-10 Brtten hb9pae 514d hb9pae
hb9zg-20 Hnenberg hb9wad,hb9bmc,hb9tlx 5775V20 ; SSID=HAM.. HB9ZG Hnenberg 535d hb9bmc
hb9zg-30 Rigi-Scheidegg hb9wad,hb9bmc,hb9tlx 5835V20 ; SSID=HAM.. HB9ZG Rigi-Scheidegg 535d hb9bmc
hb9zrh Uetliberg (Uto) hb9pae,hb9ctb HB9ZRH-USER1,DHCP:.. 329d hb9pae
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64720 Basel hb9dio Region Basel hb9ebs 3376d hb9ctb
AS64721 HB9AM hb9xar IGC HB9AM - Bereich Chestenberg & Lgern 2104d hb9xar
AS64722 Zentralschweiz HB9ZG/HB9LU/HB9CF hb9wad,hb9tlx 536d hb9wad
AS64723 Zuerich, Uetliberg hb9ctb hb9zrh 2737d hb9pae
AS64725 HB9BA hb9sdb,hb9mfm Grossraum Solothurn 1513d hb9sdb
AS64726 HB9AK Hoernli ZH hb9ctb,hb9pae Standort Hoernli, HB9AK-1 1102d hb9pae
  AS64726 > AS4222800021 hb9nf.warten hb9pae Standort Warten 1339d hb9pae
AS64728 HB9SG Hohe Buche hb9ctb,hb9pae Hohe Buche, HB9SG 2737d hb9pae
AS64729 HB9AK-14, Titlis hb9tb,hb9pae Standorte HB9AK-14, Titlis und HB9T, Niederhorn 2737d hb9pae
AS64730 HB9AM-Infrastruktur hb9xar IGC HB9AM - Bereich RZ LUPIN 2104d hb9xar
AS64731 HB9NA hb9na HAMNET Notfunk-Netzwerk Aargau 2579d hb9ctb
AS64739 Linknetze HB9 22d dg8ngn
AS4222800032 HB9G, Region Geneve hb9vbe HB9G, Section USKA de Geneve 18d hb9vbe
First 13 entries shown, show all 13 entries.