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Subnet (AS-User/Services)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     1024 IPs

Last edited 2019-10-31 by dd9qp
Related to the subnets:
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited   Site-Network - AS4226266601 db0ohl 1581d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266601 db0ohl - lokal hamnet on LAN-BRIDGE on RB3011UiAS-RM 1581d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266601 db0ohl - Useraccess USER-BRIDGE on RB3011UiAS-RM 693d dd9qp   Site-Network - AS4226266602 db0wml 1586d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266602 db0wml - Service Net 1586d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266602 db0wml - User Net 60d dd9qp   Site-Network - AS4226266610 db0acc 694d dg8ngn      Service-Network - AS4226266610 db0acc 694d dg8ngn      User-Network - AS4226266610 db0acc 694d dg8ngn   Site-Network - AS4226266604 db0rec 1581d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266604 db0rec - local LAN 1581d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266604 db0rec - Useraccess 1581d dd9qp
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited router.db0ohl Service db0ohl RB4011iGS+ - local LAN port 1024d dd9qp switch.db0ohl Service db0ohl Mikrotik CRS328-24P-4S+ PoE-Switch 965d dd9qp phone.db0ohl Service db0ohl Tel: 312200634253 (VoIP/SIP-Telefon) 1579d dd9qp dmr.db0ohl Service db0ohl Motorola DMR Repeater BR-Netz 411d dd9qp aprs.db0ohl Service db0ohl APRS-Igate 144.800MHz 914d dd9qp pc.db0ohl Service db0ohl Management-PC/Workstation 1581d dd9qp cam.db0ohl Service db0ohl WebCam 1581d dd9qp cam2.db0ohl Service db0ohl WebCam2 694d dd9qp old.db0ohl Service db0ohl SuperMicro Server (div. Dienste) 278d dd9qp wx.db0ohl Service db0ohl Wetterstation 278d dd9qp rx-dsp1.db0ohl Service db0ohl Beacon Control-RX 1 1581d dd9qp rx-dsp2.db0ohl Service db0ohl Beacon Control-RX 2 1581d dd9qp rx-dsp3.db0ohl Service db0ohl Beacon Control-RX 3 1581d dd9qp rx-dsp4.db0ohl Service db0ohl Beacon Control-RX 4 1581d dd9qp gw.db0ohl Service db0ohl GW Useraccess on RB3011UiAS-RM (eth2+eth3) 1581d dd9qp ap13-n.db0ohl Service db0ohl AP Bridge,2397MHz/5MHz/h+v/120° 1581d dd9qp ap13-s.db0ohl Service db0ohl AP Bridge,2362MHz/5MHz/h+v/90° - Sektor SSW 1581d dd9qp ap6-sso.db0ohl Service db0ohl AP Bridge,5695MHz/10MHz/h+v/90° - Sektor 6cm SSO 1581d dd9qp wifi.db0ohl Service db0ohl local dualband WiFi-AP 1039d dd9qp router.db0wml Service db0wml RB450 60d dd9qp svxlink.db0wml Service db0wml SVXLink Gateway (RaspberryPI) 60d dd9qp db0wml Service db0wml HamserverPi / weewx 1586d dd9qp gw.db0wml Service db0wml AP Bridge,GW for Useraccess on Router 1586d dd9qp router.db0acc Service db0acc Router RB3011UiAS-RM 668d dd9qp db0acc Service db0acc RasPi Server 597d dd9qp gw.db0acc Service db0acc Gateway Userzugang 650d dd9qp usr-13.db0acc Service db0acc AP Bridge - TRX Userzugang 2392MHz 650d dd9qp router.db0rec Service db0rec Site Router RB2011-UiAS-RM 1581d dd9qp db0rec Service db0rec Services DB0REC 1565d df2et aprs.db0rec Service db0rec APRS DB0REC 1565d df2et dapnet.db0poc Service db0rec DAPNET Sender DB0POC 1565d df2et el.db0poc Service db0rec SVXlink DB0POC 1565d df2et gw.db0rec Service db0rec GW Useraccess on eth9-user13 RB2011UiAS 1581d dd9qp ap13.db0rec Service db0rec AP Bridge,UBNT NMS2 - Useraccess 13cm 1565d df2et ap6.db0rec Service db0rec AP Bridge - Useraccess 6cm (Option) 1572d dd9qp
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
db0acc Haltern dl1udo,dl8ybl,dd9qp 2392MHz,5MHz,h+v m.. 16-bit AS: 64666 - 32-bit AS: 4226266610 559d dd9qp
db0ohl Halde GE-Scholven dd9qp 2362(online)/2397(.. DMR Repeater: 439,9375/430,5375MHz - 16-bit-AS-Nummer: 64666 - 32-bit-AS-Numme.. 49d dd9qp
db0rec Recklinghausen-Nord df2et,dd9qp,dl1ydd 2397/5MHz SO 16-bit AS: 64666 - 32-bit AS: 4226266604 (aktiv) 1866d df2et
db0wml Bake/Fielddayplatz N40 Reken dk8qu,dl6mb,dd9qp Fielddayplatz OV N40 - AS64666 (Westfalen) - 32-bit-AS: 4226266602 <- z.Zt... 60d dd9qp
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64666 WESTFALEN-666-AS dd9qp GLA, GE, RE, HAM, HER, WAL 2820d dd9qp
  AS64666 > AS4226266601 db0ohl dd9qp Halde Gelsenkirchen-Scholven 716d dd9qp
  AS64666 > AS4226266602 db0wml dd9qp,dl6mb Baken-/Fielddayplatz N40 Reken 2407d dd9qp
  AS64666 > AS4226266604 db0rec dd9qp APRS-/Pocsac-Standort Recklinghausen 1916d dd9qp
  AS64666 > AS4226266610 db0acc dd9qp DMR Repeater Haltern 716d dd9qp
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