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Subnet (AS-User/Services)

Broadcast:     Netmask:     1024 IPs

Last edited 2019-10-31 by dd9qp
Related to the subnets:
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited   Site-Network - AS4226266801 dm0kle - Kreisleitstelle Kleve 512d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266801 dm0kle 512d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266801 dm0kle 512d dd9qp   Site-Network - AS4226266802 dm0goc - Kreisfeuerwehr Goch (Gerätehaus) 512d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266802 dm0goc 512d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266802 dm0goc 511d dd9qp   Site-Network - AS4226266803 dm0klk - Wunderland Kalkar (BOS Rettungsdienst Kreis Kleve) 512d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266803 dm0klk 254d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266803 dm0klk 256d dd9qp   Site-Network - AS4226266804 db0kev - Kläranlage Weeze (BOS-Turm) 512d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266804 db0kev 512d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266804 db0kev 12d dd9qp   Site-Network - AS4226266805 dm0gel - St. Clemens Geldern (BOS-Anlage) 512d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266805 dm0gel 512d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266805 dm0gel 512d dd9qp   Site-Network - AS4226266806 db0wst - Wasserturm Straelen (BOS-Mast) 512d dd9qp      Service-Network - AS4226266806 db0wst 512d dd9qp      User-Network - AS4226266806 db0wst 177d dd9qp
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Contains the following hosts:
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited router.dm0kle Service dm0kle Altbau, CCR2004-16G-2S+RM, 10GBit/s, Layer3 510d dd9qp sw01.dm0kle Service dm0kle Neubau, CRS326-24G-2S+RM, 10GBit/s, Layer2 508d dd9qp ntp.dm0kle Service dm0kle NTP-Server GPS-synchronized 293d dd9qp pbx1.dm0kle Service dm0kle Notfunk SIP-Server 123d dd9qp pve0.dm0kle Service dm0kle Proxmox Host1 Leitstelle Kleve 140d dd9qp pbs.dm0kle Service dm0kle Proxmox Backup Server Leitstelle Kleve 140d dd9qp dm0kle Service dm0kle Server1 Infoserver Notfunk Kreis Kleve 123d dd9qp srv2.dm0kle Service dm0kle Server2 Notfunk Kreis Kleve 123d dd9qp cloud.dm0kle Service dm0kle Cloud Services 89d dd9qp moni1.dm0kle Service dm0kle Monitoring System 123d dd9qp mail.dm0kle Service dm0kle Integriertes Mailsystem 89d dd9qp gw.dm0kle Service dm0kle Gateway Userzugang 13cm 510d dd9qp ap13.dm0kle Service dm0kle AP Bridge,2395MHz 511d dd9qp router.dm0goc Service dm0goc 488d dd9qp gw.dm0goc Service dm0goc Userzugang Goch 487d dd9qp ap13.dm0goc Service dm0goc AP Bridge 13d dd9qp router.dm0klk Service dm0klk CCR2004-16G-2S+ Router 173d dd9qp np16-1.dm0klk Service dm0klk 10Gbit/s VLAN Switch Westseite 173d dd9qp np16-2.dm0klk Service dm0klk 10Gbit/s VLAN Switch Ostseite 173d dd9qp gw.dm0klk Service dm0klk Userzugang 13cm 173d dd9qp ap13w.dm0klk Service dm0klk AP Bridge,2392/5MHz MIMO - Userzugang Westseite 173d dd9qp ap13o.dm0klk Service dm0klk AP Bridge,2392/5MHz MIMO - Userzugang Ostseite 173d dd9qp router.db0kev Service db0kev RB5009UPr+S+ 11d dd9qp dmr.db0kev Service db0kev Multimode-Repeater 591d dd9qp gw.db0kev Service db0kev Gateway Userzugang 13cm 11d dd9qp ap13-s.db0kev Service db0kev AP Bridge 11d dd9qp ap13-n.db0kev Service db0kev 12d dd9qp router.dm0gel Service dm0gel RB3011UiAS-RM 591d dd9qp gw.dm0gel Service dm0gel Userzugang 13cm 591d dd9qp router.db0wst Service db0wst RB3011UiAS-RM 3d dd9qp gw.db0wst Service db0wst Userzugang 13cm 3d dd9qp ap13.db0wst Service db0wst AP Bridge - Bridge Userzugang 13cm 3d dd9qp
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These hosts reside on following sites:
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
db0kev Kläranlage Weeze BoS-Turm dl7bcu,dd9qp 2392/2397MHz,5MHz,.. Planungsstandort HAMNET Kleve2 (Notfunk) - 16-bit-AS: 646668 - 32-bit-AS: 422.. 11d dd9qp
db0wst Wasserturm Straelen dd9qp,dl7bcu 2397MHz,5MHz,hor+v.. Planungsstandort HAMNET Kleve2 (Notfunk) - 16-bit-AS: 64668 - 32-bit-AS: 42262.. 172d dd9qp
dm0gel Geldern St. Clemens Hospital dl7bcu,dd9qp 2362MHz,5MHz,hor+v.. Planungsstandort HAMNET Kleve2 (Notfunk) - 16-bit-AS: 64668 - 32-bit-AS: 42262.. 154d dd9qp
dm0goc KFW Geraetehaus Goch dl7bcu,dd9qp 2392MHz,5MHz,h+v m.. Kreisfeuerwehr-Gerätehaus - BOS-Mast Schlauchturm - Planungsstandort Kleve2/N.. 172d dd9qp
dm0kle Kreisleitstelle Kleve dl7bcu,dd9qp 2395MHz,5MHz,h+v m.. Integrierte Kreisleitstelle Kleve - Standort KLEVE-2/Notfunk - 16-bit-AS: 646.. 512d dd9qp
dm0klk Wunderland Kalkar dd9qp,dl7bcu 2392/2397MHz,5MHz,.. HAMNET Kleve2 (BOS/Notfunk) - 16-bit-AS: 64668 - 32-bit-AS: 4226266803 - (Rufz.. 171d dd9qp
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Surrounding AS:
AS Name Maintainer Comment Edited
AS64668 KLEVE2-668-AS dd9qp Niederrhein Kreis Kleve, linksrheinisch 807d dd9qp
  AS64668 > AS4226266801 dm0kle dd9qp,dl7bcu 512d dd9qp
  AS64668 > AS4226266802 dm0goc dd9qp,dl7bcu 512d dd9qp
  AS64668 > AS4226266803 dm0klk dd9qp,dl7bcu 512d dd9qp
  AS64668 > AS4226266804 db0kev dd9qp,dl7bcu 512d dd9qp
  AS64668 > AS4226266805 dm0gel dd9qp,dl7bcu 512d dd9qp
  AS64668 > AS4226266806 db0wst dd9qp,dl7bcu 512d dd9qp
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